How to slow down in difficult and normal situations

What can be difficult here? You just need to press the brake pedal, better in advance when an obstacle appeared. In case there are various systems such as ABS and ESP, then in general there can be no problems even on slippery roads. But most importantly, when braking - do not make sudden movements, especially in winter, on slippery roads. And in fact, that says it all, you can not continue. But still, there are still some nuances about which it is desirable to know.

sharp braking on the mechanics

By the way, road accidents happen very often in the city and beyond, with several cars at once, one after another. And the whole thing is that we must be able to correctly assess what distance in front of the vehicle in front, as well as the speed with which you go. But all this happens on the machine.

How to slow down correctly?

If there is a manual box in your car, then it is enough just to take your foot off the gas and the car itself will gradually stop, you will get engine braking. When the speed is greatly reduced, then you must immediately remove from the transfer, or include a lower, to continue engine braking.

kills not speed but sudden braking

But there is no special point in this. In general, it is enough just to take your foot off the gas, and watch the car slowly slow down, then you need to turn on the neutral gear on the box and the car will just roll, at this moment you just gently press the brake pedal, and closer to the obstacle, press it so that the car stopped completely.

It is good to brake by the engine when the car goes from a hill. The advantage of engine braking is that brake pads and discs will wear less, and fuel consumption will be less. But all this is a waste of time, by and large.

If it is necessary to slow down before a traffic light, then it is necessary to brake simply, as indicated above. It is possible to slow down like this: without turning off the gear, start braking so that the speed starts to drop rapidly, then turn off the gear, then press the brake pedal with moderate force, keep it under pressure and dampen the speed even more, and when the speed becomes very small it is necessary to dokatyvat to the traffic light or in front of the standing car.

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how to slow down

If the speed is not extinguished in advance, and near the traffic light, push the brake pedal strongly, then the nose of the car will slightly go down; And if passengers are sitting in the car, they will be slightly uncomfortable, they will begin to rock.

In the winter season, you should not stop abruptly in front of a traffic light or in front of a standing car, because the road can be slippery and during heavy braking, the wheels will slip. Therefore, in winter, 100% is better to slow down in advance.

In addition, it is useful to slow down in advance because a very fast rider can go behind you, who may not react to your sudden stop.

Тормозной путь и distance, которой желательно придерживаться

Everything is simple here, you have to go with such a distance so that you can easily stop the car, in case the driving car in front starts to brake sharply. To understand how long it will take to stop, you just need to know your car and feel how long it will take for it to stop.


To know your car, you just sometimes have to brake sharply, and watch how the car behaves during heavy braking. It is desirable to carry out such experiments in different road conditions, for example, on snow, ice, and on dry pavement.

According to the standard, if you go at a speed of 80 km / h, the stopping distance will be 36 meters. If the speed is 160 km / h, then the stopping distance is already 144 meters, it turns out that if the speed is 2 times faster, then the stopping distance increases 4 times. Therefore, for those who like to drive fast, you need to know that the pads and brake system must be in perfect order, because the effort will be placed on them seriously.

But in the process of driving it is not necessary to know how many meters the stopping distance will be. And even knowing how long the stopping distance takes is a waste of time. It should be by itself. The faster the speed - the more you have to press the brake pedal to reduce it, but you shouldn’t press very hard, because the front wheels will lock and the tires will start to wear off, and why unnecessary wear on the rubber?

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braking on ice

The main thing to fear is inadequate truck drivers who drive without cargo, because if they start to brake sharply, their stopping distance will be too small, even less than that of a passenger car. After all, powerful brakes are installed there, and without a load such a machine will be stopped by these brakes even easier. Therefore, if you do not keep your distance, and this truck begins to slow down sharply, it will not be a very pleasant situation. But there is nothing terrible in this either, it is enough just to maneuver it with a steering wheel, why should you brake at once? We must remember that the brakes came up with panties.

When driving around the city, you need to leave such a distance so that you can drive around in case of something, and not take it back. Therefore, you can become so that the wheels in front of the standing car remained on your hood. But here, too, there should not be any rules, it is necessary to look at the situation, and sometimes you can snuggle closer, so that a traveling motorist can understand that you should not blunt, and you have to go faster.

How to brake when turning

Depending on how sharp the turn to be. But it is clear that the steeper the turn, the speed should be less. The technology is still the same - it is desirable to reduce the speed in advance. It is necessary to brake the same as in the previous case. You can take a turn at speed, the main thing is to ensure that the car does not fly out of the trajectory, if it crashes, it means that you can slow down a little, you can turn the wheel more. In general, it is necessary to coordinate the movement of the steering wheel with the brake pedal.

proper braking

The main thing, again, is not to make sudden movements, because when the car travels in high speed along an arc, the outer wheels are more loaded and the inner wheels are less. Therefore, if you brake sharply, the car will quickly go into a skid, but if you slow down slightly, gently pressing the brake, everything will be fine.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult here, especially since we are talking about those machines that do not have additional security systems and helpers for the driver. But even if you drive the old VAZs or Moskvich, then with reasonable use of the brake pedal there will be no drifts and other troubles. Even if an obstacle appears sharply in front, it is enough to assess the situation quickly, start to slow down gradually, then stronger and stronger, if you suddenly see that a collision is inevitable, then you can simply steer off the unsafe trajectory using the steering wheel

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emergency braking

If we are talking about modern cars that have ABS and Stability, then you don’t need to think about the right braking, the system is smart and thinks for you, it can make a specific effort on a particular wheel. By the way, the ABS system is not as easy as it seems, if you suddenly start to brake on a slippery road, the system will not allow to lock the wheels, so the handling will remain, but you will not be able to brake, you will have to turn. Or to brake smoothly, the chip of the ABS system is that the wheels on a slippery road will not lock up with a sharp depressing of the brake pedal.

In general, the conclusion from this whole story is one - all movements should be done smoothly, both by the wheel and by the pedals. Even if you do not notice someone and begin to restructure smoothly, the driver whom you have not noticed will notice you and slow down or signal. But if you restructure dramatically, then there is less chance that the other driver will be able to respond correctly. The same with the brakes, if you press it sharply, then the car can enter, it will lose control and then not very pleasant consequences can occur. And if you press the pedal smoothly, the wheels will not lock and everything will be fine.

And then a video in which the driving school instructor tells how to properly slow down: