The best sedans in the opinion of car owners: rating from

The most common body types for cars are sedan and hatchback. That is what millions of people prefer. 4 doors provide practicality, comfort, ease of operation. Choose the best sedan possible, based on personal requirements for the car. Then the car will be the perfect complement to your driver.

There is another way to choose a car, for example, to study all sorts of ratings on popularity, reliability, operational properties. But no one can make a rating of the best budget sedans or expensive cars better than their owners themselves. The best assistant in choosing a standing sedan will be the reviews of real car owners who can tell about those or other possible problems with the car, the frequency of service visits, the operational properties in action, all the pros and cons of the car.

Based on the quantity and quality of reviews, the website was able to select the ranking of the best sedans, according to car owners.

The ratio of quality and reliability indicators, as well as user complaints, allows us to give an objective assessment of a car in any country. In the expanses of the fatherland, it is advisable to carry out a selection of budget sedans in the rating, which are common here. Not every world car is compatible with any roads, and also has dealers that sell parts for maintenance and repair.