Antirain - a wonderful tool for a car


Every car driver knows how unsafe is driving in inclement weather. When it rains and slush on the street, it is more difficult to cope with driving a car, as the grip on the road decreases. As well as water and dirt flowing in the rain from the car body, reduce visibility, reduce the field of view for the driver, the ability to quickly respond to the road. Of course, the driver includes wipers that help cope with the flow of water, but it does not always give the maximum result and safety.

Not so long ago, Anti-Rain products began to be produced for cars. Due to their chemical composition and strong air flow, raindrops are quickly removed from the windows of the car, which contributes to improved visibility and safety of the motorist on the road. In retail outlets provided a wide range of such goods. Let's try to figure out how to choose the right anti-rain for a car, so that it really meets your expectations, makes your trips as comfortable and safe as possible in inclement weather.

The result of using anti-rain

Anti-rain allows to increase visibility and increase the safety of a motorist in the rain

Features of choice means antirain for the car

Antirain is an agent that consists of polymers and silicone fillers. When applied to a glass or car body, it creates a super-thin invisible film that repels rain and snow. Anti-rain coating makes water drops on the car into balls, which are easily removed under the influence of air.

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Types of funds

Automobile anti-rain for glass can be provided to the buyer in the form of a liquid, which is applied with a cloth, spray can, napkin or sponge.

The most inexpensive are sponges and wipes soaked in anti-rain glass. However, the product in this form will quickly evaporate, because it is short-lived. This is an ideal option for those drivers who wish to try how the tool operates on their car in order to determine whether or not to buy it in the future, choosing the capacity of the product more.

Products in the form of a liquid are in wider demand among motorists. First, using a liquid, the driver himself can regulate the thickness of the layer applied to the surface of the glass and the car body. Secondly, it is very easy to control the amount of the remaining drug.

Anti-Rain Spray

The spray tool is very convenient to use.

The most appropriate solution would be to purchase anti-rain spray. This will significantly save its consumption, since special dispensers allow you to spray the spray with a uniform thin layer on the surface of the machine. And also, thanks to hermetic cartridges, the tool is protected from spilling and evaporation.

There are still expensive imported anti-rain products that have a nano prefix. Such products are disposable because they are sold in a glass capsule. Manufacturers recommend using this product for processing only front and front glass. Differs in fine quality and has a high price category. It has a long service life without repeated application of the drug.

Duration of Anti-Rain

Before purchasing products, focus on such characteristics as the duration of action. Most products are designed to protect your car from rain for several weeks without additional application of funds, namely before the first full car wash.

Однако, существуют препараты, которые могут защищать ваше авто от грязи, снега и дождя более длительный срок. Например, отличным средством является антидождь Pingo Erzeugnisse. Гарантирует срок службы до трёх месяцев без дополнительного нанесения продукта. Очень хороший антидождь Liqui Moly Fix-Klar rain deflector, применив этот товар один раз, вам не потребуется дополнительная обработка в течение шести месяцев. Это примерно пять или шесть полноценных моек вашей машины.

Anti-Liqui Liquid Moly Fix-Clear Rain Dispenser

Liqui Moly Fix-Klar rain deflector

Here it is necessary to pay attention to the moment of the proportional relationship between the price and the validity of the goods. The more expensive the product you acquire, the longer the period of protection of your car from precipitation.

Scope of use of antirain

Choosing products to protect the car from the weather, decide on exactly what parts of the car you want to process. Products have a different scope, there is an anti-rain for glass and for a car body. To make the right choice, carefully re-read the instructions for use.

Anti-rain for car glass is a product that is applied to the glass and mirror surfaces of the car. This product category can handle the windshield, rear, front and rear side windows of the car. More experts recommend its use for headlights and mirrors - it will help you keep them clean for a long time and will provide maximum visibility on the road and safety in inclement weather. Products protect your windows and mirrors not only from rain and snow, but also from icing in frosty weather.

Antirain for car body

You can also protect against rain and car body

If you want to process not only glass and mirrors, but also the car body, then you need to additionally purchase an anti-rain for the car body. For one body treatment, a bottle of products with a capacity of 50 ml is sufficient. The action of the means for the body is slightly different from the effect on glass surfaces. Products protects the body from the appearance of metal corrosion, and the paintwork surface from pollution. Drops from the rain flow down faster from the surface of the car. This product also has a different pricing policy depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the product and the duration of the drug.

Practical advice

  1. Remember that the maximum effect of anti-rain is achieved only at speeds above 60 km / h. At lower speeds or in city driving mode, the result will be lower, as there is not enough air flow for the fastest possible blowing of water droplets. We'll have to use additional wipers. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  2. Carefully read the instructions for the product, stick to it when using the tool. To get the maximum result, strictly follow the rules of applying the drug. Otherwise, instead of a transparent protective film on the glass and the car body, you can only get stains and no effect at all.
  3. Buy products that are designed for maximum service life. By purchasing a tool with a short life, you have to spend money again in a few weeks. Products from the middle and expensive price categories will be able to better protect your car from precipitation. Spending once, you can save money and time in the future.
  4. Get the goods of famous manufacturers. The leaders are Liqui Moly, BBF, Hi-Gear.

Let's sum up

Antirain for car windows has a lot of positive characteristics. Products protects your car from snow, rain, icing on the details of the vehicle. Comfortable driving in rainy weather is a guarantee of driver safety on the road. Anyone who has ever tried an anti-rain for his car will no longer be able to refuse it. The main task - to buy the best antirain, which is the most suitable for you and your vehicle. Do not buy the cheapest drugs - it's just wasted money down the drain. If you drive a car only in terms of the city - then the best option for selection would be products from the middle price category. If you mostly move on highways and highways, then it makes sense to decide in favor of more expensive goods.