Top subwoofer rating for cars


Many motorists pay great attention to music on the road, for them, high-quality sound is one of the main components of ride comfort. Enjoy the full sound and feel the power of the bass will help the subwoofer, an important element of the speaker system, reproducing the low-frequency sounds that are not capable speakers. Determining the choice of the ideal option for your car is not so easy, given the number of offers on the market of audio acoustics from different manufacturers. A variety of models and variants of execution often only confuses the inexperienced consumer. In addition, considering which subwoofer is better to choose in the car, it is important not to forget about the features of the cabin. Therefore, the key condition for high-quality sound will be the choice of the right subwoofer, suitable in all respects for your car.

The best subwoofers in the car

Rating subwoofers for the car.

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Subwoofer selection criteria

To provide the best sound in the cabin, you need to seriously approach the issue of acquiring a subwoofer, and the price of the device does not play a primary role here. The cost of the purchase does not always meet the expectations after the installation of the speaker element. For comfortable listening to music tracks, it is important to choose the right model that allows you to feel the depth and quality of sound. In addition, the dynamics of your speaker system should be sufficient power. To understand how to choose a good subwoofer in the car, let us first analyze the characteristics and features of devices of different types and variations.

Appearance, size and shape of the device

Of course, the appearance of the device is not the main indicator of characteristics, but in the case of a subwoofer, before purchasing it, you must have an idea where and how it will be installed in the car. It all depends on the features of the cabin, so the size of the device definitely matters. Having decided on the location, we estimate the availability of free space for the subwoofer and choose the one that is suitable in shape and dimensions. The subwoofer can be designed in the form of a pipe or decorated in a square / rectangular case. Now let's look at the functional differences between active and passive type devices and see which subwoofer is better to buy into the car.

Active or passive

All subwoofers are divided into two types:

  1. Active sub имеет встроенный усилитель, он отличается простотой подключения, поэтому данный вариант больше подойдёт для пользователей, не желающих вести провода по салону и дополнительно приобретать усилитель. Устройства данного типа пользуются большой популярностью, хоть и стоят немало, но в качестве звучания заметно уступают пассивным сабвуферам. Active sub
  2. Passive sub удивит своими преимуществами при правильном подборе соответствующего по мощности и качеству усилителя, поэтому итоговая стоимость может оказаться выше, чем при выборе предыдущего варианта. Здесь опять же всё зависит от характеристик выбранной пары. Passive subвуфер не отличается лёгкостью монтажа и потребует более кропотливого подключения, поэтому при отсутствии соответствующих навыков лучше доверить дело профессионалам. Passive sub

Which sub is better to put in the car - still a matter of individual character. Personal abilities and preferences should be taken into account, as well as features of the car body, and they will play a crucial role in the selection.

Subwoofer Type

Structurally, subs are divided into several varieties:

  1. Closed(закрытый) — сабвуфер закрытого типа представляет собой корпус с отсутствием отверстий и динамиком внутри, пользуется популярностью благодаря небольшим габаритам, хорошему звучанию басов, но качество звука уступает другим видам сабов. Closed Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  2. Vented(with phase inverter). A constructive solution in the form of a pipe made it possible to get the depth of sound and good volume, the body has an opening for air. The only drawback of the device is the fact that its shape is suitable for installation not in every salon, as it takes a lot of space. Vented
  3. BandPass The subwoofer is located inside the case, the sound is supplied by an inverter. Such a sub can not be cheap, but it has the advantage of connecting without a crossover. BandPass
  4. RadPass (passive radiator) - sub with two subwoofers, each operating at a different frequency. The task of the second dynamics is to reduce the overall resonant frequency. Expensive device, rarely found in conventional cars. RadPass
  5. Compact Sub (Compact) is an inexpensive option, does not take up much space in the car and is easy to install. The sound is not outstanding, but it corresponds to its price segment. Compact Sub

Good acoustics in the car are not cheap, but at the same time the opportunity to get high sound quality is achieved not only by purchasing a decent subwoofer, all elements are important here, including speakers.

Subwoofer power

This parameter is one of the most important when choosing a device, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, the characteristics declared by the manufacturer are clearly overstated, so you should not rely on them completely. Superficially judge the power of the subwoofer can be on its dimensions. Naturally, one should not expect great opportunities from a compact device, but the characteristics of this parameter are not always relevant for use in a car.

If you are not sure which subwoofer to buy, give preference to a device with a power of 150 - 250 W, it will be enough for a good sound in the car. If you want to squeeze out even more bass from the acoustics system, it is better to install two sabas. To buy a device of greater power in the car is impractical. When purchasing a device, be sure to pay attention to the reliability of the manufacturer, even a high-quality budget subwoofer of a recommended brand would be a better option than an expensive, but low-grade box that does not meet the specifications.


Big brands that specialize in audio technology are not the first year, they will not sacrifice their image, saving on the quality of their products, so it’s better to prefer a proven manufacturer, so that you don’t regret buying. Kenwood, SONY, BOSS, Alpine Pioneer, Panasonic, Prology and other equally well-known brands have worked well in this regard.

Top subwoofer rating

Now you have an idea of ​​the characteristics and features of modern subs. For completeness, before purchasing a device, you should look at the rating of the best of them. The top 10 subwoofers in the 2018 auto include active and passive types of acoustic elements.

Active subwoofers

  1. Kicx ICQ 300BA. Open rating active subwoofer in the car from the company 250 watts Kicx. The dimensions of the device allow you to mount it in the interior of any car. The model is distinguished by its quality, high sensitivity and excellent low frequency speaker performance. At an affordable price, the benefits of a subwoofer are obvious. Kicx ICQ 300BA
  2. Pioneer TS-WX206. The device has a high level of reliability, compactness and excellent sound. A subwoofer with a sensitivity of 107 dB (W / m) and a power of 150 W will please the wearer with bass quality. The model is easy to install and does not take up much space.Pioneer TS-WX206
  3. FLI Underground FU12TA-F1. Two 12-inch speakers deliver great bass sound. Rated power is 600 watts, peak - up to 2 kW. Compact dimensions (12 inches) make it easy to install the unit on the back seat of the car. FLI Underground FU12TA-F1
  4. Alpine SWE-815. The ideal solution for small cars, compact model allows you to place a sub in any part of the car. Excellent sound, ease of control using the remote and high quality devices made the model very popular among motorists music lovers. Alpine SWE-815
  5. SUPRA SRD-T30A. The budget version with a capacity of 180 W does not differ in outstanding characteristics, but for its price it is quite suitable sub for lovers of travel with music. SUPRA SRD-T30A

The best active subwoofers do not fit into the framework of a single article, and the fact that not all worthy models have received attention remains a fact. In addition, demand is not always a guarantee of quality, most often due to the availability of goods and ease of use.

Passive Subwoofers

Consider the models included in the rating of passive sub-coolers:

  1. JBL CS1204B. The device is pleased with a nice price with excellent correlation with quality. The small size allows you to place the model in any cabin. Rated power Saba 250 W, sensitivity 93 dB. Favorably chosen pair will allow you to enjoy the sound to the fullest.JBL CS1204B
  2. Hertz DBX 252.3. A powerful sub with good sensitivity will not leave indifferent lovers of dynamic music. The model is distinguished by high sound quality and perfect bass balance. With a reasonable price, the subwoofer maximally reveals the possibilities of sounding with the condition of a correctly chosen pair. Hertz DBX 252.3
  3. Focal Performance SB P 30. The compact model with high sound quality is best suited for the salons of cars of any size. The cost of the subwoofer is not small, but quite justified. By working together with a good amplifier, you can achieve powerful, dynamic and deep bass. Focal Performance SB P 30
  4. JBL GT5-1204BR. The design of the case and durability of the speaker provide deep sound without background noise. The subwoofer is notable for its reliability, its dimensions allow it to be installed in the luggage compartment of the car. The device with a nominal power of 275 W copes with its function, but users, judging by the reviews, are not entirely satisfied with the price. JBL GT5-1204BR
  5. Pioneer TS-W304R. The rating, representing the best passive subwoofers for cars, completes the model of the famous brand Pioneer. The device is distinguished by reliability, like the rest of the audio equipment of the brand, pleases with an optimal ratio of price and quality. Pioneer TS-W304R

It is impossible to say unequivocally which subwoofer is better to choose; the key factors of influence will be the volume and design of the cabin, the material capabilities of the buyer, as well as the personal preferences of the car owner. When choosing a passive type subwoofer, great attention should be paid to the selection of an amplifier for it, because the wrong pair will not help achieve the desired effect of sound and dissolution in musical rhythms.