Ninety thousand tesla model s respond manufacturer

Ninety thousand Tesla Model S respond manufacturer

The attitude of foreign automobile corporations to the life and health of their customers amazes the imagination of the Russian people. After all, in order to announce the recall of ninety thousand cars, Tesla’s leadership only had to say the words of a single European client, who spontaneously unbuttoned his seat belt. True, these words were stated in a statement on official letterhead, and, fearing that the belts would start to unfasten, the creators Tesla Model S decided to withdraw and check all the cars, from first to last, sold at the moment around the world.

And how did it all happen? A woman, chatting with a friend who drove up in her back seat Tesla Model S, turned to the interlocutor, and the belt independently released from the lock. Who knows, maybe the lady forgot to snap it, just thrusting it into the slot of the lock and the manufacturer had nothing to do with it. But here any doubts are interpreted in favor of the client. Here is a service! Ninety thousand Tesla Model S respond manufacturer Cars that fell under the service campaign were sold mainly in America and Europe. At the moment, the service centers have already checked three thousand cars. Tesla Model S, but experts did not find any problems with the front seatbelt. For ours this would be a reinforced concrete basis for the termination of the campaign due to the fact that, most likely, the case of a woman is just a single marriage, but teslovod nevertheless are going to check all ninety thousand cars. To all my customers Tesla Model S Company managers sent emails asking for immediate access to authorized service centers to check and fix the problem.

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As a result of this news, Tesla's shares lost five percent of their shareholder value, but the losses incurred by the management of the company are not considered more significant than the security of all their clients. Along the way, other test models were also organized: Tesla Model X and Tesla Roadster. Worried in vain. Ninety thousand Tesla Model S respond manufacturer The history of Tesla did not know such large-scale reviews. Last January, only thirty thousand cars were withdrawn. It was a case when they found problems with the electrical cable and charging adapter.

Tesla Model S have been selling for three years. Official deliveries to the Russian car market were not made, but only in the capital today these models are dissected by at least eighty pieces. Tesla Model S can be recharged once every 420 kilometers. This is a very significant result. But a year later, the developers want to create a car that will go twice as far from the last "filling" station.