The best winter tires for crossovers


To improve traction and handling in winter conditions, special tires are used. Summer tires lose elasticity at low temperatures, and in frost they can become very tough and unsafe. In the winter tires are added special components that increase its elasticity. But we must remember that in hot weather, the tires will become too soft, handling will worsen, and the braking distance will increase. That is why for the winter and summer seasons you need to install a suitable type of tires.

Winter tires for crossovers

The article will look at how to choose winter tires for crossovers.

In Russia, a law has been developed that lays down the requirements for winter tires and the terms of its operation. Each manufacturer must provide a certificate confirming the type of tire.

Читать далее о лучших зимних шинах для кроссоверов-->При выборе зимних шин для кроссоверов нужно определить, будут они с шипами или без. Если зимняя резина ошипована, то она даёт большую управляемость и сцепление на ледяном и снежном покрытии. Но здесь нужно учитывать и температуру. Например, если зима суровая, и температура ниже -20 градусов по Цельсию, то на скорости шипы просто не успеют проколоть лёд, и в итоге сцепление окажется ещё хуже, чем на нешипованных покрышках. Кроме того, шипы создают шум, замедляют движение машины, а также увеличивают расход бензина. В некоторых странах шипованные покрышки даже запрещены, поскольку повреждают дорожное полотно.

Studless tires on slippery roads are inferior to spiked tires. However, on wet asphalt at low temperatures behave better. To make a choice, you must consider your region of residence and the weather conditions in which tires will be used.

For this reason, our rating of winter tires for crossovers is subdivided into studded and non-studded tires. For ease of comparison, prices for selected models are given for tires with a diameter of R16.

The best studded tires

The leading manufacturers of studded tires for crossovers are: Nokia, Good Year, Michelin and Continental. Next, we compare the best models of studded winter tires for crossovers of these manufacturers.


Финская компания Nokia является ведущей на российском рынке шин для зимы. Это лучшая зимняя резина для суровых погодных условий. При маневрировании на скользких ледяных трассах позволяют предотвратить занос, а на снежной дороге избежать пробуксовки.

В начале 2017 г. была представлена принципиально новая модель для кроссоверов Nokia Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV. По заявлению производителя она должна обеспечить надёжное сцепление как на дорогах, так и на бездорожье.

Nokia Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV

At the heart of the new tires are the following technologies:

  • Functional studing: various types of studs for the central and shoulder portion of the tire.
  • Soft contact with asphalt pavement: a spike load reduction system, a cushion layer and a bevel spike. Thanks to this form of load is distributed over a large area. All this leads to less impact on the roadway and noise reduction.
  • Coupling supports in the shoulder area reduce the swinging of the slats.
  • Increased wear resistance: aramid fiber is added to the rubber mixture of sidewalls, which strengthens the rubber, making it more resistant to tearing when hitting an obstacle.
  • New tread with a large number of edges in the center; 3D lamellas improve grip when maneuvering.
  • New eco-friendly rubber compound that allows you to expand the range of temperatures, resistance to tearing, wear resistance, elasticity and vibration damping, which leads to a decrease in the noise level.

The tire has a tread wear indicator showing residual depth, as well as an indicator of winter safety, which disappears when the depth of the groove is less than 4 millimeters.

The range includes more than 50 sizes, with a diameter from R16 to R21. The price for one tire starts from 7 710 rubles.


Continues the ranking of winter tires with spikes, the German company Goodyear, which is among the top three world leaders in the production of tires. It is constantly improving its technology, making tires durable, reliable and environmentally friendly.

UltraGrip Ice Arctic SUV

The Goodyear crossover model is called UltraGrip Ice Arctic SUV.

Distinctive characteristics, thanks to which it is worth choosing these winter tires for the crossover:

  • technology improved traction on ice and snow due to an increase in the contact area of ​​the spike with the road.
  • adaptation for deep snow cover: maximizing the contact area of ​​the tire thanks to an efficient system for removing melted snow and water, improved tread structure.
  • thanks to the cuts and notches on the grooves, friction increases, reducing braking distance and improving snow traction.


Another tire model that our rating recommends choosing for a crossover in the winter season is the Latitude X-Ice North 2+. Possible diameters range from R16 to R21.

Latitude X-Ice North 2+

The price starts from 7 500–8 000 rubles for one piece.

The advantages are:

  • Reduced stopping distance due to special rubber compound, which becomes more rigid at the base of the spike attachment when the temperature drops. With this, its enhanced effect on ice is achieved, which improves handling.
  • The outer layer of the tire is made of a special mixture that changes its elasticity depending on temperature. In frosty weather, rubber becomes soft, and in warm weather stiffness increases. This gives the tire versatility.
  • The double frame makes the sidewall of the tire and tread more durable, which makes them particularly suitable for heavy vehicles.
  • The tread structure is designed and optimized specifically for heavy all-terrain vehicles. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .


IceContact 2 SUV

IceContact 2 SUV

Many owners choose the winter model of studded rubber IceContact 2 SUV from the German company Continental for crossovers, which deserves the attention of our rating. The size range covers diameters of R14-R20, the price for a piece starts from 6 000 r. Benefits:

  • Lightweight spike design and more.
  • The optimal distribution of spikes reduces gliding and improves handling during maneuvers.
  • Optimized pockets around the spikes, in which ice chips are collected and then retracted, which allows for improved handling of ice.
  • Stepped slats increase grip on a snowy road.
  • Secure spikes to prevent them from falling out.

Winter non-studded tires rating

Выбор зимней резины без шипов более обширен. В рейтинге рассмотрим предложения передовых производителей, таких, как: Nokia, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin и Pirelli.


Передовой моделью скандинавской компании является Nokia Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV.

Nokia Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV

It is intended for use in a harsh winter.

The size range includes R15-R21, the price is from 6 500 rubles for one tire. Features of the tire are:

  • The rubber mixture contains microscopic crystals that improve grip, which is especially useful when driving on ice.
  • The rubber mixture of sidewalls is made with the addition of aramid fibers, which increases its resistance to rupture.
  • The teeth located between the tread blocks provide good traction on an icy surface when braking and accelerating.
  • Improved technology of the patented Nokia lamella-pump system, which allows to drain slush and melting snow, improving contact with the road.
  • Lamella enhancers in the shoulder and central part of the tire improve traction in changeable weather conditions.

Для менее суровой зимы можно приобрести Nokia Hakkapeliitta R SUV. Они также подходят для тяжёлых автомобилей, для движения по заснеженным трассам. Характеризуются хорошим контактом на мокрой дороге, приспособлены для резких изменений погоды и снижают расход топлива. Размерный ряд охватывает диаметры R16-R19, цена от 7 000 рублей.

Good Year

The choice of winter non-studded tires can be stopped on UltraGrip Ice SUV, which shows excellent performance both in dry weather and in snow and slush on wet asphalt.

UltraGrip Ice SUV

UltraGrip Ice SUV


  • Optimized for crossovers, traction and braking performance.
  • Special composition of the mixture with the polymer to reduce slip on the ice and snow road.
  • A special system of mutual adhesion of the tread and lamellae, which allows universal use of tires in both dry and snowy weather.

Available in sizes R16-R19, priced from 6 700 p.

Model UltraGrip 8 Performance is also suitable for crossovers and is designed for a more severe winter. It features an improved grip on snow and icy roads, fast removal of slush and water, as well as reduced fuel consumption. Available with a diameter of R16-R20, priced from 8,400 p. a piece.


For driving in winter conditions, Bridgestone has created the Blizzak range.


One of the models focused on crossovers is the BLIZZAK DM-V2.


  • Microporous rubber provides excellent handling in all weather conditions, effectively absorbing moisture.
  • The V-shaped tread pattern in combination with 3D lamellae allows for improved grip performance on icy and snowy roads.
  • Durability due to optimized pressure of each tread block.

The model has a wide range of sizes, including the range of diameters from R15 to R22, the price starts from 7,000 r.


For winter in mild climates, the French company offers Latitude Alpin non-studded tires.

Latitude Alpin

Latitude Alpin

Characterized by the following features:

  • Special tread pattern for lateral stability of the car, allowing you to maneuver on the rolled snow.
  • The drainage system with wide longitudinal channels in the center allows to improve the permeability of thawed snow.
  • Increased efficiency when accelerating and braking on a snowy road.

Designed to a greater extent for the conditions of snow and slush, rather than the frosty ice road. The range of diameters includes R15-R18, the price is from 8,500 rubles per piece.


The Italian manufacturer offers for the winter the Scorpion model range, where the best in performance is the Scorpion Winter. She allows to reach good controllability on snow and ice, and also not bad copes on a wet road.

Scorpion Winter

Scorpion Winter

Distinctive characteristics:

  • Symmetrical directional tread design improves traction on a snowy road and reduces braking distance. Also improves lateral grip, facilitating maneuvering.
  • Efficient water drainage with two or four grooves, depending on size, improves performance on wet roads.
  • The rounded shape of the profile allows to achieve good performance on dry roads.
  • The improved rubber compound improves braking and handling even at low temperatures, lightens the weight of the tire, and reduces fuel consumption.

The size range includes diameters from R16 to R22, the price is from 5 000 rubles.

These are the best representatives of models of winter studded and non-studded tires, designed specifically for crossovers. Studded Scandinavian tires are suitable for the harshest winter conditions. If you live in a region with a milder climate, it is better to choose European representatives in non-studded version.