Lada vesta will soon be in mass production

Great news for fans of cars of domestic production, AvtoVAZ announced the release of a trendy car - new Lada Vesta, the mass production of which is expected from September 2015. But does this car really meet all the expectations of both the manufacturer and potential buyers? We propose to understand this.

new Lada Vesta

Technical characteristics of Lada Vesta

Since the car platform was developed taking into account the latest innovations, AVTOVAZ, having enlisted the support of the world-famous concern Renault-Nissan, created a completely new product in terms of technical characteristics. So, what is so unusual about the new Lada platform:

  1. The new platform, the name of which “Lada-B” will be applied to all Lada B-class cars. The warranty period for this platform should be at least 15 years.
  2. The steering rack, as well as the engine, will now be located on the subframe. This will make the steering response more qualitative and the body will be as rigid as possible. Thanks to these innovations, the vibro-comfort will increase and the car’s handling will improve.
  3. Slightly modified front and rear suspension. In the new Lada Vesta, the front suspension brackets are located on L-shaped levers and have a castor angle of 5 degrees. With regards to the rear suspension, they are borrowed from a foreign companion Renault-Nissan.
  4. A great option for the brake system. In the new car in front are disc brakes, rear - drum. This will shorten the braking distance and speed up the response of the braking system.

Appearance and design of Lada Vesta

Lada Vesta video test drive

On the Internet you can find a lot of photos of Lada Vesta 2015, so it’s easy to evaluate the design of the car. Steve Mattin, head of AVTOVAZ design studio, claims that the new Lada Vesta will become a conceptually new style of the long-familiar car of domestic production. Since not so long ago, the network appeared unlicensed photo of Lada Vesta, the manufacturer decided to formally present the design of the car at the Moscow Auto Show. You can also find photos of Lada Vesta on many automotive portals. There you can view and discuss other characteristics of the vehicle.

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Types of bodywork Lada Vesta

For a long time the manufacturer was silent about what version of the body the new car will have. But still, to avoid rumors and false information, it is worth noting that there will still be three options for the production of Vesta. The first to be launched on the automotive market is a sedan, then a hatchback will follow, and finally a wagon. By the way, work on the production of hatchback has already begun. Of course, the price of Lada Vesta will also vary depending on the type of body.

lada to take a photo

In February, a presentation of Vesta was made for all conceptual bodywork for a narrow circle of journalists, but, as expected, photo and video equipment was banned at this meeting. So even if you start looking video Lada Vesta, effective search you fail.

Security Lada Vesta

New Lada Vesta 2015 photo

One of the most important characteristics for which potential buyers choose a car is its safety. Therefore, this item we could not get around. AvtoVAZ tried very hard in this matter, so there are two types of safety in the car:

  • active safety Lada Vesta performed using the system package ABS + ESP Bosch new generation. The manufacturer assures that already in the basic configuration this security system will be sure, as for the luxury versions of Vesta, they will be additionally equipped with rear-view cameras that the manufacturer decided to install on the trunk of the car;
  • Passive vehicle safety will be performed depending on the value of the car. So, in the basic configuration of the budget version of the Lada there will be one or two airbags depending on the car model. In more expensive models 4 airbags will be installed. In addition to the front will be built and side airbags.
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Dimensions Lada Vesta

photo lada vesta

With regards to the parameters of the car, the manufacturer claims that the new Lada Vesta will be a worthy replacement for the well-known Lada Priora. Vesta in the parameters will be slightly longer, wider, and thanks to the new wheelbase - higher. By the way, it should be noted that the wheels in the new Lada Vesta will be "luxury" 16-inch. As for the body, then Vesta is characterized by the fact that the rear part of the roof of the car will be slightly raised. The benefits of such a change can be appreciated sitting in the back of the sedan, even during a test drive Lada Vesta. As for the size of the individual components of the car, they are:

  • dimensions of the sedan: 4 410 x 1 764 x 1 497 mm .;
  • wheelbase size is 2635 mm;
  • the track has a length of 1510 mm.

With regards to the length of the hatchback, the serial production of which is planned for 2016, this car should be the longest of the B-class series. The hatchback will be equipped with a spacious comfortable interior and possible transformation even in the basic configuration.

Engine Lada Vesta

The engine of the car is his heart. Regarding the engine for the new car, the engineers have tried their best. In Vesta, a range of engines will be installed that meet all Euro-5 engine standards, whose capacity will be 87 - 114 liters. with. The base motor in the car will have 8 valves. It should be noted that in addition to the production of AvtoVAZ engines, it is planned to install one Nissan engine in cars.

lada vesta nissan

For lovers of high speed, it is planned to release a sports line of the car - Vesta Sport. In this version of Vesta, the engine will have up to 140 liters. with., while the volume of the engine can be increased to 1.8 liters.

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Transmission Lada Vesta

The car manufacturer claims that Vesta with a Russian engine will be produced with two types of gearboxes - manual and automatic transmission. It should be noted that Vesta's robotic gearbox will come complete with a 106-horsepower engine. As for the engine of Vesta production of Nissan, it will work together with a 5-speed manual transmission and 5JR index. In order to see the work of the transmission of the new car, a video test drive Lada Vesta is available with a detailed description of the characteristics.

lada vest price

The cost of Lada Vesta

Of course, one of the most weighty arguments for buying a car is always its cost. So what will be price Lada Vesta? The president of the company, Bo Andersson, in the middle of 2014 announced the price of Vesta at 400,000 rubles. But due to the latest world events and the instability of currencies, the manufacturer is currently silent about how much the cost of a new car will be raised.

lada vesta

But in any case, it is expected that there will be a high demand for this Lada model, since the new conceptual solutions in the technical base of the car and compliance with the stated characteristics allow us to conclude that the Lada Vesta will be an excellent combination of price-quality.

And then a video about Lada West: