Do not start the car? check out the starter!

What to do if the car does not start?

 The reasons for which the car can not start, a huge amount. Today we consider one of the probable ones - there are brushes on the starter. It happens on foreign cars as well as on domestic cars.

You turn the key in the ignition, the lights on the dashboard come on and in theory the engine should start, but nothing happens. These symptoms are like a dead battery. It is worth thinking, what is the probability that the battery is dead? Of course, if the car in the winter stood for a month with an old battery, most likely it's in it. But if you are sure that there are no problems, it is highly likely that the matter is in the starter. The design of the starter provides graphite rods, which over time can wear out and wear off. This makes the contact worse and does not give the car a start.

Не заводится машина? Проверьте стартер!

Next steps

What are your actions? Here the options are as follows. The first - towing to the service station with a cable or calling a tow truck. Or you can save on an expensive tow truck and try to solve the problem on the spot. Note that this will help you start the car to get to the place of repair. In subsequent times, the car may not start, but it can work properly for several weeks. So it is better to eliminate the cause immediately and not to worry “will it start today?”.

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Не заводится машина? Проверьте стартер!

Reanimate starter

If you know where the starter is in your car, it's pretty simple. It is enough to move it or knock on it. The brushes will move a little and the contact will appear. It is best to do it together. One person sits in the car and holds the key on the support, while another knocks the starter a little. As soon as the brushes reach, the machine will start immediately. Take a long screwdriver, for example, and knock on the starter several times. Sometimes one push is enough to make contact. Of course, this can be done alone, it just takes a little more time. There are cars in which everything is sewn with plastic under the hood, or the starter is far below, and you cannot reach it. There are of course no options. Only towing.

Не заводится машина? Проверьте стартер!

Why are the starter brushes erased

Most often, brushes are erased on machines that often run. For example, training cars. Imagine how many times a student will start a motor during a class, after the car stubs in inept hands. The more you spin the starter, the more brushes are erased. Taxi drivers also face such a problem due to the frequent start of the engine in anticipation of the client.

Perhaps this information will help you save your money on the tow truck. Go immediately to the station of those. maintenance to avoid problems in the future. Have a nice trip and good luck on the road!