Hyundai ix25 - compact and affordable crossover

The particularly compact Korean crossover SUV of the Hyundai ix25 class went on sale in October 2014 on the Chinese market, and this car will appear on the Russian market in early 2015 approximately. "Crossovers" for many people are associated with reputable cars that have off-road qualities, which is why today many motorists are seriously interested in the new Hyundai ix25. According to experts, this new crossover will be successfully sold around the world, and is especially good in the Russian market.

Hyundai ix25 photo

First rumors about Hyundai ix25 went in 2011, it became known that Korean developers are preparing a new crossover that will appeal to a wide audience. But these were only rumors, but more serious information appeared quite recently - in April 2014, after a new crossover-SUV was shown at the Beijing exhibition. A couple of months later, at the end of the summer of 2014, the Hyundai ix25, which was ready for conveyor production, was demonstrated at the exhibition in Chengdu.

Specifications of the new SUV

There are several complete sets with engines on gasoline with a capacity of 123 and 150 liters. with. The transmission is the same as the previous models - 6-speed automatic and mechanical boxes. The PPC data showed themselves from the good side, so there was no need to change them.

Hyundai ix25 2015 engine

The developers claim that the modern Hyundai automatic transmission will last a very long time, and will even survive the engine. The basic equipment Hyundai ix25 front-wheel drive, but there is a complete set with all-wheel drive. The top version contains a full drive, this complete set can be visually distinguished by head optics - it is LED.

Interior Design

On the driver's door there are buttons for controlling all windows and mirrors. On the passenger door there is only one button to control its glass. This is a kind of minimalism, in addition, if desired, the driver can lock the passenger buttons, after which passengers will not be able to close or open the windows by themselves. Otherwise, this salon is quite simple, there is nothing supernatural in it, there is not even a backlight for the buttons, and this is quite inconvenient when driving in the dark.

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Hyundai ix25 2015 console

The microclimate in the car is controlled by a bulky system on the center console. The temperature in the cabin and the intensity of the blower are regulated immediately by noticeable wheels, under them is the "off" button, which turns off the air conditioner, next to it is a button for strong blowing of the front glass, and a button for heating the side mirrors and rear window. Next comes the recirculation button and the manual air flow button. In short, everything is standard and does not cause any difficulties. Above the air conditioner control system there is a emergency gang button, which is located in a prominent place, and looks with taste, emphasizing the original interior design.

In addition to all of the above, in the new Hyundai ix25 has a system of ventilation and heated seats. It is also possible to change the instrument panel lighting, change the angle of the headlights and turn off the ESP. The steering wheel is also quite functional, with 12 buttons that are responsible for communication, audio system, on-board computer and cruise control.

Hyundai ix25 2015 saloon

According to the owners of the previous models - there were no problems with the buttons, the only thing that annoys is the lack of backlighting on the buttons, but for Russia this problem is not significant. If we talk about the basic equipment, then the seats are upholstered in fabric that looks very modest. The luggage compartment in the Hyundai ix25 is quite large, and if you fold the rear seats, the car will be able to carry a huge amount of cargo.

Features when driving

The main pleasant feature during driving is the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h - in just 7 seconds the car accelerates to a hundred. It was also noted that if you drive over bumps and bumps, the back of the car bounces, but this does not prevent this crossover from feeling confident on the off-road. Hyundai ix25 is good and the fact that turns can overcome at a high enough speed, confidently holds the road. It clears the country road well, but it is better not to drive into a Hyundai ix25 on serious off-road or sand.

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Hyundai ix25 2015 front

The sensations while driving are rather pleasant, the car is good in driving, comfortable, the steering is sensitive and responsive. As for sound insulation, it could be done better, because the noise of the road and the sound of the engine are heard.

Security systems

Safety was given enough attention when creating the Hyundai ix25, therefore, this car has 6 airbags, the ESP system, the body is energy-absorbing, and also, the car uses three-point seat belts. Since this car is more suitable for traveling with the whole family, the developers have installed special attachments for child seats in the car. The car is assembled sufficiently high quality, so it will easily pass the crash tests of the most famous organizations, and get high marks.

Hyundai ix25 2015 black

Features of the novelty

Hyundai ix25 (photo further) has some features that distinguish it from other crossovers. As mentioned above, the Hyundai ix25 has 6 airbags, climate control, heated front and rear seats, but there are other features that provide this car with a competitive advantage.

Hyundai ix25 2015 photo

It is possible to put leather seats, in some of the more expensive models, the seats were originally leather. Next: parking sensors with rear view camera, headlights with linzirovannaya optics, and the most important feature is the price.

Every buyer of the car after he got acquainted with the car and its characteristics wants to know what price the Hyundai ix25 is. Today it is known that in China this car, depending on the configuration, will cost 20,000-30000 US dollars. And in Russia, the exact price is not yet known, but according to experts, it is believed that the price will vary from 500,000 to 2,000,000 rubles, depending on the configuration. But while this is not accurate data, it is quite possible that the Korean manufacturer will make the price of this car interesting for Russian buyers.

Hyundai ix25

When can I buy a car in Russia?

So far, the Hyundai ix25 is officially available in China, this car was originally created for the Chinese market. But in Russia, starting from 2015, the non-imported Hyundai ix25 St. Petersburg plant Hyundai Motor Company will be producing. According to forecasts, this plant will be able to produce about 300,000 crossovers of this model for the year.

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But everything is not so simple, now there is a crisis in the yard, the demand for cars as a whole has decreased by 20%, so the production of these cars will be slightly slowed down and the number of cars produced will decrease. If initially the assembly on the territory of Russia was planned for mid-2015, then due to the political situation in the country, the release of this model may move by 2016, respectively Hyundai ix25 sales start will also be shifted in time.

Hyundai ix25 2015 photo

For those who strongly want to buy a Hyundai ix25, a fan of this car, there is an opportunity to buy it in China, translate independently Hyundai ix25 to Russia and clearing it, but then the resources spent will be substantial, and it is not very profitable.

In general terms, this crossover, judging by the test drive showed itself from a very good side. The Hyundai crossover turned out to be reliable, high-quality and at an affordable price, if it is assembled in Russia. It is possible that this car will be in serious demand, its appearance, safety, features and price deserve the highest ratings. Among the shortcomings can be noted only the driver's door, in which the buttons are not highlighted, but this, of course, little things, and they do not affect the overall impression of the car.