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The third-generation Skoda Octavia review is an attempt to show the Russian buyer all the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a car that has received a more strict and at the same time solid appearance. This car is sold in our country since the end of spring of last year with powerful and new engines installed by the manufacturer. It is noteworthy that the price did not seem to have changed much, although there were obvious changes aimed at modernizing and improving the main indicators. Through this article we will try to figure out how much the best version of the latest version of Skoda Octavia will cost the Russian buyer, and whether there are any pitfalls here.

Elegant Skoda Octavia

Elegant Skoda Octavia

It’s not so easy to choose among modifications

Let's start with the body, which while there is nothing to choose from. As the developers said, the body type of "Kombi" will be released a little later, while the buyer will enjoy all the charms of a 5-door body, very similar to a three-volume sedan.

Читать далее о том, какую комплектацию Шкода Октавия выбрать-->Шкода Октавия, как всегда, кладет на лопатки большую часть своих конкурентов. Это касается даже аналогов по платформе MQB. Чего стоит один только багажный отсек, который по праву можно назвать трансформером. Багажник позволяет спокойно увеличивать полезный объем с 568 л до 1500 л. И самое главное, такой багажный отсек включен в базовый ценник, что очень радует!

And the engines this time only deserve some flattering words. Although the Octavia is heavier than the same Golf at 20-30 kg, given the economic orientation of the body, the manufacturer decided to install a more powerful engine on the base version. And it turned out to be a solomonic solution. 105 hp engine versus 86 hp Golf is admirable. Although even such a powerful engine, considering all the abilities of the loaded Skoda Octavia, can save.

Therefore, the surcharge for 140 hp can be considered justified, especially since this version includes a system of dynamic stabilization, which is so loved in Europe. There is one more modification with 122 hp engine, but, unfortunately, it is not sold in our country. Needless to say, most likely, the Russian buyer would have chosen it, given the prices and opportunities.

But away the sadness and regret, because really extra charge for the extra 35 horses will affect the excellent dynamics. Skoda Octavia with 140 hp engine accelerates to 100 km in just 8.4 seconds. In addition, this modification is also much more economical, since it burns only 6.5 l / 100 km in the city’s pace.

On the video test drive of the car Skoda Octavia:

As for the most powerful Skoda Octavia of this model with 180 hp, it did not deceive us. Although it accelerates one second faster, and with efficiency everything is fine, but the price bites. The buyer from Russia will need to pay extra to the previous price for the version with 140 hp. another 75 thousand rubles to get it. And after the purchase each year, it will be necessary to detach about 10 thousand rubles from the family budget in order to pay the transport tax. In comparison, the tax on the modification of the Skoda Octavia with 140 hp is half the amount.

Another modification, which is considered the most expensive - Skoda Octavia Elegance with a 2 l diesel engine, which develops 143 hp. But even with a good automatic transmission and quite excellent dynamics, this version will not justify its inflated price, even for five years of operation.

Standard equipment modifications of the third generation Skoda Octavia

Video review of the car Skoda Octavia in picking ACTIVE:

Now about the choice of equipment. The basic version of "Active" is not enough side airbags, ESP, air conditioning and audio systems. And besides, it is installed on the engine with 104 horses, whose power for such a Skoda is not enough.

Technical characteristics of the Skoda Octavia 1.4T Elegance
Sizes, LxWxH, mm4559/1814/1461
Clearance, mm155
engine's typepetrol
Number of valves per cylinder4
Working volume, cm31395
Engine power at rpm140/4500-6000
Maximum. cool torque at rpm250 Nm / 1500-3500
Number of places5
Wheelbase, mm2680
Trunk volume, l568-1558
Curb weight, kg1250
Gross weight, kg1820
Max. speed, km / h215
Acceleration time, with8,4
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km5,5/6,7/4,9
Volume of fuel tank, l50
Transmission6 MKPP
Drive unitfront
Tire size205/55 R16

Here is the Škoda Ambient, which is more expensive by as much as 100 thousand rubles. It is equipped for glory. All of the above is installed here, but it is impossible to recognize the optimally equipped version. The fact is that here you also need to buy window airbags and 2-zone climate control - options that should definitely be on the family car, which is the third-generation Skoda Octavia. In addition, there is no in the configuration of this version of the leather steering wheel, front armrest and standard alarm. All these, it seems to us, offer the necessary options to purchase for an extra charge of 69 thousand rubles. And this amount is greater than the difference between the version of Ambient and Elegance, where all this is available.

What is the result? Version of the Skoda Octavia "Elegance" with a 1.4T engine is the best option in terms of a rich configuration and other parameters. Equipped with 140 hp engine, this Skoda Octavia costs about 850 thousand rubles.

Options - important or not

Now let's try to deal with some packages and options. Let's start with the headlight washer, which stands at retail in our country, about 5,000 rubles. In our conditions, the option is necessary when interacting with xenon headlights, with dirt on which he copes. But if the headlights are installed halogen, then the headlight washer becomes an unnecessary option, since in this case it will not cope with its function in this case.

Options and prices Skoda Octavia Active
1.Frontal airbags
2.Anti-lock brakes
3.Dynamic Stabilization System
4.Adjustable steering wheel in length and angle
5.Power steering
7.Central locking with remote control
8.Front power windows
9.Electric and heated mirrors
10.On-board computer
11.Adjustable driver's seat
12.Isofix rear mounts
13.Folding back of the sofa
14.Box under the driver's seat
16.Suspension for bad roads
17.Full size spare tire
18.Steel wheels 195/65 R15
Type and engine sizePrice, rub.
1,2 MT 105 hp589 900
1,2 AT 105 hp647 900

Go ahead. An option called "Bluetooth" with voice control, for which you need to pay 4500 rubles. Gives an obvious convenience at the wheel, especially since the penalty for phone calls at the wheel since September 1 last year has been increased. A handy option that can change driving habits, for which you need to pay fines.

Options and prices Skoda Octavia Umbishn (plus 100,000 rubles)
1.front side airbags
2.rear power windows
3.heated front seats
4.поясничный проср
5.MP3 audio with 8 speakers and USB
6.controlled front seat
7.brake pad wear sensor
8.Box under the front passenger seat
9.Rain sensor
10.Auto Dimming Interior Mirror
11.Additional interior and trunk lighting
12.Electric interior heating
13.12 V socket in the trunk
14.Steel wheels 205 / 55R16
Type and engine sizePrice, rub.
1.2 MT 105 l. s.689 900
1.2 AT 105 l. s.747 900
1.4 MT 140 l. s.764 900
1.4 AT 140 l. s.804 900
1.8 MT 180 l. s.839 900
1.8 AT 180 l. s.879 900
2.0 TDAT 143 liters. with.924 900

On the video, a review of the car Skoda Octavia in the AMBITION package:

Another Bluetooth accessory with an external antenna and voice control for only 11200-12 400 rubles is an option we like the most. In this case, it is possible to amplify the signal due to the wireless connection of the mobile phone with the antenna of the car or another communicator. The option will come in handy and will become reliable assistants to those drivers who are in parts called “holes” and which are not on the map of the coverage area of ​​cellular operators.

Options and prices Skoda Octavia Elegance (plus 60 000 rubles)
1.Window airbags
3.Power folding mirrors
4.MP3 audio with color display
5.Multifunction display
6.Light alloy wheels
7.2-zone climate control
8.Fog light
9.Leather steering wheel multifunction
10.Cruise control
11.Central armrest
Type and engine sizePrice, rub.
1.2 MT 105 l. s.749 900
1.2 AT 105 l. s.807 900
1.4 MT 140 l. s.824 900
1.4 AT 140 l. s.864 900
1.8 MT 180 l. s.899 900
1.8 AT 180 l. s.939 900
2.0 TDAT 143 liters. with.984 900

The next accessory for the Skoda Octavia is a driver fatigue sensor, estimated at 1,400 rubles. Probably, everyone is already familiar with this new product, which will not let the tired and nodding driver fall asleep. The option takes care of security and therefore, given the low price, you can buy it.

An uphill assistant is an option for those who often travel off-road, and in general a useful thing. Such an assistant is able to hold the brake pads for a couple of seconds, which will make it possible to move more easily on a slope. Such an assistant costs 3000 rubles, and it is given as a gift if you choose the Skoda Octavia version with the DSG robot box.

Navigator "Amundsen" for only 12 thousand rubles. Cheap, but the factory navigator is not able to lay a route, bypassing traffic jams. Suitable for those who love to travel.

Acoustic system "Canton" for 16 thousand rubles represents as many as 10 speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The acoustics provide high-quality sound and music lovers will have to sacrifice a part of the already small storage compartment. But art requires sacrifice, what to do.

Navigator «Amundsen» in Skoda Octavia

Navigator «Amundsen» in Skoda Octavia

Textile mats for 1700 rubles look very nice. Especially stands out white stitching of the letters of the brand and model of the car. It is a pity that in our conditions there is no possibility to use these accessories all year round, due to the harsh weather and road conditions. Here they would be rubber - another thing!

Special connector "Mitsumi", designed to connect Apple devices. It costs 1,400 rubles. The price is low, especially since most Russians, recently, began to appear "apple" gadgets.

Rear parking sensors for 13,500 rubles, which in addition to the sound signal will still display the contour of the car, and even the critical distance to the intended obstacle. Great device, saving time and taking care of nerves. But it is a little expensive, although you decide.

For 6 thousand rubles, a rear sunblind is proposed, which, in the absence of tinting, will save your salon from prying eyes. Expensive, but the justification will be the grid, which is inserted under the shelf of the trunk. There you can also put all the small things: a block of cigarettes, a bottle of juice, etc.

Heated windshield for 8200 rubles, which will suit ours. Only here again expensive.

Crankcase protection for 1400 rubles, which is not on the Skoda Octavia. Instead, the bottom of the car is protected only by a short boot. Therefore, it is not a pity for a mower with more than one to purchase a full-fledged plastic trough that protects the engine compartment also from dirt. In addition, to get on the side of such a thing cheaper still will not succeed.

Protect the crankcase engine for Skoda Octavia

Protect the crankcase engine for Skoda Octavia

"Design package / 1" for 4 thousand rubles, representing not so much a package as a three-spoke steering wheel. Standard equipment Skoda Octavia "Elegance" implies the presence of a leather steering wheel with four spokes. What turns out, for the dismantling of one spokes will have to pay extra 4 thousand?

"Design package / 2" for 17 thousand rubles, which includes more prominent, sports-type front seats. We advise you to try them at the dealer - maybe this is exactly what you need!

Design Package / 3, but already costing 33 thousand rubles. This is a real elegant and combined trim leather, fabric and substitute, which is a practical option and affordable, compared with a full leather trim.

Safety is in the first place, say the manufacturers of the Skoda Octavia and offer a special “Safety Package / 3” for 24 thousand rubles, including a knee airbag for the driver, an isofix mount located in the front seat. The set is oddish, and the fact that it’s not possible to get these options separately is doubtful. We decided to impose together? Well, maybe someone will need it?

Fully leather interior manufacturers offer for 51 thousand rubles. Expensive, but almost all upholstered in natural leather, except for some details. It is clearly saved, deciding to use a substitute. However, for the Russians such a package is too much luxury.

Leather interior Skoda Octavia

“Package / 6” for 21 thousand rubles includes heating of the rear sofa, parktonik, fog lamps, increasing the road lighting when cornering, as well as a rear window cleaner.

The next set is the “Package / 7” for 28 thousand rubles, which is exactly the same as the “Package / 6”, but also supplemented with a front parking sensor.

"Package / 8" is already 66 thousand rubles, which includes all of the above and bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights, bluetooth with an external antenna, heated windshield and much more. And the main thing is all this for only 66 thousand rubles, which is not so expensive for a European Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, but not for the Russians. Although on the other hand, the Skoda Octavia will be equipped with dignity and driving will become a truly comfortable pastime.

"Package / 9" for 68 thousand rubles for those who desperately need a 230-volt outlet in the car and one who does not want to smoke in his car, as the outlet is inserted in the place of an ashtray for rear passengers. But on the other hand, you get a free eighth package with everything together.

"Safety Package / 2" for 4700 rubles includes a driver fatigue sensor, the third headrest in the back seat. Although the sense of such compatibility is not entirely clear, but can it be such a sophisticated care shown by the manufacturer about the company of 5 people who were walking out on the eve?

Navigator "Columbus" for 58 thousand rubles, which, unlike the "Amundsen" has only an increased display diagonal and the ability to watch DVD movies. Expensive, very much so.

But a set of nets for the trunk for 2100 rubles is a useful option that will significantly unload the compartment, which previously looked like a football field with a few balls.

Trunk nets

In conclusion, I would like to dwell again on the Skoda Octavia "Elegance - 1.4T", which we consider to be the best option. It is better to buy such a version, which includes virtually the entire set of various options. And with its, ingeniously executed chassis, the car will please even the most active rider.

At the same time, the price for this version of the Skoda does not exceed 900 thousand rubles and combines a large trunk and excellent dynamics.