Terms of payment of insurance for ctp

Many motorists are reluctant to register with insurance companies to obtain a compulsory car insurance policy. However, such conditions for the use of vehicles with CTP provide more opportunities to resolve disputes on the road. This especially concerns the financial side of the issue.

All matters governing the amount or term of payment on OSAGO are stipulated in the relevant legislation. In the process of applying them on real cases, insurance companies conduct damage calculations to ensure the completeness of compensation.


  • 1 Regulatory issues
  • 2 Insurers liability
  • 3 Actions of the injured party
  • 4 Acceleration of the procedure
  • 5 The use of intermediaries

Regulatory issues

To secure payments for compulsory insurance, the car owner must provide the necessary documents to the company with which he has a contract. According to the federal law "About OSAGO" the term of payment of insurance compensation insurance in 2016 is a maximum of 30 calendar days.

Also, insurers have 5 days to carry out the necessary actions for the examination. This term is also prescribed by law. Unscrupulous companies are trying to delay their actions for 30 business days, but this is a gross violation and entails penalties in favor of the injured party.

what is the term of payment for CTP

In some cases, insurers provide verbal information about sending a payment. Such situations are easy to confirm with an account statement. However, it is necessary to take into account the rate of passage of funds through the banking system.

You need to know that in banks, non-cash payments can be received on the beneficiary's account after 2-3 days after sending the amount from the insurance company.

In this case, the timing of payment of insurance for CTP can shift for the recipient, but the legal entity has fulfilled its obligations, which can confirm payment receipts or payment orders.

Insurers liability

Not all companies are bona fide payers, so the injured party has the right to apply to the courts. There are fixed amounts that the state has established for the punishment of insurers.

You need to know that the insurance company is obliged to pay in full for every day delay.

what is the real term of payment for CTP in Russia

If the insurance does not pay the required amount for an OSAGO in time, then the daily fine in favor of an individual is 1/75 of the Central Bank refinancing rate. This information is enshrined in the Federal Law “On OSAGO” in Article 13. As of June 2016, this figure corresponds to 10.5%. This means that as a percentage penalty will be 0.14% per day.

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There is also a limit on penalty payments. They can not for insurers exceed the total amount of payments. Accordingly, the victim will receive a double refund upon delay.

Most often, problems occur in small companies. For systematic violations of the law, the regulator deprives the malicious defaulters of the right to insurance activities. However, revocation of licenses transfers financial obligations to the PCA, which also delays the process.

The actions of the injured party

There is a proven algorithm, according to which the driver is obliged to act in case of an accident or getting into it. You must complete the sequence:

  • an emergency stop sign is installed behind the car;
  • any convenient way to inform the traffic police about the incident;
  • the inspector who arrives is obliged to write out a ruling in which the perpetrator of the events will be indicated;
  • at the end of the collection of documents from the accident site, billing data, the injured party must contact the insurance company no later than the 15-day period;
  • insurers conduct field expertise and check the documents submitted.

what is the term of payment of insurance CTP insurance

For each case is conducted consideration in the company. Based on the data a decision is made. Usually, after its adoption in 1-2 weeks, the amount is on the account of the affected party.

Acceleration of the procedure

In reality, for many reasons, many companies are delaying in financing. In order not to get into such a situation, we recommend personally submitting to the traffic police a form with form 11 from insurers. In the opposite direction from the inspector, you can also independently forward the necessary documents to insurers. In this case, it is desirable to make copies of all the papers transferred to them.

The injured party is entitled to refuse the expert offered by the insurance company. In this case, will have to use the services of independent appraisers. Also, after the decision is made, the car owner may occasionally call his agent, interested in moving things forward.

what are the terms of payment of insurance for CTP

If all the provisional norms end, it is necessary to immediately go to court.

The use of intermediaries

Defending your rights can be entrusted to a professional mediator, which is not prohibited by law. In some cases, such cooperation with these companies can significantly accelerate the business or even raise the amount of the payment.

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Such organizations are able to provide such assistance:

  • legal advice;
  • ensuring the preparation and submission of documents to the court;
  • Appeal in court on the side of the injured party.

when the insurance does not pay on the CTP in time

This list is not limited, because in each case will have to negotiate individually.

The car owner can independently contribute to the investigation, showing interest in the process. It is not advisable to consent to the transfer of documents by mail. Also, do not go to meet the careless insurers, postponing the filing of an application to the court. If violations are detected, you must immediately contact the PCA and FSIS.