The chinese have published a photo restyled geely emgrand x7

Китайцы опубликовали фото рестайлингового Geely Emgrand X7

Managers of the Chinese car company Geely published the official photo restyled front-wheel drive crossover Geely Emgrand X7. This upgraded version is planned to be sold at first only in the home car market of the Middle Kingdom. In addition to the traditional design changes, the updated crossover also received a correction of its official name. Now it is called Geely Emgrand X6.

In the Chinese market "parquet SUV" Geely Emgrand X6 (in the Chinese market, it was known before restyling as Geely GX7, and in Russia it was sold and is still sold as Geely Emgrand X7) will start selling massively closer to the end of this year.

Китайцы опубликовали фото рестайлингового Geely Emgrand X7

It was before restyling

The model focused only on the Chinese market, is experiencing, thus, already the second modernization. The design of the model today is redrawn in accordance with the new corporate style of the brand. On the crossover, the front and rear optics were replaced with more modern versions, other bumpers and hoods were installed, the radiator grill was turned into similar to the one installed on flagship sedans Geely GC9.

Китайцы опубликовали фото рестайлингового Geely Emgrand X7

It became after restyling

Upgraded "SUV" Geely Emgrand X6 lost in length, when compared with the previous version, as much as fifty three millimeters. Now this figure is exactly four and a half meters. The wheelbase of the front-wheel-drive crossover did not change at all - 2 m 66.1 cm, as, however, the width (1 m 83.4 cm) and height (1 m 70.7 cm).

Under the hood of the Chinese version Geely Emgrand X6 They will install a new 1.3-liter gasoline engine, greatly enhanced by a turbine, which gave him the opportunity to demonstrate the power of 133 horses at the peak of his capabilities This low-volume, but "evil" engine is paired with a variable-speed transmission. The old 1.8-liter 139-strong aspirated from the set did not bring, it is the second in the engine range restyled geely emgrand x6. It works only with a mechanical transmission (pyatistup). The drive remained only the front one. Китайцы опубликовали фото рестайлингового Geely Emgrand X7 The Chinese will sell the novelty in their homeland closer to the end of this fall. They are going to supply a restyled Geely Emgrand X6 and the Russian car market. But while neither the timing nor the price is not called.

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Today in the Russian dealerships Geely is for sale Emgrand X7 after the first restyling. The Chinese brought it only in the beginning of spring, in the middle of March of the current year. Motor line of the crossover is represented by three petrol aspirated. One is 1.8 liters, the second is exactly two and the third is 2.4. They have the appropriate power of 125, 140 and 148 "horses." The first two engines work only with a manual transmission, and the third - only with an automatic transmission. Price list for basic equipment  Geely Emgrand X7 starts with 770 kilorubley.