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Such a big city like St. Petersburg is ready to offer residents and guests of the cultural capital a wide range of car dealerships, where you can not only buy a new car, but also receive a whole range of additional services. The SPb car dealers rating took into account the opinion of the customers themselves, reviews on websites and analysis of offers that are available from dealers.

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Buying a new car in the cabin

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Useful recommendations

If you want to find the best car dealerships in the city of St. Petersburg, then you should rely on the most objective sources of information, and also do not be lazy to find out more details and your chosen dealership.

To choose the best option among the most popular, sought-after and relevant centers, you need to rely on several key criteria.

  1. Reviews This is one of the main conditions for choosing a salon. Autocenter must have a good rating among customers. They rely on potential customers. The presence of a large number of negative reviews significantly reduces the popularity and allows buyers to learn about the main disadvantages of the dealer.
  2. Personal opinion. Only you decide which salon to choose for making a purchase of a car. Decide what kind of cars you need. This will significantly narrow the potential list of car dealerships. After reading reviews, visit the stores in person, find out about offers, conditions or promotions that are relevant to you. Personal impression is very important, since the same car center is able to leave completely opposite opinions from customers who have bought the same cars.
  3. Conditions and promotions. An important moment for a number of clients. All sorts of Trade In systems, profitable promotions, discounts for regular customers, the level of service, cooperation with reliable banks - all this makes it profitable and convenient not only to buy a car, but also to continue servicing.
  4. Range. Among the best salons are mainly those that specialize in specific brands and do not offer a wide variety of cars of European, American, Asian production, etc. Narrow specialization guarantees better service, favorable conditions and professional service.

Based on the main criteria, it will be easier for you to finally determine the dealer.

In the meantime, you can get acquainted with the rating of the best car dealerships of St. Petersburg.

best car dealers Peter

Narrow specialization guarantees quality service.

DC Dakar

Located on the street Bucharest auto show is the official dealer of cars produced by AvtoVAZ.

This is one of the best salons in St. Petersburg for those who want to buy exactly the car of a domestic company.

Customers note favorable loans and high-quality maintenance during the warranty period and after it. Anyone can sign up for a test drive, which simplifies the final choice of the model.


dealer auto world in St. Petersburg

Official representative of brands such as Suzuki and Kia

Located on Danube Avenue and is the official representative of brands such as Suzuki and Kia. Since the cars of these companies are very much in demand in Russia, the quality work of the dealership has become an important condition for its success in the St. Petersburg market.

In addition to selling new cars, it offers high-quality service, favorable credit conditions and insurance.

Constantly on the official site offers interesting promotional offers, allowing with an impressive discount to buy a brand new car. A large number of positive reviews allows the salon to confidently enter the top of the best in St. Petersburg.

Atlant M Baltika

Atlant-m Baltic in St. Petersburg

Dealership Opel and Chevrolet

One of the most sought-after dealerships among those looking for an Opel or Chevrolet. The official dealer is engaged in sales and service.

Customers praised the level of maintenance of machines, even after the warranty period. Good ratio of cost and quality of work. Plus, the auto show regularly holds promotions with which you can profitably buy a new car of leading brands.

The official website constantly publishes relevant information. Plus it is intuitive and allows you to find the right data even without a visit to the salon itself.

An important factor is the winning by the salon of awards in the nominations "The Best Chevrolet Car Dealer" in St. Petersburg, as well as the "Best After Sales Service Center".

Dakar Kia

If you are interested in the Kia brand, then contact this car dealership. As the official dealer of the Korean automaker, Dakar regularly offers new models and a wide selection in terms of configuration.

Customers mark a fairly quick delivery, because there is no need to sit in queues behind the car for a long time. Not bad shows itself in terms of service and cooperates with reliable banks, which guarantees favorable credit conditions.

It is worth looking at the official website in the section of special offers, because it gives you the opportunity to take a great car Kia Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru on favorable terms.


Although we are not talking about the most popular car brand in Russia represented by Citroen, their dealership center does its job well.

Works salon since 1998. He became the very first official representative of the Citroen brand in Russia. In total, the city has two Eksis salons (Vyborg Embankment and M. Zhukov Avenue).

In 2009 and 2010, the dealer managed to win awards as the best center in terms of service and the best dealer of the Citroen brand. So positive reviews look believable.

Maximum (Ford)

Ford Center Maximum

Ford official representative

For potential buyers of Ford cars, this dealership will be the best place. As the official representative of the American company, Maximum offers truly a maximum of services and opportunities for its clients.

The level of service in St. Petersburg occupies a confident leading place, as well as the second position in terms of sales. The salon began its work in 2010, and has now sold more than 4,000 Ford cars.

Special attention deserves the official site. Here you can find almost anything that may be of interest regarding sales, service, car repairs and more. Plus online you can sign up for a test drive or service. Located center on the street Rustaveli.

Maximum (Honda)

On the Peat Road, there is another branch of the Maximum dealership, but it is engaged in Honda cars.

Here you will find not only new models of the Japanese automaker, but also be able to purchase used Honda cars.

Customers note a streamlined and transparent system of lending, leasing and insurance. In addition, here you will be able to undergo service, without problems to buy spare parts necessary for repair.

Lexus Seaside

Salon engaged in sales of cars Lexus. In the assortment you will find the newest models of the Japanese automaker, as well as be able to look after yourself from among used cars.

An informative and clear site adds points to this center. Here you can sign up for an online service, find out about available promotions, cars in stock or apply for special offers.

The salon is open until 22:00 and is located on Shkolnaya Street. One of the best centers in Russia, where you can profitably and safely buy a Lexus car.

Axel motors

Axel Motors in St. Petersburg

BMW official dealer

It has two branches in the city (HE and North), located on the Kushelev road and the Skipper duct.

This is the official dealer of the Bavarian automaker BMW, is popular among customers. They note a good attitude towards customers, a wide range of services, regular promotions and offers.

The salons have a huge range that allows you to buy a BMW of any series in the necessary configuration. Delivery of machines under the order is carried out quickly, plus there are always models available for those who do not want to wait.

Salon showed itself perfectly in terms of service, warranty and post-warranty service. It offers favorable conditions for corporate clients, as well as provides a special service Security. This allows for individual protection of the machine against all types of potential threats.

Intey Lada

Intey Lada in St. Petersburg

Official car dealer Lada

Since the cars from AvtoVAZ are the best-selling in Russia, a large number of car dealerships are not a surprise.

But among them it is worth highlighting Intey. This is the official dealer with a wide range of current models Lada.

In addition to Lada sales, the auto center is engaged in repairing Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Datsun cars. Located at Prospect Kolomyazhsky. On the site you can quickly get all the necessary information.


auto gallery in St. Petersburg

Autogallery - a network of auto centers, which began its work in 2010

The leader of its segment. The center is divided into two dealerships (East and North), located on Energetikov Avenue and M. Zhukov Avenue, respectively.

This is a network of auto centers, which began its work in 2010. Although here we are not talking about selling new cars, often potential buyers are interested in where you can safely take a used car.

The dealer received high marks for the level of services provided. There are always good cars in the assortment that have undergone a full technical inspection. That is, you can not be afraid to get on the car with hidden and serious defects.

A convenient site allows you to quickly find a used car in accordance with selected criteria. A good option for those who need secure transactions on used cars.

This is only a small part of car dealerships that operate in the city of St. Petersburg. These centers managed to gain confidence and get a lot of positive feedback. But they also left negative impressions with some clients. Each case is individual, so relying solely on other people's reviews when choosing a car dealership is impossible.

Write in the comments what kind of salons you had to work with and what you think about them. Do not forget to subscribe and invite your friends to our site!