New 2018-2019 mitsubishi eclipse cross - mitsubishi eclipse

The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi, despite its former fecundity, has hardly been pleased with its products by recent developments. On the one hand, this is understandable: why change something that works so well and is sold out superbly? And everyone seems to be happy: the client gets for very reasonable money (Mitsubishi does not apply to car manufacturers of premium class) a quality car that will serve him for years; and the manufacturer - the ability to focus the efforts of our own engineers and designers on global tasks, without exchanging annual press releases about quasi-updates or the release of restyled versions. In practice, however, this does not always work: a potential buyer wants novelty, and a model, at least slightly modernized, will be bought up much better than an exact copy of last year’s version.

Photo: new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

Photo: new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018

However, in this regard, Mitsubishi made a thoughtful move, after several years of silence, reviving one of his most popular sports brands - Eclipse, the latest examples of which came off the assembly line in 2011. Such a solution will allow the Japanese manufacturer to attract a maximum of customers who still remember the old versions of Eclipse.

But there are some changes: the new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is no longer a coupe, but a mid-size (and much more spacious) crossover - hence, in addition, the addition to the name “Cross”. And, of course, talking about the new generation of Eclipse will be a mistake: we are talking about a new line of cars that have adopted the old name. How successful this experiment will be, it will become clear even before the summer of 2018: before this date, the manufacturer plans to begin sales in all existing markets.

Many drivers who are accustomed to driving cars are more wary of larger vehicles: pick-ups, SUVs or even crossovers. The reason is clear: the larger the main dimensions of the car, the more difficult it is to perform complex maneuvers on it and, consequently, the more experience is needed. It is most logical to start with crossovers when you are unsure of your strength, combined with the desire or need to move to a new level: these cars, in accordance with Western terminology, belong to the CUV or SUV class (everything depends on the manufacturer’s opinion), are characterized by the smallest size and therefore, most like cars.

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