The japanese will put a new toyota sedan in the chinese car

Японцы поставят новый седан Toyota на китайский авторынок Soon on the roads of the Middle Kingdom, a new “four-door” Japanese carmaker company Toyota will appear. The car belongs to the Yaris family, however, it is significantly different from the European version of the model. Named as a new sedan Toyota Yaris L, this modification will be sold only in the Chinese car market. Yesterday, Japanese brand managers published on the Internet and print media the first photos of the new product without camouflage "makeup." To be even more precise, the model Toyota Yaris L in the Middle Kingdom sold for a long time, however, only in the back "hatchback". Today's novelty is a sedan and it is built on a platform. Hatchback Yaris L. The developers have redrawn the "pyatdverku" in the "chetyrehdverku" exclusively from the form. Content, as one would expect, without any improvements just migrated from the hatchback to the sedan. And really, why bother, because most buyers are more interested in the car body than its technical and technological equipment. The buyers of Yaris are not sportsmen-racers, not crazy youngsters, but Chinese citizens in average and respectable age. To get to the native rice field and bring home a couple of bags of grown crops - for these purposes, especially powerful and technological iron is not at all necessary. A format of a sedan, in terms of the Chinese, gives more status to the owner than a hatchback. And the Chinese love povazhnichat. Японцы поставят новый седан Toyota на китайский авторынок What became the size of the new sedan after the redrawing of its body from a hatchback to a four-door, is not yet known. Sly Japanese did not announce even approximately when they officially represent this novelty. Under the hood  The Toyota Yaris Sedan will be installed 1.3-and 1.5-liter gasoline aspirated, capable at the peak to demonstrate the power of 99 and 107 horses, respectively. This is exactly the same thing that stands under the hood. Toyota Yaris L Hatchback. Both engines can operate with either a five-speed manual or variable-speed transmission. Японцы поставят новый седан Toyota на китайский авторынок How much will the new sedan cost? Toyota Yaris L, the Japanese do not speak yet. It is known that the Chinese will have to pay more yuan for a sedan than for a hatchback. And the latter can be purchased from Chinese dealers for 70-105 thousand Chinese rubles, which in translation from our wooden ones will be from 641 to 963 thousand.

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And here is the new Yaris sedan without camouflage

By the way, Chinese hatchback Yaris L recently experienced restyling. The Japanese put him a new front optics on the LEDs and redrew both bumpers in a new way. The European version of Yaris recently received a new modification. Called her Toyota Yaris TPE (Trend Platinum Edition). This special version has a richer technological body kit and several additional exterior colors.