How to use dokatku in the car

Every driver during a trip sometimes faces tire damage. In such cases, use dokatku - a reduced version of the spare wheel. Dokatka is a disc with a slope that has an uncomplicated tread.

Как использовать докатку в автомобиле

Usually a punctured wheel is replaced by a standard spare wheel, which is always in the configuration of every modern car. However, due to the fact that the stationary spare tire takes up a lot of space in the trunk, car owners more often use the dokatka, since its tire and disk are much smaller, providing economical fuel consumption. It can be stored in the engine compartment, niche luggage compartment or the bottom of the car. Drivers of off-road cars fix dokatka outside of a body.

Как использовать докатку в автомобиле

In addition, high pressure inside the tire (up to 4.2 atm.), Allows you to get to the tire at speeds up to 100 km / h. Mileage to dokatku designed to 5 thousand kilometers. Despite the simple materials from which the dokatka is made, it is easy to get to the nearest tire fitting.

Dokatki Terms of Use

Before installing dokatki should follow some rules to avoid negative effects while driving:

  • Dokatku need to put on an uninformed bridge car. If the car has a rear wheel drive, it is attached to the front axle. When icy, dokatku also better to put ahead.
  • Before driving, the electronic systems should be turned off if the dock has a diameter greater than 3 inches. In the opposite case, the electrical system of the car will block the wheels due to different coefficients of road clutch.
  • Dokatka must match the parameters that are set by the manufacturer of a particular brand of car, otherwise it will significantly deteriorate maneuverability and handling, as well as increase the braking distance. For example, if there are R15 wheels on a car, then a discrepancy in the amount of dokatki is allowed in 1 inch. Accordingly, you can use the size R.
  • Before driving, you must make sure that the accumulator is properly inflated - from 4.0 atm. This will avoid trouble on the road.
  • Как использовать докатку в автомобиле
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Using a dozer, drivers should be careful, since dokatka increases the load on the differential, which causes failures in the stabilization system of cars. Do not exceed the permissible rates of speed and mileage when driving with a dock to avoid serious malfunctions of the car.