Lexus lx570 or bmw x5 - which car is better?

Any modern SUV is an expensive thing, therefore it is an indicator of the status of its owner. SUVs are chosen by maximalists who want to prove their worth to the whole world.

Lexus LX570 or BMW X5

Such cars are able to attract the exterior, give comfort and surprise power. We will tell about two bright representatives of the class - the German bestseller. BMW X5 and japanese heavyweight Lexus LX570. Let's compare two cars, highlighting the best in each.

Exterior design

The first thing we usually pay attention to is the appearance of the car. It depends on the sympathy for the design of the iron horse, whether its inner filling will interest. So, what will please the Lexus LX570?

This car is really very large. The front of the Lexus is equipped with unusual diamond-shaped headlights, a fake grille and an ergonomic bumper that balances the exterior of the car. On the side, the station wagon is not particularly noteworthy, it is worth noting only the protruding wheel arches, which make the Lexus more elegant. Thanks to the large windows in the cabin will always be light. Passengers will certainly appreciate the presence of footpegs, which, moreover, are highlighted. For a better view, cameras are mounted in the side mirrors.

Lexus LX570 фото

The back of the Lexus LX570 fairly banal. The door of the luggage compartment for convenience is divided into two parts, opens with the help of an electric drive. The fifth door is decorated with exquisite side lights: rectangular in shape, with plastic trim of metallic color, large sizes. The rear bumper is also streamlined. The Lexus LX570 completes the image of a small spoiler located above the tailgate. The length of the car is 5 meters and 5 centimeters, width - 1.97 meters, and height - 1.92 meters. The tire is attached under the bottom, which does not interfere while driving, maintaining a clearance of 22.5 centimeters.

Appearance itself The new version of the BMW X5 - typical of the Bavarian "five". Auto looks spectacular - no matter which side you look. In comparison with the Lexus X5 more compact, it does not look so cumbersome. Indeed, the length of a BMW is 4.88 meters, which is 17 centimeters shorter than the LX570. 20 centimeters in the smaller side and height differs, but the width is almost identical. Ground clearance BMW X5 20.5 centimeters.

The design of the third generation of the famous X5 in comparison with its predecessors almost did not change, because everything was fine. The grille has become larger - it gave the car a more sporty and meaningful look. The bumper has also increased, because of this, BMW has become lower, but now it looks like a real sports car with aggressive features. The headlights have not changed, but the rear lights have become larger, more organically and seamlessly fit into the back of the car. Overall, the BMW X5 is very sporty and smart, with beautiful sleek shapes. Nothing extra.

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Equipment and interior design

Being inside a Lexus LX570 is a pleasure. Sitting behind the wheel of this car just once, you do not want to give up such luxury. All three rows of huge seats are covered with high-class leather, pleasant to the touch. The cabin is very spacious, so the climate control system has 4 areas of coverage. All seats are equipped with a heating system, in the front row - also ventilation. The seats are set up with an electric drive, and the driver’s seat has three settings.

The height and position of the steering wheel is adjusted using the joystick on the left side of the steering column. "Torpedo" is decorated with inserts of natural wood and chrome-plated metal. Music lovers will certainly appreciate the audio system LX570 - 19 speakers in the cabin provide the perfect sound in a wide range of frequencies. Interior noise insulation - above all praise: being inside the car, you absolutely can not hear the noise of the street and even the sounds of the work of your engine. The front panel has a convenient monitor with a large screen, with which you can watch images from cameras mounted on bumpers and side mirrors. This will help to park and control everything around you safely.

Lexus LX570 car interior

Between the front seats is a compact but roomy refrigerator. There are located connectors for connecting various electronic gadgets. Passengers during the trip will be fun, because monitors are mounted in the headrests of the front seats. The trunk of the Lexus LX570 has an impressive size - 701 liters, and if you add up the third row of seats, you will add another 200 liters of usable volume.

Saloon BMW X5 - This is also a combination of natural leather and wooden inserts. However, the style can rather be called minimalism. The dashboard is very concise, nothing around distracts you from the right arrows and numbers. It is worth mentioning the convenience of the driver. The position of the front seats is regulated so thoroughly that you can even fit the comfortable bend of the back, as well as lateral support and fixation of the knees. The steering wheel is equipped with heating, its height and distance from the chair can also be adjusted. Visibility behind the wheel of a BMW X5 is excellent.

The 360-degree video review system will help you to park, which allows you to see your car from above. The smart iDrive system will prompt the way, advise the best roundabout around the traffic jams, and also respond to voice commands. The 10-inch display is clear and comfortable, and you can control everything with the help of buttons, and not with an unreliable touchscreen. In addition, information from the screen while driving is projected on the windshield, so you do not have to be distracted from the road to get useful information about the route. The amount of luggage X5 - 620 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, it will increase to 1669 liters. Naturally, the cabin is equipped with the latest climate control system. A useful addition to the latest version of the BMW X5 is an automatic braking function in front of an obstacle.

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Interior Lexus LX 570

Technical equipment

Lexus LX570 - all-wheel drive car. Under the hood, he hides the only possible petrol 5.7-liter V-engine with 8 cylinders, with a capacity of 367 “horses” (381 for America). Up to a hundred such units accelerate in 7.5 seconds. The engine is made in accordance with the environmental standard EURO 4. In the combined cycle, the Lexus LX570 consumes about 14 liters of fuel, and on the highway it can reduce this figure to ten liters. The maximum speed of Lexus - about 220 kilometers per hour, is impressive, given the weight of 2660 kg. The advantage of this car in the air suspension, which allows you to increase the clearance to 30 centimeters. Gearbox - automatic with six steps. The LX570 is recommended to refuel with 95-m petrol, but the car is able to cope with the quality 92-m.

Internal equipment Lexus LX570

The BMW X5 also invariably pleases fans of all-wheel drive. Unlike the Lexus LX570, this SUV has just five engine modifications - two petrol and three diesel. The easiest engine - diesel xDrive30d. Its volume - 3 liters, and power - 258 horsepower. A car with such a motor accelerates to "hundreds" in just 6.9 seconds, and the fuel will consume an average of about 6.2 liters.

The most impressive unit of the BMW X5 is the 4.4-liter 8-cylinder petrol xDrive50i, which develops 450 horsepower. This car accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds, and consumes about 10 liters of fuel. In the arsenal of the BMW X5 is also a sporty M50d - a six-cylinder diesel with triple supercharging, with a capacity of 381 horsepower. There is also a petrol xDrive35i and diesel xDrive40d, with a capacity of 306 and 313 "horses", respectively. All motors work in conjunction with an 8-band automatic transmission. Depending on the the BMW X5 engine can accelerate to 220-250 kilometers per hour.

BMW X5 Engine

Road behavior

The SUV should cope with any conditions and adapt to any road surface. Test drives Lexus LX570 proved that this huge car is really ready to cope with difficulties. The LX570 has a good grip - whether it is smooth asphalt or a dirt surface. Even at high speed, the car does not become poorly managed or "tight." A high landing makes the Lexus visibility excellent.

The movement is soft and silent, the car seems to float on the road, the suspension copes with pebbles and even deep holes. The only minus Lexus LX570 can call it the brake system. It requires adjustment and adjustment for each driver, because the car somehow reacts weakly to the pedal. Perhaps this is due to the large weight and dimensions of the SUV, but most likely - this is the "school" developers.

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Slanted BMW X5 a little tough, so when driving on a very bad road you will feel every hole. Coupling with the road at the car is excellent, on dry asphalt, the speed at the corners can not even be slowed down, there definitely won't be any drifts. Speed ​​dialing is instantaneous, and the work of the engine and transmission is so clear that during driving you will not notice a change in gear. Despite the power steering, turning the steering wheel is not easy - it means that the car is designed for men.

The BMW X5 also copes with the snow-covered road without problems, the main thing is not to overclock too much. Driving an X5, like any car from the Bavarian auto industry, is a pleasure. This is a car with character, male character, so it is perfect for someone who loves speed, appreciates comfort and cares about safety.

German car BMW white

Lexus LX570 or BMW X5 - какой автомобиль лучше?

Both SUVs - fast and powerful, high-quality, famous, modern. Decent cars. However, each of them has distinctive features and some advantages:

  • BMW X5 - more compact cars, which makes it more maneuverable.
  • The Lexus LX570 has more ground clearance, so it is able to cope with higher curbs and deep holes.
  • Body BMW X5 - a model of smooth lines and streamlined, and the Lexus LX570 - bold and bulky.

Comparing salons and BMW X5 equipment and Lexus LX570, it is necessary to select a very "smart" and multifunctional control system in the first car, and in the second - the presence of a third row of seats, a roomy refrigerator and a larger amount of luggage. However, the Lexus LX570 is equipped with only one engine option, while the BMW X5 has five of them at once, and there are both petrol and diesel ones.

Appearance Lexus LX 570

The speed indicator of cars is almost equal, even despite the difference in power (here - Lexus wins). But BMW spends an order of magnitude less fuel, which means it saves you money.

The last and main difference is the cost of SUVs. Price Lexus LX570 starts from 4 million rubles, and the BMW X5 can be purchased for 2.4 million rubles.

And as usual, I would like to draw a line with a video demonstration. This time we offer to enjoy the colorful test drive of the Lexus LX570 SUV: