Range rover lwb - long version of the famous suv

The sale of the long version of the new Range Rover began in Russia much later than in America and Europe. Well-off lovers of the English Range Rover SUV can purchase an extended version of the SUV from 2014 onwards. "LWB" stands for Long Wheelbase (long wheelbase version).

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Such a car can afford really wealthy people, because the price of the Range Rover LWB is rather big and starts at 5,000,000 rubles. What is remarkable, the basic version in the standard body is 720 thousand rubles less than the price of the long version.

The main differences of the car

The main difference between the long version of the Range Rover is its length, which is 20 cm more than the standard version. Despite the great length, the car does not seem very unusual, but still the car looks harmonious and stylish.

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The rear doors of the LWB version are much wider, the wheelbase in this car is bigger. These were the most noticeable differences, the body of side mirrors are considered less visible differences, they are painted in a color that differs from the body color. There are also barely noticeable letters “L” that adorn the front doors.

In this car, the length - the main feature of the exterior.

Range Rover Long Weeelbase sizes:

  • length - 5.2 m;
  • width - 2.07 m;
  • height - 1.83 m;
  • ground clearance - 220.5-295.5 (thanks to air suspension).


Visually, the car looks solid, bright and charismatic. From all sides the car looks majestically, the long version retains the appearance of previous generations of Range Rover. Large wheel arches, straight lines in the profile, trimmed rear bumper at the bottom, for better throughput.

range rover lwb autobiography

With a longer body length and wheelbase, the exit and exit angles are not considered the strength of this car. As for patency, the LWB version is seriously inferior to the standard version of the SUV, and this is understandable, the long version is designed for representative purposes - to take the boss around the city, and not to cut it off-road.

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Headlights are equipped with a system of triple light sources - xenon lamps, LED strips, light guide tubes. Such a complex technology has allowed to get very beautiful optics. Taillights are also good, creating these lights, the developers used the most modern advances in the automotive field.

range rover leverage 2014

A very wide range of colors for the body - 16 different colors and a variety of different shades of enamel for the body - black, white, red, green and others. It will also be possible for the buyer to choose the color of the linings for the car doors. There is also a very wide choice between wheels. There are 7 different models of five-spoke disks of the 19th and 20th radius, there are large models with the 22nd radius with 6 Diamond Diamond Turned spokes.

Interior Design

In general, the interior is the same as in the standard body, the difference is noticeable in the rear of the cabin. In the long version for passengers sitting in the second row there is more space - you can comfortably decompose in a chair, stretch your legs and enjoy driving.

The designers of the interior design have foreseen such a moment as the replacement of the standard 3-seater sofa with 2 super-comfortable Executive Class chairs with a ventilation and heating system, as well as a massage with many different adjustments and settings.

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Rear seat back Range Rover LWB can be tilted 17 degrees; in the standard version, it can only be tilted 9 degrees. What is also characteristic of the long version is that a passenger who sits in the back can, with the help of a special console, change the position of the front seat.

These separate seats of the second row are equipped with adjustable backrest position, adjustable side support rollers. As for the price for this option, it will cost a lot - more than $ 10,000.

land rover range rover lwb

Finishing materials for this model is really very high. And their choice is very large:

  • 11 variants of skin color combinations;
  • 2 types of high-quality super-resistant fabric;
  • 4 kinds of suede;
  • 3 types of decorative wood inserts of rare species;
  • several options for carpet.
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Using the center console, you can deploy a leather table with cup holders, a cooling compartment and USB sockets. The light in the cabin, lighting for the legs and the light intensity can be easily adjusted, there are 10 different positions. There is also a panoramic glass sunroof, thanks to which freedom is felt and you can look at the sky.

range rover is salon


Range Rover Autobiography LWB for the most part equipped in the same way as the standard model. There are 3 options for the motor, air suspension with the system “Adaptive Dynamics”, automatic transmission ZF with 8 gears. Also, the Range Rover, by tradition, is equipped with the Terrain Response system, which optimally adjusts the permanent four-wheel drive, depending on road conditions. There are electric power steering.

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Power units

In the basic configuration of the Range Rover LWB is a 6-cylinder TDV6 turbodiesel with a volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 248 liters. with. There is a fairly high torque indicator - 600 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 210 km / h. Fuel consumption is low - 7.5 liters on the highway, and in the city - 11 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km. run

There is also a more powerful diesel engine SDV8 with a capacity of 339 liters. with. and a volume of 4.4 liters. Here are 8 cylinders. Torque is 700 Nm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is faster - in 7.2 seconds, the maximum speed is 218 km / h.

The most powerful engine for the Range Rover is considered to be the V8 Supercharged gasoline engine, with 8 cylinders arranged in a V-shape, the volume is 5 liters. Power - 510 liters. with., is reached at 6 500 rpm. Motor thrust is 625 Nm at 2 500 - 5 000 r / min. A car with such a motor accelerates to a hundred in 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed does not exceed 225 km / h. The fuel consumption of a car with such an engine is extremely high - about 25 liters per 100 km of the way through the city, along the highway - about 12.

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range rover long wheel base

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

A significant advantage of this model is a very high level of comfort, here is a general's landing, the car looks simply magnificent. Range Rover Long Wheelbase and standard Range Rover are examples of automotive art. Other advantages are the excellent dynamics of acceleration, excellent off-road performance, spacious and luxurious interior, modified with 2 separate rear seats - the highest comfort for passengers. Motor basic configuration - quite economical.

Among the minuses, it can only be noted that this car is impractical, its price is high, it is more than the standard version of the Range Rover, but the cabin can fit 4 or 5 people, although there is plenty of space in the cabin. Of course, this car was created for other purposes. Today in the executive class most of all sedans, so the long version of the Range Rover - looks like a white crow. But in any case, this car will find its customers, especially in Russia.

Next, a video test drive Range Rover Autobiography Black LWB, the price of which is equal to 8 200 000 rubles: