What is the penalty for driving a red light?

Frequent misdemeanors include such relatively minor traffic violations as non-compliance with traffic lights established by rules However, it should be borne in mind that such facts can lead to serious negative consequences. The legislation provides for a fine for driving a red light for a driver. Periodically, its size is revised upwards.

On the road, the number of accidents associated with such a violation does not decrease; therefore, a review of the degree of financial punishment by most respectable drivers and pedestrians is perceived positively. After all, if there is an unreasonable rush, other citizens, vehicles or road infrastructure may suffer.


  • 1 Actual offenses
  • 2 What threatens car owners?
  • 3 Repeated violation
  • 4 How is the fine paid?
  • 5 Appeal procedure

Actual offenses

Прежде чем выяснить, what is the penalty for driving a red light?, придется уточнить несколько типов нарушений ПДД в данном контексте. Они бывают следующими:

  • direct movement with red light signal;
  • turning when there is no burning or static green arrow indicating the allowed movement at 90 degrees, since this action is reasonably interpreted as a violation of the traffic light signal;
  • the intersection of the intersection during a yellow light (the exception is the impossibility of instantaneous braking, in which case it is required to complete the maneuver, having left this intersection);
  • it is important to execute the signals of traffic lights installed in the area of ​​railway crossings;
  • ignoring the instructions of the traffic police officer who performs traffic adjustment at the intersection.

For the latter case, the driver is also punished, as well as the punishment for traveling through a red light.

What threatens car owners?

Для тех, граждан, которые не знают, what happens if you drive a red light в 2017 году, сообщаем, что размер наказания установлен в виде административного штрафа. На сегодня он равен 1000 руб. Под такие санкции попадают авто, которые наехали или пересекли разметку стоп-линии.

what happens if you drive a red light

If the car stopped by the front wheels on a white strip, then the inspector, as a rule, punishes this with a sum of 800 rubles. When the car drove back, crossing the lane, the amount will be 500 rubles.

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In the law on traffic rules there is a clause that threatens with a punishment of 1000 rubles. for leaving at a deliberately blocked intersection. This type of offense is characteristic of large populated areas, in which there are traffic arteries with heavy traffic.

It is important to know that the rules of the road allow access to regulated intersections only on the permissive signal of a traffic light (it is only one - green) or a traffic controller (located right or left side to the driver).

To ensure enough comfortable space for maneuver, you need to control the distance to the nearest car ahead. This will avoid crossing the junction to the prohibitory signal.

In the current traffic rules, traffic lights located on a city street and installed traffic lights near railway crossings have the same priority and status. This means that violation of signals from one or another pointer is punished equally. Therefore, the penalty for travel on the prohibitory signal of the traffic light near the railway or at a street intersection will cost the same amount - 1000 rubles

There is also a more severe penalty of deprivation of rights for at least 3 months. This item is left to the discretion of the judge or traffic police officer. Not only the inspector operating nearby can record the event, but also a surveillance video camera installed nearby. According to the results of video recording, a so-called letter of happiness is issued.

Drivers often successfully dispute such submissions. The reason may be a poor quality camera resolution or technical error. To do this, you must promptly go to court.

Repeated violation

Re-travel to a red light is also punishable by applicable law. There will have to pay a larger amount of 5,000 rubles. The violation can be considered repeated if committed within a year after the initial offense. Moreover, both actions must be identical.

More serious punishment awaits drivers belonging to the group of malicious offenders. As such, under current law, motorists are considered to be trapped in a crossroads under a red light more than three times a year. They need to prepare for deprivation of rights. The term will be set by the judge based on the actual situation. The maximum can be an interval of up to 6 months.

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what is the penalty for driving a red light?

Any changes are often made in this area of ​​law, therefore we recommend periodically monitoring them in the legislation. This will increase discipline on the road.

How is the fine paid?

The driver, who is obliged to make an administrative penalty, must repay the amount in a timely manner. The state provides a discount in the amount of half the fine if it is paid no later than 20 days after the establishment of the punishment. After the expiration of this period, you will have to pay everything in full plus a 10% executive fee.

Ignoring the norm is fraught with increased sanctions. After 60 days after the discharging of the fine, the unpaid amount is doubled. It is worth considering that while this provision does not apply to re-travel under the red signal.

Appeal procedure

If the car owner is fully confident in his innocence, then he has the right to appeal the sanctions imposed on him. It is important to ensure that objections and pertinent comments are documented in the protocol. With a signed document on hand, you can go to court.

The judiciary is chosen by the claimant at its discretion. You can give preference to the courts located to the residence of the citizen. 10 days are allocated for appeal.

Together with the protocol, you will need to provide your own passport, documents for the car, the right. We recommend that you make light copies in advance of the package of documents provided. You can consult with a lawyer in advance.