Rating of new cars worth up to 700 thousand rubles

The issue of buying a new car in times of financial crisis is not easy to solve. Some automobile concerns back in 2016 declared their categorical positions on the presence in the Russian car market, and some others are no longer willing to sell their products in our country.

Quite a few automobile enterprises have already stopped their activities for months, and someone has closed for good. Where to buy a new car for 700,000 rubles in 2017?


  • Domestic new cars up to 700,000 rubles
  • New cars up to 700 thousand rubles of foreign production

Domestic new cars up to 700,000 rubles

Well, if the Russian market was affected, let's start with a domestic manufacturer. In this part of the market, the absolute leader is the Lada Granta sedan with a starting price of 333,900 rubles (these are data from the official LADA resource). “Grant” already has an established reputation among Russian car enthusiasts. The car is sold in three basic versions: Standard, Standard, Suite.

1. Lada Grant

The initial configuration of this budget car is the Standard option. It is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine, developing 87 hp and aggregated with a 5-speed gearbox. The minimum set of equipment also includes mounting child seats, special locking rear doors, emergency braking system. spare wheel.

Lada Granta

  • Economical engine.
  • Inside the Opel Corsa installed sports seats for the driver and passenger. If this machine loses to competitors, it is the amount of luggage, two times smaller than on the same Solaris or Rapid from our list.

    Opel Corsa

    In this case, we have a car for 700 thousand rubles, which has passed the fifth restyling in a row. Standard equipment can be “revived” quite well in terms of design by installing the OPC Line option package for sports, and choosing a variant with automatic transmission for easy driving. “Korsu” is quite possible to recommend to those who want to have a new car up to 700,000 rubles, since the most expensive version will cost 630,000 to the owner. However, within this amount, there are enough better models.

    10. Renault Duster

    New car up to 700 thousand rubles in 2017 - Renault Duster. This is the last representative of the top, which contains the best budget cars. It is a modern budget crossover. Like some other new cars for 700 thousand rubles, it is adapted to the conditions of Russian roads.

    Renault Duster

    SUV Duster new generation features improved trim, new instrument cluster, as well as automatic transmission. This is one of the most expensive new cars with automatic gearbox up to 700 thousand rubles, since only the car in basic equipment is placed within these limits. Therefore, “Duster” occupies the last place of this top.