How to check fines on a driver's license online

Most of the Russians are busy citizens and, for various reasons, do not have the time, opportunity or desire to visit various government agencies to obtain relevant information. In such cases, rescues the use of the Internet, thanks to which access to virtual resources with databases is open around the clock.

One of the most requested information is the ability to control debt. When you visit certain pages in the network, it is easy to figure out how to find out the traffic police fines. To clarify this issue can easily any driver. The convenience of the service is that it is free.


  • 1 The need for service
  • 2 Demanded traffic police services
  • 3 Yandex service
  • 4 Sberbank Online
  • 5 Portal of state services
  • 6 Alternatives

The need for service

Even law-abiding car owners sometimes need this service, as it may be necessary for familiar or close people who are not completely confident in their actions on the road. It is also recommended to pay all citizens with the state in a timely manner before visiting other countries.

Also check the fines on the car by car number is recommended for preventive purposes, because there are possible errors, typos or other negative non-standard situations. In order to resolve them in advance and not exacerbate the situation, it is necessary to periodically look into the network.

In previous years, there was a need to personally visit the traffic inspectorate’s offices in time to clarify the situation. Few had the opportunity to get through, for remote control of unpaid fines to the police.

Demanded traffic police services

Перед тем how to check fines on a driver's license online, необходимо зайти на сайт госинспекции. Понадобится выбрать соответствующий пункт с указанием услуги. Для получения актуального результата необходимо ввести в указанные графы государственный регистрационный номер транспортного средства и номер из свидетельства о регистрации автомобиля. После нажатия на виртуальную кнопку система попросит подтвердить запрос вводом капчи (нескольких случайно выбранных цифр или букв), а затем выдаст ответ на запрос.

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how to see traffic police fines

Important! Information on request on the traffic police portal is provided without additional registration or the introduction of addresses of electronic mailboxes.

Yandex service

Popular Russian search engine also gives useful information to registered users. Among other things, he will tell you how to see traffic police fines. Have to click on the link.

After the transition, you must have on hand a valid driver's license and a registration certificate for the car, which indicates its number. Yandex immediately offers to use the mailing list, thanks to which all data will be sent to the email or mobile phone specified by the user.

where to find the arrears of traffic police fines

Distribution will help save time and money. Also, thanks to the actual receipt of information, it will be possible in the same service to pay off the existing debt on traffic police fines. To do this, you can tie up any payment bank card to the wallet or replenish the wallet with the required amount.

Sberbank Online

Comfortable service is included in the services of the largest Internet banking in the country. Also through him it will be possible to repay the debt in due time. Checking unpaid traffic police fines through Sberbank takes a few seconds. You need to check its availability for your region.

how to check fines on a driver's license online

Money for the service is deducted from active accounts. Selects a search on the basis of traffic police. Information is entered with the driver's license number and the data on the certificate of registration of cars. After that, choose a card or account from which payment is expected.

Portal of state services

The state portal that allows to receive online services is available at the link: The service helps in obtaining a huge amount of social information. Also thanks to him it will be possible to break through the car for fines. Registration is required beforehand, which takes several minutes.

After all the formalities you have a personal account on a virtual resource. Through it, one can gain access to a variety of services, including overdue and current fines. The link to check on bases of traffic police is located on the main page.

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how to find out traffic police fines

You need to know that the characters of the license plate are entered on this resource without spaces.


In addition to the traditional Internet resources, newer types of control are being introduced. Young people often prefer different applications for mobile devices. Developers have met and offer to download such a program for one of the popular operating systems:

  • Apple device owners app;
  • Android device owners app.

When paying via mobile devices and terminals, it is recommended to order a check to confirm the progress of the operation. In some cases, you can make a screenshot of the screen.

For all cases of payment the possibility of reducing the fine by half. It is enough to pay for it no later than 20 days after registration. Thus, timely verification helps save significant amounts.