After how much to change the antifreeze

To date, not all motorists know through how much to change the antifreeze (or antifreeze) in the car they purchased. For example, a person buys a car, changes the oil in the box and in the engine. It seems to be doing everything right ... But at some point it begins to seem to him that the coolant in the expansion tank, some kind of muddy. The driver sees this, but does not know if he needs to be changed or wait a while.

According to experts, the turbidity of the coolant suggests that its service life has come to an end, and it should be replaced. In this case, it will not be superfluous to flush the entire cooling system. Especially careful to be with the coolant in the summer, because at this time of year the air temperature is much higher than, for example, in winter or autumn.

When to change antifreeze

It is important to know the manufacturer's recommendations about when to change the antifreeze in the car, and implement them in a timely manner. The bottom line is that in the process of operation, the coolant loses its properties and no longer fully cope with the task of removing heat from the engine, and also decreases the temperature range in which it can work.

According to many car manufacturers, you need to fill in a new coolant every 40-50 thousand kilometers. This is a certain critical threshold, upon reaching which you should not delay the replacement of antifreeze.

To monitor the condition of the coolant and to change it in a timely manner the motorist must for another important reason. The fact is that antifreeze contains special anti-corrosion additives: phosphates, borates and silicates. As long as the level of these substances in it corresponds to the necessary, the motorist does not need to take any action. But as the machine is used, their content decreases, which leads to gradual corrosion of the radiator and the engine. These processes are especially dangerous for aluminum car parts. To avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as internal corrosion, the car owner must promptly replace the antifreeze / antifreeze.

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To determine the health of the coolant, you must use special test strips. They are a great hint for car enthusiasts who wonder how often to change the antifreeze. You can buy them in almost any store with goods for cars. The testing mechanism is as follows: the tester sinks into an antifreeze, after which, under the influence of the substances it contains, it acquires a certain color. The instructions for the strips indicate which shade corresponds to the working state of the liquid. If the resulting color is different from the specified, then this is a sign that the coolant must be replaced.

Checking antifreeze with a hydrometer

It is even easier to check the state of antifreeze with a special hydrometer; by the position of the float, you can immediately find out the freezing temperature

You can make a replacement yourself. The most important thing is to remember that the coolant is toxic, so its discharge into lakes, rivers and other bodies of water is strictly prohibited. As a rule, spent antifreeze is poured into a special container, which is then disposed of.

After draining the old antifreeze system must be washed. To do this, you can use distilled water. This is done in this way: the system is filled several times with water, which is then drained. It is very important that the engine does not leave the old antifreeze. After flushing, you can add new coolant. As a rule, it has a red or green color (antiphysis) or blue-green coloring (antifreeze).

That's all. Change the coolant in a timely manner, and the engine of your car will last longer.