Passing the medical examination for rights: what is needed

Each driver is required to undergo a full-fledged medical exam on the right. The health check helps to identify possible problems for a driver's license and does not allow people with complex mental illnesses, vision problems, etc., to drive.


  • 1 Legal side
  • 2 Do I need a psychiatrist
  • 3 Patient selection criteria

Legal side

How to pass a medical examination for drivers, you can learn from the legislative documents. One of them is the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 344, dated June 15, 2015. It regulates not only the format of the forms that came into effect in the second half of 2016, but also regulates the procedure for medical examination of drivers who are supposed to be admitted to the vehicle management.

The new order provides for the abolition of the previous procedure for the implementation of the survey and the introduction of updated standards when testing for intoxication from narcotic substances or from alcoholic beverages. The stage of the medical examination is also brought in line at the time of obtaining the next certificate after the expiration of the previous document or when making a return after the withdrawal of the certificate.

how to pass a medical examination for drivers

It is important to know that, in the prescribed manner, compulsory medical certification for people allowed to drive vehicles is carried out in order to identify medical contraindications or possible physical limitations for managing a vehicle.

Various medical institutions can inspect drivers for this regulatory document:

  • public hospitals;
  • private medical facilities;
  • profile clinics.

The admission to the implementation of such activities is the appropriate license of the established sample from government agencies. It must have permission to conduct the examination in the following areas:

  • general medicine;
  • ophthalmology;
  • medical certification for contraindications to the management of transport;
  • otolaryngology;
  • functional diagnostics;
  • neurology.

This list shows which specialists need to pass for a driver's license.

Do I need a psychiatrist

Traditionally, drivers must independently attend medical facilities to monitor health. It is not necessary to know which doctors are being examined at the right of memory. You can write this list in notepad and bypass them in the prescribed manner. From 2016 it is required to visit such specialists:

  • ENT doctor;
  • okulist;
  • neurologist;
  • duty therapist;
  • psychiatrist.
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what doctors are on the medical board for the rights

In the latter case, the specialist must be exclusively from the state medical institution. Attending to obtain the coveted signature of private medical clinics in such a situation is prohibited by applicable law.

You must make an appointment with a specialist at the place of temporary or permanent registration of the driver. Accordingly, it is enough to find out where the district psychiatrist is taking, and then go to the clinic. It is imperative that, in addition to the referral, it is necessary to take identification documents; the procedure will not be possible without them.

We will understand what is needed to pass the medical examination for the rights of a psychiatrist. The study will require at least two analyzes:

  • have to pass urine for identification of psychoactive substances;
  • you will need to donate blood to determine it CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin).

The latter is an internationally recognized indirect marker of chronic alcohol consumption and abuse. It compares favorably with such markers as ALT, AST and GGT, as it has high specificity and sensitivity, confirmed by numerous studies.

The Ministry of Health clearly determines that the collection of tests from patients in this category and the subsequent decoding for the psychiatrist is also carried out exclusively in the state clinics. Most often this makes the laboratory at the clinic. The rule concerns candidates for drivers and those who need to replace the certificate.

Patient selection criteria

Pass a physical examination for a driver's license is required by the established circle of persons. This group includes the following people:

  • persons who are candidates for drivers who do not have prior rights;
  • persons whose driver license has expired and need to be replaced;
  • drivers who are deprived of their rights for a fixed period, while this period has ended and they are required to provide the relevant certificate from the medical institution to the traffic police
  • persons who have a certificate, but received restrictions on medical contraindications relating to the management of the vehicle.

It is necessary to take into account that the procedures are paid and all expenses must be borne by the person who is being examined.

what you need to pass the medical board for the rights

The method of payment is regulated by the Ministry of Health. Payment is made to the established settlement account of the institution in any convenient way.

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For different categories of rights there is a separate list of doctors. It is somewhat different in the direction of simplification for certain categories of transport. If a check for “M”, “A”, “A1 ″,“ B ”, B1 ″,“ BE ”is ​​required, then besides a therapist and an ophthalmologist, it is enough to visit a psychiatrist and a narcologist. At the same time blood and urine tests should be given.

During the test for obtaining more serious categories of rights, which include "C", "D", "CE", "DE", "Tm", "Tb" and the corresponding subcategories with the unit "1", except for the above-mentioned specialists, the driver should be examined by the ENT and neurologist. Additional mandatory testing is the passage of head electroencephalography. Without this, it is not necessary to prepare documents for passing the driver’s medical examination.

It is important to know that when a psychiatrist identifies a candidate with established symptoms or syndromes that are on the list of contraindications for drivers, the person is sent for examination by a specialized medical examination.

It is forbidden to impose expensive and unnecessary procedures for visitors to medical institutions, including candidates for a driver's license. These unwanted procedures include the brain tomogram. This direction can be easily challenged in the higher instances or in the judiciary.