Self repair or contact the service station

Not the easiest and most pleasant procedure is to repair the car on your own. Especially if the car is relatively new and the repair must be approached with extreme caution and professional skills. Of course in the repair of the car on its own has its advantages. Firstly, do not pay mechanics to the service station. Secondly, gaining useful experience. But there are also disadvantages. Sometimes a novice master lacks experience and knowledge at certain points, and this can lead to even more expensive breakdowns in a car, where one cannot do without specialized craftsmen. Let's look at some of the nuances.

Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО

Availability of warranty - minimum problems

If the car is under warranty, then the car owner will hardly think about such a problem as "where to get funds for the purchase of spare parts and their installation." A car owner whose car is under warranty can easily turn to dealer support, after which all problems will be resolved as soon as possible. Do not forget that to lose the warranty on the car is quite simple. Even if you change it yourself, for example, a light bulb or a spark plug, such a car with 99% confidence will “fly off” from the guarantee. Is this good or not? It may not be always clear for a car owner, given the cost of spare parts and repairs, which are established by official dealers. There are also advantages in the overpriced services of dealers: - professional performance of all works; - representation of the guarantee in the future; - Parts will be installed only original.

Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО Of course, the cons are provided not only in price, but sometimes in the slowness of the work being done.

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Workshops "on the side"

Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО

It should be understood that the quality of the repair work carried out "Garage" workshop you hardly give. To date, the truly intelligent mechanics are almost gone in the "Garages". They go to work in large stations with a variety of repair tools and good wages. Workshops that work "on the road", after the work done, do not particularly think about the quality of their repairs.

Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО

The mechanics do not care at all whether you will return again or not, if you have returned, he will come up with a lot of breakdowns that are not supposedly related to what he himself had done before. In such workshops you will definitely be offered spare parts under the guise of the original, but they are still very far from the original.

Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО

Of course there are good third-party service stations. They have modern diagnostic equipment, have their own warehouses with truly original spare parts and their substitutes. They are worried about their reputation, and therefore will try their best to provide their services professionally.

Can I do everything on my own?

To prohibit repairing a car by your own means no one can prohibit you, but you must remember that any mistake will remain on your conscience. When repairing one part, it is possible to break another, respectively, repair will cost more. If, however, they decided to repair the car themselves, then it is necessary to have on hand a technical instruction for this model.

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Самостоятельный ремонт автомобиля или обращение в СТО

If your budget does not have much to buy original parts, you can always refer to the catalog of their substitutes. But do not pursue frank cheap. After all, as we all know, stingy, pays twice. When carrying out work, observe safety precautions, and good luck to you!