What are the limitations in the use of motor oils

Currently, the oil products market produces three types of oils:

  1. Mineral
  2. Semi-synthetic
  3. Synthetic

Differences in these oils exist. The basis of mineral oils are refined oil fractions from various impurities in the raw product.

Semi-synthetic oils

Synthetic oils add various synthetic ingredients that go well with oil. They contribute to the excellent operation of the engine in various extreme situations. Provide good start and operation of the engine at low temperatures, and in the summer period at high temperatures.

According to its characteristics, resistance to oxidation, lubricity, good starting qualities, they are far superior to mineral oils. They have a good effect on fuel consumption, and the oil change interval is much longer.

These oils are particularly used in "high-performance" engines with a high load operation.

Semi-synthetic oils

Semi-synthetic oils

Semi-synthetic oils – это смесь минеральных и синтетических компонентов. По своим характеристикам полусинтетические масла превосходят минеральные. Диапазон их применения – это средне-жёсткие условия эксплуатации.

The oil change interval is higher, unlike mineral oils. Well have shown at cold start of the engine. They have a good lubricating effect and create a more stable film when the engine is running.

Semi-synthetic oils When choosing oils, you should pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer and follow their instructions. High quality oils may not always come up, and often can even harm the engine. Much depends on the year of production of the car, its filters and all oil units are not adapted to the detergent additives of modern oils, they can simply fail.

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Semi-synthetic oils Domestic cars, which are not a dozen years, factory tests were held on mineral oils. Therefore, it is not possible to use synthetic oils. This may cause various damage.

Choose the oil for your car should be according to the manufacturer's instructions!