Mercedes mclaren (mercedes mclaren) symbolizes its era

In the modern market of supercars there are a huge number of the most diverse offers, however, even among all this kaleidoscope of brands and models, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (or just Mercedes McLaren) is of great interest. Why is he so good? At least simply because it is extremely unusual in its design.

Maclaren Mercedes

For the first time this joint creation of Mercedes and McLaren saw the light back in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and since then has not been significantly modified (except for modernizing the electronic system and the most archaic parts about once every two or three years).

It is worth mentioning that this car is equipped with an automatic transmission - an unheard of case for supercars, which most of them use mechanical to emphasize the skills of the driver. That is why the majority of journalists in automotive publications call McLaren "supercar for casuals" or generally referred to the less prestigious class "super GT".

By the way, the Ford GT is subject to similar harassment, but for other reasons. On the other hand, this move allowed Mercedes to call the McLaren model “the fastest car with an automatic transmission,” and this title is still retained.

Mercedes Maclaren price

Currently there are several types of Mercedes McLaren. In addition to the classic version of 2003, in 2007, the public was also presented a new model, equipped with a 650-horsepower (not quite so - details below) engine, which allowed Mercedes McLaren to retain its title from the encroachments of Lamborghini and other competitors, who had already come close.

Also, a little later, an even more interesting model with an open body and soft convertible appeared.

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The last McLaren off the line in 2009. The successor model was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Overview of the exterior and interior of the Mercedes McLaren

The cooperation of the two companies at once was not in vain - Mercedes McLaren has become a real masterpiece, both in terms of appearance, and in terms of its “filling”. So, thanks to the McLaren designers, we managed to get rid of the typical Mercedes-style style that had already set the teeth on the edge, which, although it causes a feeling of high cost and comfort, but, alas, is absolutely not suitable for a GT-class car and especially a supercar.

Mercedes McLaren

Externally, the Mercedes McLaren is a "sleek" racing car, created with all the laws of aerodynamics. The classic color of the ruler is silver, but no one bothers to order a car of a different color (or, in extreme cases, repaint in any more or less decent auto repair shop).

A characteristic feature of the line is an elongated hood and a cabin shifted back, which made it possible to place a more powerful engine in the car. In general, the car resembles cars of the 50s, or rather racing “arrows”. However, the influence of the 90s is also noticeable, in particular in the form of doors and their frames, as well as in the general curvature of the body.

Mercedes Maclaren photo

The doors of the car are made in the form of opening wings, which saves space and, moreover, looks extremely stylish. In addition, this solution allows you to get out of the car, even when in normal conditions the door would be locked.

The McLaren hood opens forward, which at first glance is devoid of logic, but when you consider the fact that it is only the employees of the service station who open it, it looks like a stylish design solution.

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Maclaren Mercedes engine

The body of McLaren is made of carbon fiber (it is carbon fiber). At the moment, this is the standard for most supercars and super-GT cars, but it was this decision of the company that at one time caused a wave of indignation among its customers - Mercedes are known for their conservatism and they were expected to have a car made entirely of metal. However, after it became clear that this decision allowed to significantly increase the speed of acceleration and the maximum speed, the public became silent.

As for the interior, it is impossibly concise. The center console McLaren immediately attracts the eye, but apart from her in the car and there is nothing. The speedometer, tachometer and other sensors are located behind the steering wheel (controversial from the point of view of comfort solution, but the classic for the super-and sports cars). The console is made of aluminum, which (with the appropriate color of the car) echoes the exterior of the McLaren and enhances the sense of the sports orientation of the car.

Mercedes McLaren салон

"Stuffing" Mercedes McLaren

Up to 100 km / h this car accelerates in 3.8 seconds, which is almost a record for the class “super GT”. Of course, among the supercars there are models and faster, but they cost two to three times more expensive than McLaren and often suffer from “original design solutions.”

Maclaren Mercedes оснащен восьмицилиндровым двигателем мощностью 626 л.с. (Mercedes в своих рекламных объявлениях заявляла о 650 л.с., однако независимые испытания в среднем показывают результат в 626 лошадок) и пятискоростной АКПП. Максимальная скорость автомобиля составляет 334 километра в час (для модели 2007 года).

Maclaren Mercedes черный

The car engine itself has a central horizontal position, which allowed the McLaren balance to remain on the track, but at the same time, it is significantly undervalued relative to classic cars - this led to the fact that the center of gravity of the car is very low and, accordingly, improved its handling. Although the Top Gear team called the decision controversial, because, despite improved handling, the car began to feel differently and required some adaptation from the driver testers.

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Mercedes McLaren - a symbol of its era

Mercedes McLaren was a symbol of a whole epoch and it will definitely become a worthy “iron horse” for a young businessman or an equally worthy exhibit of the collection for someone who has already lost the desire to drive at extreme speeds.

The price of Mercedes Maclaren is 375 thousand euros. Each car was assembled by hand and is a work of art, which cannot be said, for example, about Mercedes Gelendvagen, the price of which is about 85,000 euros. You can hardly find a Mercedes McLaren in the free market, but no one bothers to buy a used version from the previous owner, who decided to change the SLR McLaren to the new SLS AMG, which replaced the entire lineup of Mercedes super and sports cars.

And here's a video about how Mercedes McLaren (and not only) drives on Moscow roads: