How to increase the power of the engine vaz 2109

On the carburetor engines goes the vast majority of "Nines". Many actively praise injectors, but, nevertheless, it didn’t affect the total number of carburetor versions.

increase engine power VAZ 2109 carburetor

On the car VAZ 2109 there is a carburetor DAAZ 2108-1107010. Dimitrovgradtsy stars from the sky is not enough, and the carburetors from their conveyor outright different. One can serve for five to ten years without complaints, and the other, for no apparent reason, can suddenly refuse to work. True, the problem is not always exactly in the factory marriage.

Often such difficulties arise from dirt, or bad gasoline. Or from not too sensible driver. There may be wrong “non-native” jets, which also leads to problems.

How to increase the power of the engine VAZ 2109 carburetor?

Some owners of "VAZ" believe that the increase in engine power VAZ 2109, imported carburetor can significantly affect. Only here the comparative tests of the domestic DAAZ and Italian Weber showed that there is no huge gap at all. In addition, Weber consumes more fuel and at the same time it has a higher CO emission at higher revs.

The maximum speed is also higher with “our” Solex carburetor. If up to 80 km / h there is almost no difference, then above Weber immediately begins to lose ground. And the fault of all its single-chamber.

how to increase engine power vaz 2109 carburetor

To change the power tuning of the carburetor VAZ 2109.

Consider the options (in this case for "Solex"):

  • You can do the revision of the accelerator pump.
  • Replace the standard carburetor with another one that has more calibration data. Suitable, for example, from the "Niva".
  • Take the nozzles and tubes with a cross section of larger diameter. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you will break the correct formation of the mixture and the engine will not start at all.
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To improve the process of mixing by refining diffusers, chambers and throttle valves. In general, tuning the carburetor VAZ 2109 with your own hands is a very real task.