Chevrolet tracker: what else is needed for confident driving

The new compact crossover from Chevrolet was presented at an exhibition in New York.

Chevrolet Trax 2014

Chevrolet Tracker built on the same platform, on the basis of which Opel Mokka was built, which is in great demand in Russia. Buick Encore was created on the same platform, which is rarely found in Russia, but it is very popular in the USA. The conceptual version of the Chevrolet Tracker crossover has appeared quite a long time ago, but it was only in 2013 that the American car appeared on the market.

In Russia, for the first time, Tracker appeared at the Moscow exhibition in 2014, although the name was slightly adjusted, in some countries this car is called Trax, and in others Tracker.

Initially, this crossover-SUV was produced only in Mexico and South Korea, a little later this car began to appear on sale in the markets of Canada, Oceania, Australia, Europe, South America and other countries, in total - 60 countries where this car is well known.

New Chevrolet Tracker

The creators are confident that this crossover will strengthen the Chevrolet position in the crossover market, make this brand even more popular and in demand. Of course, it is not yet known whether Chevrolet Tracker will be successfully sold around the world. We at the moment can only watch him from the outside, so then we will start a conversation about its advantages and disadvantages.

Exterior design

If to compare Tracker look with the Opel Mokka and Buick Encore, which, by the way, gained fame as the best crossover in 2013, Chevrolet Tracker it looks more modern and more attractive, it is distinguished by its original optics, slanting headlights, large stern, serious grille and wheel arches, emphasizing the muscularity of the car.

In general, the interior emphasizes the courage and solidity of the car, there are even notes of aggressiveness, it is clear that this model is more suitable for men. The concept of this model appeared in 2007, then he did not even remotely resembled the car that we see now.

Car Chevrolet Tracker photo

In the conceptual version were round headlights, like glasses, small mirrors made the car frivolous. Thus, the developers came to the conclusion that many details need to be redone in order to avoid failure already at the presentation. The result is a car that will definitely be able to create competition in its class.

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Габариты Chevrolet Trackerа allow you to confidently drive around the city, easily maneuvering in parking lots and on city streets. The length of the wheelbase is more than 2.5 meters, and the total length is 4.3 meters.

Interior Design

Inside, everything is quite simple, nothing expensive and unusual in it, in the cabin everything is modest and simple. The front panel adorn metal elements, and the dashboard is the same type as on a motorcycle. On the center console there is an information system with a display of 7 inches, there is also an entertainment system, and navigation.

Interior Chevrolet Tracker 2014

Despite its simplicity, the cabin is comfortable and spacious. Chevrolet Tracker in itself easily accommodates 5 people, while ensuring proper comfort for everyone. Although the car looks very compact, however, there is a lot of free space in the legs, and this is certainly a big plus. If you drive long distances, passengers and driver will not experience fatigue, and the trunk can hold a load of 530 liters, which is also important for long journeys with the whole family. If you need to carry a lot of things, you can roll the back row of seats, after which the luggage compartment volume will be equal to 1271 liters, while the floor will be even. Also in the trunk there is a double bottom and a few extra pockets for small things.


In terms of safety, the developers have worked hard too, despite the fact that the Tracker is a compact crossover, its safety is not inferior to serious large SUVs. Even in the basic configuration, 10 airbags were introduced: frontal, side, chest, knee and others. Also in the car there are three-point seat belts and various safety systems, such as ESC (electronic stability system), Hill Start Assist HSA (a system that helps while driving uphill, it also avoids rolling down when climbing uphill), anti-skidding, anti-lock brake system (ABS), a system that distributes braking forces.

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Chevrolet Tracker 2014

As it is accepted recently, the crossover passed the independent crash tests of the EuroNCAP committee and showed good results: protection of adult passengers was assessed at 91%, protection for children was rated 85%, and passage protection for 64%. Electronic assistants for the driver were estimated at 81%. In general, these are good indicators when compared with other cars of this class. As a result, safety Chevrolet Tracker 2015 model year was rated at 5 stars, and this is the maximum result, which means that if you purchased this car, you can be sure that the ride will be safe, otherwise everything depends on driving style and driver adequacy.

Possible modifications

Among the power units there is only one engine that can be equipped with this car - a 138-horsepower turbo engine of 1.4 liters, with a torque of 200 Nm. For such a car, the engine is rather weak.

For those who decide to buy this car will be possible 3 different configuration: LS, LT, LTZ.

Chevrolet Tracker

The basic configuration of the crossover contains the MyLink multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen display, a rear-view camera, a USB connector, and a start of the motor with a button. Despite its simplicity, the basic interior is trimmed with durable, high-quality and pleasant to the touch fabric.

In versions that are more expensive, leather is used on the seats, the steering wheel is also trimmed with leather, there is Wi-Fi and other modern functions like Siri on iPhone.

The exact price of these cars is not yet known, and depending on the dealer, they may differ. But according to experts, the basic version will cost about $ 20,000. At the same time, the creators of Chevrolet Tracker previously argued that the price of this crossover will be slightly lower than the price of the Opel Mokka, which costs about 710-730 thousand rubles.

Driving performance

A turbocharged engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters works in tandem with a 6-speed automatic, here, just like with a motor, there are no alternatives - only an automatic transmission. In the basic configuration will be front-wheel drive, but for a certain payment you can make it so that the car will be with all-wheel drive.

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Chevrolet Tracker Model Photos

It is clear that the off-road qualities of a compact crossover cannot be at a high level, but they can be rated at 4-ku, because the car can easily pass through gravel and dry roads, the ground clearance will allow it to be done fully. Another thing is that on the roadless dirt this crossover will be very difficult to drive, especially if only front-wheel drive is installed.

Так что, идеальная среда обитания этого кроссовера - улицы крупных городов, ведь именно там эта машина раскроет своей потенциал в превосходной степени, ведь для города как никогда кстати будут малый расход топлива и компактные размеры. Chevrolet Tracker - это маневренный и уверенный автомобиль и, если ему поставить более мощный двигатель, то вообще получится еще и резвый автомобиль.

Key Features

Developing this crossover, engineers took into account the wishes of ordinary motorists and their needs as much as possible, so the result was a kind of SUV that should appeal to many motorists who appreciate compactness, economy, maneuverability and low price for a car.

This is what you need for city driving. He has a male appearance, which will seriously complement a confident man, perhaps some women will also like this car. With regard to extreme driving, various pokatushek off-road, then this compact crossover is not suitable for these purposes, it is better to choose another car.

The following video allows you to make sure that the Chevrolet Tracker is sure to find its owner who will be happy to be driving this handsome man: