Ravon will complete the nexia r3 test by april 2016

Uzbeks decided on how much will cost Ravon Nexia R3

Ravon завершит испытания Nexia R3 к апрелю 2016 года

One of the new products announced at the presentation brand ravon, will be delivered to the Russian dealer network by April 1, 2016. We are talking about the Nexia R3, which is now being tested on our domestic roads in test mode, in order to finally decide on the complete sets for delivery directly to the Russian car enthusiast. All who liked Ravon Nexia R3, can buy it from the beginning of April next year. And this model will appeal to those who once turned the wheel of a Chevrolet Aveo and received unforgettable impressions from it. It was this model that was slightly modernized and just a little changed externally in order to perform today under the Nexia R3 brand. Ravon завершит испытания Nexia R3 к апрелю 2016 года Since the start of sales, Nexia R3 will enter the top ten cars with a price tag of up to four hundred thousand rubles for one copy. Basic equipment is estimated at 379 thousand wooden, and if oil does not fall to an even greater minimum, and the ruble does not collapse below the next bottom, Nexia R3 Perfectly go down that row, getting up around with Renault Sandero, Lifan Smiley and Lada Grant True, top version of Nexia R3 will cost more than half a million, and thus will go beyond the circle of the cheapest cars in the Russian car market. Ravon завершит испытания Nexia R3 к апрелю 2016 года Under the hood of the Ravon Nexia R3 there is a 1.5 liter gas engine, the exhaust of which corresponds to the fifth environmental Euroclass. It’s still premature to talk about his horses, speed and fuel consumption, since the car is undergoing tests and the final configurations for the Russian market are not approved. Dimensions and transmission will not be exactly changed, so we can definitely say about them.  Ravon Nexia R3 will have a mechanical five-speed box or a six-band automatic. Body Length Ravon Nexia R3 is 4,330 mm, width - 1 690 mm, height - 1 505 mm. The wheelbase is equal to 2 480 mm.

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In the basic configuration provides power steering, it will be ABS and ESC, front airbag for the driver. On the pressure level in the tires of the driver will warn the signal, as well, and about the pedestrian that appeared on the way. The car will be connected to the ERA-GLONASS. The rear window will receive electric heating, to open the trunk from the cabin there is a corresponding button, there is an on-board computer and an audio system. For the basic configuration, in general, not bad at all.