Toyota camry: does it have competitors?

In Russia, sales of Toyota Camry really hit all records. In 2016, 18,700 cars of this model were sold, which is more than all the competitors in the class combined. The demand for the car is high.

toyota camry

Such a high number of sales due to the image of a reliable car means that in a few years it will be possible to sell the car for good money. In the cabin there is enough space. There are drawbacks - the interior is slightly outdated, the insulation is not very good, the cost of maintenance is quite high. To conduct maintenance according to the regulations is necessary every 10 000 km.

Now you can buy Toitoto Camry, assembled in Russia starting with 1,364,000 rubles, it will be the Standard version with a 150-horsepower 2-liter engine, with a regular fabric interior. And for about 2,000,000 rubles, you can take the “Lux” version with a 249-horsepower V6 engine, the volume of which is 3.5 liters. There will be a leather interior, 3-zone climate and electric rear seats. For the same money you can buy other cars, and there are a lot of offers.

sales for 2016

Camry Competitors

To Optima и Hyundai i40

Korean cars are even slightly cheaper, for example, the Kia Optima with the same 150-horsepower 2-liter engine will cost 1,250,000 rubles. And the Hyundai i40 is even cheaper - the basic equipment with a 2-liter engine and an automatic transmission will cost 1,224,000 rubles.


If we consider more expensive equipment with leather interior and other useful options, the price of such Korean cars will vary from 1,350,000 to 1,370,000 rubles. But the i40 is a more budget option, it has low-cost maintenance, and a low price for a car. The KIA Optima is a more modern-looking car with a more comfortable interior and excellent smoothness.

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to optimize

Also, in the Kia Optima there are more powerful engines - 188-hp 2.4 in about 1,450,000 p. and 245-hp 2.0 T-GDI for 1,770,000 r. And in the Hyundai i40 there is only a more economical diesel engine with a capacity of 1.7 and a capacity of 141 liters. with. Also here comes a robotic gearbox. Such a diesel equipment will cost 1 400 000 rubles.

Mazda 6

mazda 6

Japanese Mazda 6 has more gambling handling. True insurance for it costs more than Camry. The base is a 2-liter 150-horsepower engine and automatic transmission, the price of such a car starts with 1 304 000 rubles. If you take a car with leather interior and climate, the price will be 1,577,000 rubles. It will be more expensive on 93 000, than Camry in a similar complete set. If you take the Mazda 6 with a 2.5-liter engine and a capacity of 192 liters. with., you have to pay 1 465 000 p.

Ford Mondeo

ford mondeo 2015

Another among the competitors in this class is the Ford Mondeo, which has a driving character, but the interior is not as spacious as in the Mazda 6, Camry and Optima. The price is about the same as on the Camry - the basic equipment costs 1,350,000 rubles, and with a leather interior, the car will cost 1,681,000 rubles. The base is a motor with a volume of 2.5 liters, with a capacity of 149 liters. with. There is a turbocharged 2-liter engine with a capacity of 199 liters. with., with him the price of the car will be 1 700 000 rubles. But in general, the quality of the car is considered one of the best sedans of this class.

Skoda Superb

skoda superb

The Skoda Superb is the most spacious cabin, the price starts at 1.3 million rubles. If a 150-strong 1.4 TSI and a robot box are installed, the price will be 1,384,000 rubles. With leather interior and climate Superb will cost 1,700,000 p. The same will cost a car with a robotic box and a 1.8 TSI engine with a capacity of 180 liters. with.

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Volkswagen passat

Седан Volkswagen passat в последнем поколении стоит еще больше – базовая версия с механической коробкой передач обойдется в 1 489 000 р. Комплектация с мотором 1, 4 TSI и роботизированной коробкой будет стоит 1 609 000 рублей, а с кожаным салоном – 1 800 000 р. А если сюда еще поставить более мощный мотор – 1,8 с мощностью в 180 л. с., то цена составит 2 000 000 р.

Volkswagen passat

But TSI engines and their robotic boxes are not at all impressively reliable, so it’s understandable why Passats and Superbuses sell worse than cars from Japan or Korea. But the salons in the Passat and Superb are really the best in terms of convenience. Driving performance of these cars is also high.

Volkswagen passat CC

Volkswagen passat cc

Approximately for the same money you can buy a Volkswagen passat CC, but it will turn out a little more expensive, for a car with a 1.8 TSI engine, whose power is 152 liters. with. and the DSG robot will have to pay 1,800,000 p. The car is more expensive only because of the design, and the interior has turned out a bit more crowded.

Peugeot 508

For Russia - Peugeot 508 is considered more rare, there is only one complete set of the car with a turbocharged engine 1.6, with a capacity of 150 liters. with. and automatic transmission. Such a car will cost 1,819,000 p. A car with a spacious and high-quality interior, excellent suspension, but in the secondary market it will then be difficult to sell it, since spare parts for it are not so easy to get.

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Peugeot 508

You can also about the same money as the Toyota Camry, and buy a car and more premium segment. For example, Volvo S60 T3 with a 1.5-liter, 152-horsepower engine will cost 1,765,000 rubles, and for 2,000,000 you can buy a car with the same equipment, but also with a leather interior. Also here will include electric seats and virtual appliances.

volvo s60

There is also a more powerful equipment S60 T5 for the same 2 million rubles, it is equipped with a motor with a volume of 2 liters with a capacity of 245 liters. with. But the equipment will be basic. For 1 800 000 you can even buy a premium Infiniti Q50 with a turbocharged 2-liter engine with a capacity of 211 liters. with. And if you pay 1 962 000 rubles, you get a car with leather interior and headlights with LEDs. More expensive equipment will cost more than 2 million rubles.

German premium models for the money can also be taken, but it will be the most basic copies, for example, the Audi A4 1.4 TFSI engine with the same capacity of 150 liters with., robotic box, climate control will cost 1,920,000 p. There is also a BMW 318i with a modest turbocharged 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 136 liters. with., with automatic transmission for 1 983 000 rubles.

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