How to arrange a sale of a used car

The rules for buying used cars in Russia changed quite often in the direction of simplification. How to buy a car with hands in 2016 - 2017, we will tell in our article. The way of purchase in this case is not important, this announcement will be via the Internet, in the newspaper or accidentally noticed printout on the slip with the phone number and the word “Sell”. Any of the options ends with the exchange of signed documents, keys and the agreed amount of money.

For most buyers, the purchase of a new car can be expensive, so you should familiarize yourself with the procedure for buying / selling a used car from both the buyer and the seller.


  • 1 Procedure at the conclusion of the transaction
  • 2 Vehicle history monitoring services
  • 3 Documentary reconciliation of vehicle data
  • 4 Registration of the contract of sale of cars
  • 5 Registration of the car in the traffic police

Procedure at the conclusion of the transaction

Some organizations offer intermediary services for such transactions with the selection of cars. However, you can do without such a service by doing everything yourself without intermediaries. New legislation allows you to leave the license plates of the car from the old owner. If the new owner has a desire to re-register the vehicle at their place of residence, the procedure can be completed at any time.

how to buy a car with it

Buying a used car

Due to the fact that the state numbers remain the same, there is no need to remove the car from the register. Transit numbers are not hung, it is allowed to travel with the old ones. Registration is possible in any near MREO, regardless of the region, it is enough to have all the documents for re-registration.

Before you draw up a contract of sale of the car, the parties prepare documents for the vehicle, the passport of the owner and buyer. In order to avoid the "negative past", it is desirable to check the car on open sources and databases. Only after these procedures can be carried out documentary re-registration of property.

The seller needs four documents: a civil passport of the owner with a passport to the vehicle, a certificate of registration of the vehicle and a compulsory insurance policy. All that is required of the buyer is a valid, not expired citizen passport.

Car history monitoring services

Having chosen a car suitable for all characteristics, you can do a documentary check of him and the seller for the absence of “pitfalls” in his history. The seller must submit only the originals of all documents.and no certified copies of anyone in this case are legally binding. All of them can be copied or photographed to conduct an online check.

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how to quickly buy a car with it

The first is to identify the citizen passport of the seller or buyer. To check it, go to the FMS page and enter the data. The database on this site contains lost, invalid or invalid passports. A guarantee of 100% verification will not give, but obvious inconsistencies can reveal.

Outstanding fines are also desirable to check, because in the future they may migrate to the new owner.

The operation can be performed on several Internet resources, including on the Yandex pages. On the traffic police resource for checking you need to enter the registration number of the car and information from the registration certificate. Update on this parameter is carried out fairly quickly, so even the recent outstanding penalty can be quickly detected.

how to buy a car with it

Even if the car is not in search, then the car may be subject to restrictions associated with the re-registration of transport. Therefore, you can buy a car from your hands like this, but you cannot issue it yourself. The lock on reissue can be set by the customs service, courts, social security agencies.

The reasons for which they will not be allowed to change the owners, may be different. To check them, go to the page and enter the VIN or chassis number. If there is an opportunity and time to visit the MREO, then there will also provide such data.

You need to know that today there is no official service for a global car inspection for collateral. There are separate bases with the registration data of some cars entered in them. Most often, these services charge a small fee.

how to buy a car with it

One of the most well-known sources of mortgage machines is resource According to the developers, he has information from two hundred Russian banks, which include about three-quarters of the entire pledged car market. Since this is a non-state resource, its information is used at its discretion. The cost of the request will be 300 rubles.

Documentary reconciliation of vehicle data

In order to properly arrange the sale of a used car, it is not enough to carry out virtual checks, it is necessary to verify the information from the documents with real inscriptions on the car. In the passport of the vehicle must be entered codes with the chassis and engine. For the accuracy of the information analysis can be carried out with the owner. Also in the papers there can be no corrections or traces of interference with these lines.

how to buy a car with it

Used car check

The problem with poor readability or noticeable welding of information slats into the car body can be an obstacle during registration of the car. In addition, the inspectorate has the right to initiate a case of such an incident.

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The confirmation of the authenticity of the vehicle for vehicles manufactured from September 2012 is a mandatory mark concerning the utilization fee. Without it, the document is invalid. Properly designed "paper" on the car contain in all copies of the name of the same owner.

If there is a completed service or warranty book for the car, then this will be a "plus". If there is an abnormal alarm or radio, you can also clarify the presence of documents on these options.

Registration of the contract of sale of cars

For registration of the contract, you must have three forms. They are all filled in the same way with the same pen. No corrections can be made in this document. Copies will go for the new and old owners, as well as the traffic police. All copies contain the same number, date and signers. Put the current date and location in which the transaction takes place.

how to correctly arrange the sale of a used car

Information about the buyer, seller and vehicle fits into passports. The following is the price of the car in two ways: in digital terms and written in rubles. When signing the contract, the parties exchange money, documents and cash.

Registration of the car in the traffic police

After settling issues with the owner of the car, it is necessary to settle relations with government agencies. Here the car owner is limited in terms.

You need to know that the buyer has ten days to re-register the car in the traffic police, if during this period the owner does not have time to complete the operation, you will have to pay a fine.

how to arrange the sale of a used car

List of documents for registration of the car

The former owner may apply at the end of the allotted time and control the removal of the car from the registration. If that is not carried out, then at his request the operation is carried out in compulsory order.

The state inspection, in addition to the fixed package of documents, will require payment, which consists of the following points:

  • New entry in the passport of the vehicle - 350 rubles;
  • Updated Registration Certificate - 500 rubles;
  • Payment for new numbers - 2 thousand rubles.

In MREO you can get payment details, and after the bank with receipts and documents you need to call back for re-registration. The last step in this procedure can take several hours.