Volkswagen will create a hot hatchback league king

Volkswagen will create a league king The Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in the near September, will demonstrate many new products from the global automotive industry. Their number will fall and Volkswagen Golf R400positioned by manufacturers as the so-called "King of hot hatchbacks".

The conceptual version of this car was demonstrated a year ago during the Beijing Auto Show. It was a demonstration of the concept car that developers threw a tricky bait to study the possible demand for this, frankly, extreme model. Probably unusual car Volkswagen Golf R400 struck the imagination of many, once the automaker decided on its mass production.

The Volkswagen management promises to launch the “hot hatchback king” line by the end of 2015 - the beginning of 2016, in the absence of any force majeure situations. On the technical characteristics of the "car" here preferred not to spread, but knowing the features of the "stuffing" of the conceptual model, we can safely assume that they will not change much in the final version.

Volkswagen will create a league king

Under the hood Volkswagen Golf R400 most likely there will be a two-liter turbo engine, which develops the power of four hundred horses, which will work in conjunction with a nine-speed robot box with two clutches. Hatchback equip enhanced suspension and modified brakes, improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the body.

Volkswagen Golf R400 Series Model will be all-wheel drive. The initial proposal to develop only the front-wheel drive was rejected, since with such engine power, the load on the front wheels would be clearly excessive, and this does not allow to expect good handling from the car.

Pro speed characteristics the serial model Volkswagen Golf R400 we can speak, again based on the performance of the concept car, which accelerated to one hundred kilometers per hour in four seconds, and squeezed 280 kilometers per hour at maximum testing.

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Volkswagen will create a league king

ABOUT the price of the “king of hot hatchbacks” it was also said in translucent hints. But they clearly stand out the price tag of fifty thousand euros.