Future cars jeep, dodge and maserati built on the platform

Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) intends to use the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform in the creation of new cars outside the brand. It is reported by the American edition of "Automotive News", citing its own sources.

It is known that the new platform Giorgio, which was developed for use in the design of new Alfa Romeo, in the near future will become the basis for cars of other affiliated brands FCA. We are talking only about the brands Maserati, Jeep and Dodge, but in the future, their number may increase. Unfortunately, it is not reported which models will be built on this platform.

It is expected that the motive for making this decision was the desire to recoup in a shorter time the considerable price of creating this architecture and 2 cars built on its basis. This is a sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia and the first serial crossover in the history of the company - Stelvio.

Earlier it was reported that the new Jeep Grand Cherokee will be built on the Italian platform.