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Even before entering the power unit, the air must be thoroughly cleaned, this contributes to the filter, which is designed to extend the normal functioning of any engine. It is worth noting that the importance of such a node is extremely high in the working device of the entire motor, since air quality depends on it.

Air filters

Каждый автолюбитель, который хочет приобрести не только высоконадёжный и качественный воздушный фильтр, но и наиболее подходящий для определённой марки авто, должен внимательно изучить все технические характеристики и устройство предлагаемого на авторынке или автомагазине элемента. Рассмотрим наиболее популярные и производительные фильтра, которые предлагают зарубежные производители на российском рынке.Читать далее о лучших воздушных фильтрах-->

Fitness test

Oil air filter

It is no secret that most motorists prefer oil filters, among Russian consumers they rank second after ordinary paper filters. The device has several important advantages - it is the simplest form and design. The filtering element of such a unit is mineral oil, which is located in a special casing, through which air flows later, and all particles at this time remain “immersed” in the oil. Contamination of this type of filter is checked by the degree of contamination of engine oil. A significant advantage of the unit is the possibility of repeated use. After some time, the dirty filter can be washed, pour a new portion of oil into it and continue to use it for its intended purpose. However, in most modern cars, such structures are no longer used, due to this too low cleaning properties of the air flow.

Oil design check

In order to test the functionality of the oil filters, we’ll stop choosing only a few of the most popular models, exposing them to a simple test. In the output part of each filter, with the help of a certain device, air was injected, the pressure of which did not exceed 1 atm. The device on which the test was performed was always placed upwards with a plate with holes. In the inlet received any liquid oil, with the release of air bubbles strictly fixed. Such a test allows you to determine the part of the structure where the air flow comes from. It should be noted that in some models of the valve or the housing is leaky, due to which the air leaks from the oil inlet or from the gaps in the housing, respectively.

Oil air filter

Any, even minor leakage can drain the lubrication system, as the oil flows into the crankcase, and this, in turn, leads to a prolonged burning of the emergency oil pressure lamp. All this in a coupe adversely affects the resource of the power unit.

Rating of the best oil units

So, after the end of the test, you can select several models that showed the best results.

Best of all passed the test oil filter Bosch P3274 from the German manufacturer. The main advantage of this device is the ability to install on almost any power unit. Due to the fact that it is combined with all types of engines, it has perfectly balanced parameters, which cannot be said about one unit. However, Bosch P3274 is far from the optimal cost.

Bosch P3274

The ranking of the best oil filters was added to Mahle OC384, the runner-up. The device is 1.5 times cheaper than its predecessor, has a European origin, an attractive appearance, has high reliability and good price. Good functionality is due to uniformly laid layers of filter paper and a flat cartridge. The unit has the best resource, suitable for premium cars. However, the filtration quality of Mahle OC384 leaves much to be desired.

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Третье место в рейтинге занимает Livny 2105-1012005. Своим высоким местом агрегат обязан большой площади фильтрации. Бумажная прослойка этого устройства в два раза превышает количество слоёв в любой другой типовой конструкции. Однако, несмотря на хорошие технические характеристики, во время вскрытия конструкции была обнаружена слишком слабая «начинка» и простейшая техника изготовления. Несмотря на высокий ресурс, превышающий возможности европейских фильтров, слабый уровень изготовления не позволяет назвать его лучшим.

Livny 2105-1012005

To find out in practice which air filter is better among domestic manufacturers, one should purchase the Nevsky filter NF-05-M. The design is equipped with a large number of thick-walled paper with a high density. Despite the fact that this contributes to a significant reduction in pressure, at the same time the quality of filtration increases. The advantages of this device are reasonable cost, good functionality, versatility. True, the unit has no significant resource.

Nevsky filter NF-05-M

Завершить рейтинг пятёрки лучших масляных устройств удаётся Delphi FX0019. Агрегат обладает оригинальным внешним видом, свидетельством чего являются габариты конструкции, устройство картриджа и необычное исполнение перепускного клапана. Delphi FX0019 является непревзойдённым лидером для авто премиум-класса. Он имеет не только отличный ресурс, но и невысокую цену. Однако регулярная езда по бездорожью негативно может сказаться на длительности его работы, бумажная «прослойка» европейского производителя не имеет хорошей плотности в укладке.

Delphi FX0019

Zero resistance filters

Units of this type are installed mostly on tuned sports cars. With their design, they are no different from ordinary paper devices. However, they have one fundamental difference from their predecessors - the foam element inserts are the filtering element. Due to this, without delay, “pumping” of a large number of air streams is provided, the power unit is saturated with a large volume of air in a short time period. Such filtering devices are installed exclusively on cars with forced and turbo engines. The main disadvantage of this type of units - high noise during operation of the motor. However, when forcing the power unit, this criterion is insignificant, especially since along with this the car owner gets a highly efficient filter that increases the power of the motor.

In order to test the endurance filtering structures of zero resistance, a car with a 1.5-liter motor and a powerful Bosch stand measuring power were used. Almost all the results obtained are close to those that were expected. Filters with reduced resistance are able to increase the power of the car by only 6–9%, and the car will lose power at the “bottoms”. Physically, no one can feel the difference in such a small increase in power, not exceeding 5 liters. with. In fact, the cost of such a device is available to any car enthusiast who is ready to pay a sum of seven times the cost of a standard device for a low resistance filter. In addition, buying a “sports” unit will have to thoroughly wash the structure every 5,000 km, impregnate it with a certain composition, which cost a lot of money, and install the filter element correctly, otherwise non-compliance with all rules will increase fuel consumption.

Тест прошло большое количество воздушных фильтров, самыми лучшими характеристиками могут похвастаться агрегаты K&N RC2600, JR CR07301, Pro Sport, Pipercross PP43 и Pipercross PK003VR.

Фильтр K&N RC2600, имеет максимальную мощность 73,9 кВт/л. с., прирост мощности составил 7,1%. Стоимость устройства 40 у. е.

K&N RC2600

The JR CR07301 filter has a maximum power of 74.4 kW / l. with., the increase in power amounted to 7.8%. The cost of the device 60 at. e.

JR CR07301

The Pro Sport filter has a maximum power of 75.2 kW / l. with., the increase in power amounted to 8.9%. The cost of the device is 85. e.

Pro Sport

Filter Pipercross PP43, has a maximum power of 73.5 kW / l. with., the increase in power was 6.5%. The cost of the device 40 at. e.

The Pipercross PK003VR filter has a maximum power of 73.3 kW / l. with., the increase in power amounted to 6.23%. The cost of the device is 75. e.

Filters "short ram intake"

Relatively recently, short ram intake units appeared in the automotive market - designs with short intake systems. The filter element in this unit is an aluminum pipe with a "dry" filter. Install such a device is simple, it will have to be mounted under the engine compartment. The power unit which is heated up during operation helps to heat the air currents entering the cylinders. All this greatly improves the operation of the power unit. Almost any car will be able to install the system without too much difficulty, the cartridge located above the tube is easily accessible, the filter element can be replaced in 5–10 minutes. Moreover, the unit has no significant drawbacks.

Short ram intake

The filter of this class is especially noteworthy for those car owners who are forced to install specialized “thermoses” in the engine compartment that have a capacity of 5-7 liters. Such simple designs accumulate hot coolant, which is necessary for the secondary (re) start of the power unit. In this case, the use of the filter “short ram intake” will be simply necessary.

Choosing the best air filter

In order to choose the really best air filter, you should consider the type of car, for example, for trucks such as Gazel, a standard liquid air filter is perfect. Having a simple appearance (a tin circle in which oil is poured), the unit does not require large material investments, since for normal functioning it has enough mineral oil to be used by the power unit. At the same time drive a car will be guaranteed for a long time.

With passenger cars, the situation is somewhat more complicated, on the Russian market there is a great variety of various “dry” air filter devices, the main difference of which is the main filter element, made from foam rubber or paper of various types and densities.

Air filter in the car

The test, which underwent all filters with paper layers, showed that most of them give a high guarantee, the air flow entering the motor is 99% clean.

Do not neglect the foam cleaning models, their main advantage is high throughput, due to which a large amount of air flows to the engine in a short time period. Foam rubber version will allow motorists to increase the power of the motor, if every 5,000 kilometers there will be a major car wash of the unit. This simple condition is guaranteed to add at least 5% to the standard power of the car.

Not every car owner has the ability and desire to carefully and regularly take care of the cleaning device, such drivers may prefer cold air intake filters. In addition, they almost do not need care, the filter works as well as possible even in the cold season, since the colder the air is, the faster the filtering device will react.

Air filter feature

It is naturally better to decide which air filter should be decided directly by the owner of the car, if everyone who doubts before buying will pay attention to a test that will help to understand the principle and test the performance of well-known foreign filtering units. Definitely it can be said that any filter produced today has advantages and disadvantages, however, its presence will greatly facilitate the operation of the power unit. Otherwise, those neglecting such an important design may soon encounter problems in the operation of the engine.

The test carried out showed that even the cheapest and simplest filtering units are capable of cleaning the inlet air flow. Despite the fact that they filter only one third of the entire incoming air mass, the engine will be easier if it receives not only 100% air with dust, but only 65–70. Even microscopic-sized dust particles fall into the gap located in the middle of the cylinder and piston, mix with mineral oils, and act on the liners and shafts as an abrasive.

Dust is not only possible, but it is also necessary to synthesize and remove as much as possible. In the domestic industry, the filter has long been installed on the Zhiguli, VAZ, some models of Moskvich.

In addition to the filter model, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the device being purchased, too small models, up to 60 mm, will not work reliably enough to press the bottom of the power unit. The filter design can “tell” a lot to the future owner, the total area of ​​the filter paper layers depends on the number of corrugations of the filter element. The larger the area of ​​the “curtains”, the more effectively the unit will be able to operate.


Before you opt for a particular model of air filter, you should learn about all the features and benefits of cleaning devices. The test showed that today there are a lot of attractive models in terms of price and characteristics in the world. The owner of the car, who cares about the normal functioning of his power unit, and in general the whole machine, must constantly monitor the condition of the air filter and, if necessary, replace it or wash it.