What car equipment more rational


The cars that manufacturers create can have a different look and feel. Usually, the salons offer basic equipment and the buyer himself can choose his own option, based on the resources of the car factory. You do not know which vehicle equipment will be optimal for you, consider the tips below. And it will be easier for you to give preference to one or another type of options.

As a rule, for each model offer up to 4 different options, including a variety of options. Most often, buyers choose the average package, as the base rarely matches the wishes of motorists, and the top one is the most expensive.

Каждый автолюбитель волен в выборе. В любом салоне вам предложат перечень различных опций, из которых вы и можете подобрать оптимальное соотношение цена – качество − комфорт. Но при этом следует учесть, что нельзя забывать о безопасности вождения и эксплуатации.Читать далее о том, как выбрать комплектацию для автомобиля-->

Basic (minimal)

The price indicated in specialized car dealerships, advertising and other offers reflects a minimum of options due to which the car moves, but does not have climate control, electric windows, car stereo, convenient rear-view mirrors and other necessary components. Even in this form it can be exploited, but this is not enough for comfortable trips.

Basic car equipment

Basic car equipment

This applies not only to the “weak” engine, but also to the quality of the wheels, the color of the bumper, and the good quality of the upholstery of the seats can only be imagined. And as a result, everything else needs to be paid extra. In fact, this is the skeleton on which you need to build muscle and skin.

Medium (Classic)

Such equipment is standard and it is the most common, since there is an opportunity to upgrade the car, but the price remains quite affordable. Usually, consumers choose this type in which they can be included (of course, for extra money):

  • Power windows (electric).
  • Power steering.
  • ABS.
  • Anti-theft system.
  • Airbags.
  • Acustic systems.

    Average grade car

    Average grade car

You can offer a complete set option in the auto shop. But you should not hurry. It is necessary to compare prices of sellers and manufacturers, since the stores add their trade margins and as a result, overpayment for the car can be significant.

Full (luxury)

The most complete equipment includes the use of expensive materials, clever speakers, expensive parts, a full set of airbags (the so-called full stuffing):

  1. The engine is the most powerful.
  2. Automatic transmission.
  3. The most modern suspension.
  4. Leather interior with expensive wood.
  5. Lift seat.
  6. Climate control.
  7. Navigator.
  8. Hatches for ventilation, etc.

    Luxury grade

    Luxury grade

Engine package

Engine selection goes in several directions: engine size and type (diesel or gasoline). Gasoline engines are more popular, they are cheaper, but their resource is lower. Also, the constant increase in the cost of fuel makes them expensive to operate.

Diesel have their pros and cons. The advantages include: the price of fuel, the best environmental performance. But such a complete set of the engine is more expensive and the power is lower than the petrol variants.

Engine package

Engine package

Car power depends primarily on engine size: the more, the higher. But at the same time we should take into account that these indicators have advantages at start and overclocking. This is especially noticeable in the urban cycle, when each stop (for example, at a traffic light or in a traffic jam) and the subsequent acceleration of the car we eat up a lot of time. But on country roads it is rather a drawback, the speed of movement still has a limitation, and the multi-engine engine "eats" an order of magnitude more. The same principle applies to transport tax: the larger the engine, the higher the tax.

Remember the updates. Some plants offer electrical Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru (can be charged from a special outlet), hybrid - combine in themselves two engines: gasoline and electric and gas engines. But such engines require special maintenance.


Accidents, unfortunately, happen, so you need to seriously consider the safety of the driver and passengers. Seat belts should be required. Ideally, airbags provide the best protection. It is possible to choose the most common: the front, which exist in the form of curtains and additional side.

You can order their installation only for the driver's seat (if the car is used by one person). But in this case, seat belts are also required for other seats. For families with babies, do not do without child seat anchorages. This is the most reliable form of transportation.

About safety in the car you need to think first

About safety in the car you need to think first

Now let's talk about the safety of the car: it is desirable to have a stabilization system, emergency braking and anti-lock brakes. Trivia, and the benefits are more than substantial.


It all depends on your preferences. Choose automatic or manual transmission. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Mechanical much cheaper, less break. But at the same time require certain skills in driving.



Although the automatic transmission will have to pay a large amount, they are convenient to use. But it should be noted that their service life is shorter, maintenance and repair in the event of a breakdown is quite expensive.

An interesting fact is that some motorists deliberately refuse to choose the automatic transmission, because they like to control all changes in the speed limit themselves. But this is a matter of taste and financial capabilities.

General view (design)

When buying a car, we acquire not only four wheels and a steering wheel, but also convenience, prestige and beauty. Therefore, the body kit should include chrome parts, they look more presentable.

The same can be said about the bumpers - the usual black plastic beauty will not add, while matched with the color of the body will give greater expressiveness. Separately, you need to talk about the paintwork. You can choose a standard paint, but manufacturers offer options for metallic, with mother-of-pearl overflow, which on one side leads to higher prices, on the other - beauty is guaranteed.

Tires and wheels

The base car offers conventional stamped discs. In contrast, cast:

  • Lighter.
  • Aesthetically beautiful.
  • Allow for more accurate wheel balancing.
  • Very durable.

    Car tires and wheels

    Car tires and wheels

Every kilogram directly affects the acceleration of the car and the overall fuel consumption. As a result of daily running costs. For comparison, imagine running easier in sneakers or berets.

We all know the quality of our roads and see remnants of disks on the sides of the road. As a rule, they are broken not by a blow, but as a result of a collision with an ordinary pit. Unlike plastic, alloy wheels are perfectly restored (polished) even after scratches. Well, the deformation of the bumps they are not afraid.

Rear view mirrors

In the base case, the calyx mirrors are usually black or dark gray in an unattractive color. The choice of color mirrors to match the tone of the machine makes it more harmonious. It should be borne in mind that these details are most of all, after the discs, are hit and chipped. This does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the stylish design of the car. It all depends on the case and driving style. In a bad scenario, you will have to change both stylish and ordinary mirrors.

Rearview mirror

Rearview mirror

Trivia, without which you will not pass any police post

The car before the first departure must be equipped in the correct way and have:

  1. First aid kit (special designed for these purposes) with a full set of medicines and available tools. Ideally, even if nothing happens on the road, in the case of a critical situation, it can save the life of the driver and passengers.
  2. Warning triangle. Preferably collapsible with light reflectors. A breakdown or accident can occur at any time of the day.
  3. Fire extinguisher. Comments are unnecessary (able to save not only your car, but also life).
  4. Jack and wheel wrench -Replaceable for spare wheel installation.
  5. Pump.
  6. Wheel chocks. Guarantee trouble-free production of repair.
  7. Deflector bumper improves the aerodynamic properties of each car (if such an option is offered, you can think about choosing it), especially when you get a crossover and want to give it a more impressive look.

The best car equipment does not mean the most expensive. Managers of car dealerships undergo special training and possess the technique of influencing a potential customer in order to offer and encourage the purchase of the most expensive models.

Video on how to choose a complete set for a car:

In order not to fall for the marketing "bait", you can apply the above data and with less cost you can choose the complete set that best suits your rhythm of life and needs. You can decide in advance which options are necessary and which ones will be just an unnecessary toy (for example, ordering expensive acoustics if you do not like music while driving), and only on this basis, make your choice.