Compare hyundai accent and kia spectra


На профильных автомобильных форумах нередко задают вопрос — какой бюджетный автомобиль стоит приобрести в качестве первого после отечественной машины — Хендай Акцент или Киа Спектра? Огромная популярность этих транспортных средств обуславливает значительное количество ответов, однако большинство из них сводится к утверждению — автомобили построены на одной платформе, поэтому существенной разницы между ними нет. Действительно ли между Hyundai Accent и Kia Spectra можно ставить знак равенства?

Hyundai Accent and Kia Spectra - a comparison of Korean state employees

Hyundai Accent and Kia Spectra - a comparison of Korean state employees

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Quick look

Honored Workers

If you put the cars nearby, then their relationship will be clearly visible - indeed, the KIA and Hyundai brands are part of one concern. However, among the two "brothers" to find the elder will be easy - Spectra has a larger size, as well as wheels of increased diameter compared to Accent. Otherwise, they are very similar - the same smooth lines, fashionable in the automotive design of the 90s, narrow grilles and rounded headlights. That's just the Kia Spectra slightly more clearly highlighted the trunk, while the Accent, he lowered down in the style of liftbacks.

Hyundai Accent car отличается багажником на манер лифтбека

Hyundai Accent car отличается багажником на манер лифтбека

In comparing the Accent with the Spectra, one can neglect such a factor as the ground clearance - it is almost equal in both cars. However, Hyundai can offer a 10 mm more ground clearance, despite the smaller diameter of the wheels - in combination with a short front overhang, this will allow hooligan jumping on small curbs and overcome other urban irregularities. But in the visibility Accent will obviously lose to Spectra - its mirrors have a smaller area, as well as narrowed at the base. In conditions of dense urban flow, this can create a problem if you need to quickly change a row.

The car Kia Spectra larger dimensions and wheels of increased diameter

The car Kia Spectra larger dimensions and wheels of increased diameter

Is simplicity a guarantee of reliability?

Like the exterior, car salons are reminiscent of the long-gone past century. At the same time, the large Spectra does look archaic at all, despite the wider list of modern equipment. Huge deflectors remind not something about Moskvich, not something about used "Europeans" of the 70-80s, who were massively imported into our country two decades earlier. The dashboard is completely tailored to the American style - a lot of small scales in the Kia Spectra, as well as the additional digitization of the speedometer in miles does not contribute to the rapid perception of the necessary road information. Against this background, the covers of the compartments for airbags, as well as the CD radio tape recorder, look like hello from the future - they somewhat dilute the KIA salon, allowing it to become more presentable.

Salon car Kia Spectra выполнен в архаичном стиле

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The car Kia Spectra is made in an archaic style

However, the machine can be forgiven for all the simplicity of its appearance for the incredible convenience of landing. Низко расположенная подушка достаточно мягкая, а спинки в Spectra хорошо профилированы и могут настраиваться под индивидуальные потребности каждого водителя. Вот только все преимущества таких сидений могут оценить в основном высокие люди — возможности подъема подушки не предусмотрено. Сзади также достаточно много пространства — нет нужды широко расставлять ноги, пытаясь обхватить ими кресло первого ряда. Немалая ширина, которой обладает Kia Spectra, также позволяет садиться в нее втроем без существенных неудобств даже в дальней дороге.

Inside Hyundai Accent гораздо больше современных элементов

Inside Hyundai Accent гораздо больше современных элементов

If you compare who is better for convenience - Accent or Spectra, then the choice will be clearly not in favor of the first. Its seats are in many ways similar to the KIA fellow, but the spaces on both the first and second rows are much smaller. Due to this, reclining fit seems to be a mockery - the knees of a person rest on the front panel or on the back of the front seat, and he is forced to constantly change his body position, trying to take a break from the continuous pressure that causes pain after a long time. The rear sofa Hyundai Accent also differs cramped - less than the width of the Kia Spectra does not allow a long three to sit here without a feeling of tightness and tightness.

Car model:Hyundai AccentKia Spectra
Producing country:Korea (Build - Russia)Korea (Build - Russia)
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:44
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:14951599
Power, l. c./about min .:102/5800105/5800
Maximum speed, km / h:181186
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,511
Type of drive:FrontFront
CAT:5 Manual / 4 Automatic5 Manual / 4 Automatic
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 9.9 / Out of town 6,1In the city of 9.1 / Out of town 5,5
Length, mm:42354480
Width, mm:16701735
Height, mm:13951470
Clearance, mm:170160
Tire size:175/70 R13195/60 R15
Curb weight, kg:11761170
Full weight, kg:15551720
Fuel tank capacity:4555

А вот оформление передней панели у Accent отличается неожиданной свежестью — оно уже больше напоминает о двадцать первом веке. Прямоугольные дефлекторы выглядят достаточно строго, а приборы лишены неудобной оцифровки в милях, а также чересчур крупных линий шкал, отвлекающих от чтения необходимых показателей. Однако если присматриваться повнимательнее, то и Hyundai Accent не является иконой стиля — в глаза бросается откровенно бесполезная кассетная магнитола, а также примитивные вращающиеся рукоятки контроля микроклимата в салоне. Достаточно бедно выглядит и двухспицевый руль, изготовленный из скользкого пластика — однако, в целом интерьер настраивает на более бодрый лад, чем в Kia Spectra.

On road

A little bit about the dynamics

If you set a goal to find out what is better, Accent or Spectrum, then in terms of dynamics, these machines will be at two opposite poles, bringing pleasure to people with different character traits. Let's start with the “younger brother” Hyundai - its 1.5-liter engine nominally has 3 horsepower less than the Spectra. However, in practice it turns out to be faster and more convenient in managing the load! Forget about the “oak” dampers of the gas pedal - we again greet the past, but it no longer depresses, but makes the child rejoice at every powerful acceleration, forgetting about the ecology and economy, for which they came up with dampers. The limit of 100 km / h Hyundai Accent overcomes in just 10.5 seconds - an excellent indicator for budget and somewhat outdated transport!

Test drive the car Hyundai Accent:

However, a few words about profitability, we said not in vain - the car consumes even more fuel than the Kia Spectra, which has an additional 0.1 liters of working volume. Owners of Hyundai Accent with experience complain that sometimes the city consumption exceeds 10 liters and can reach up to 12-13, but with a quiet and measured ride it can be kept within 8-9 liters. The most common gearbox is a five-speed manual with a few long lever strokes and a complete lack of serious problems. But the four-stage automatic machine has proved itself to be bad - not only is it not distinguished by reliability, it also greatly deteriorates the dynamics when the cabin is fully loaded.

В сравнении Kia Spectra или Hyundai Accent более крупная машина ожидаемо проигрывает в динамике, несмотря на мощность, равную 105 лошадиных сил. В этом виноваты базовые настройки — они отклонены в сторону комфортабельности, а не зажигательной динамики, которой отличается Accent. And so much the better - the Kia Spectra, with its soft starts, as well as slightly muffled responses to the gas pedal, is sure to please calm drivers, and will contribute to the maximum pacification of all passengers on the track. The gearboxes are completely analogous to the Hyundai Accent - the mechanics are notable for the perfect balance of consumer qualities, while the automatic in combination with a more high-powered engine requires very frequent attention from service workers.

Running gear

Differs orientation to comfort and suspension Kia Spectra - it is quite soft, but does not allow serious rolls even when turning the steering wheel to a large degree, as is the case with other cars. However, the car clearly does not like large irregularities - they are given by strong blows in the cabin and adversely affect the reliability of the chassis. The most important problem of KIA is the emergence of knocks and squeaks over time, which are heard both from under the bottom and from the depths of the front panel. Experienced motorists say that it is very difficult to deal with this problem - even after the complete elimination of all sources of sounds, they reappear after a short time.

Test drive car Kia Spectra:

Hyundai Accent can be called quiet - even with intensive use of its parts remain in place and do not emit strong squeaks. However, the suspension can no longer be called comfortable - it allows tangible impacts to penetrate even on small irregularities in the city. The advantage that can be obtained from such a feature is clear and reliable control, as well as excellent machine stability on a straight line.

And what about reliability?

In general, the cars did not cause serious complaints, however, both Hyundai Accent and Kia Spectra were remembered by car service workers for a number of typical problems. Among them you can specify:

  • Dampers rear suspension - with active driving requires replacement after 30-40 thousand km.
  • The control electronics and the friction unit of the automatic transmission - fails unpredictably.
  • The radiator of the main cooling system - with frequent use of the machine, leaks after 60–70 thousand km.

In addition, in conditions of bad roads, experts recommend changing the wheel bearings every 50 thousand km.

Of the specific problems, it is worth noting the quick-breaking plastic clips of the front panel and instruments on the Kia Spectra. They become the source of the noise mentioned earlier. On the Hyundai Accent, there are frequent breaks of the scenes of the manual transmission with sharp jerks of the long-stroke lever.

Which of the brothers is better?

There is no unequivocal opinion as to which car is better - the Kia Spectra and the Hyundai Accent differ in fundamentally different characters. However, Hyundai Accent with its compact dimensions and fast engine can be recommended to those who rarely leave the city. The element of the Kia Spectra can definitely be called the track and long journeys, in which it will provide the greatest possible comfort.