Dodge challenger 1969 (photo) still pleases muscle car

Dodge Challenger 1969 in his years had a great success, because by the seventies, the honorary name of the most popular cars in America gained muscle car. Representatives of this class of cars were initially medium-sized, equipped with a very powerful engine, two-door cars for permanent use, designed for young people.

Dodge Challenger 1969

Ford Mustang, perhaps, is the most famous representative of muscle cars. Of course, this is a wonderful car, but there are other cars of this class and similar characteristics. Dodge Challenger 1969 - that is the subject of our today's story.

Muscle-cars from the moment of their appearance were considered very fashionable, and over the years, their popularity has only become higher. Russian motorists also liked this class of cars. But on Russian roads, muscle cars are a rarity, they are just units. After all, this is almost an unattainable goal - to be able to find the Dodge Challenger in 1969 on the go.

Where can I buy a 1969 Dodge Challenger?

If you have firmly decided that the Dodge Challenger will be yours, then you have two ways to buy the Dodge Challenger 1969:

Try to find it on the Russian Internet. Perhaps in one of the ads you read about selling a dream machine.

Dodge Challenger 1969 цена

If the first method did not succeed, then you will have to search for Dodge Challenger 1969 (photo below) on the global auction sites. There you will surely find what you are looking for, and the price of the Dodge Challenger 1969 will be about five thousand dollars. But do not forget that the car must be cleared! And in our country it is not cheap at all, it can cost you more than one machine cost.

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Specifications Dodge Challenger 1969

Specifications Dodge Challenger 1969 are different, and therefore there are also differences. Differ Let's remember what the inner content of this legend.

Dodge Challenger 1969 specifications

Characteristics of the Dodge Challenger 1969 depend on the configuration, and there are only three versions of the Challenger configurations:

  • Dodge Challenger Convertible, with a 6-cylinder engine, a volume of 3.7 liters and a capacity of 122 hp
  • Dodge Challenger with a classic roof, with a 5.2 liter engine, 155 horsepower
  • Dodge Challenger with a 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.6 liters with a capacity of 261 hp

Dodge Challenger 1969 фото

Each of these variations rear-wheel drive. They differ slightly in roominess, size and weight, but in general - are similar. The choice is yours!

Is it possible to tune the Dodge Challenger 1969?

We do not recommend touching the Challenger stuffing, change parts only if the original is completely worn out. After all, a decent replacement for what you take out will be difficult to find. Yes, and it is not advisable to change something in the technical part: the engine is powerful enough, it has good traction, the car’s handling is also at the same level, even hanging moderately hard.

Dodge Challenger 1969 Specifications

In addition, experts who know a lot about the Dodge of 1969, you are unlikely to find. Salon Dodge Challenger 1969 and its appearance, you can upgrade on your own, the main thing, as they say, do no harm. But if you strictly observe the style of the 70s, then a newly painted car will only please the eye. You can also put a larger diameter wheels, they will look great.

The strengths of the Dodge Challenger 1969

Dodge Challenger 1969 photo

There are many reasons forcing motorists for years to search for the Dodge Challenger 1969 (photo above). Indeed, at the time of landing behind the wheel of such a machine, you feel not only strength and power, you see not only the style and amazing design performance, but also soak through the spirit of the time when these cars were just produced.

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For this you can sacrifice the lack of the usual comfort that endowed with modern cars. Also, a little unusual at first will go with drum brakes, but with time you can get used to them. Another difference from the current car is that there are no lateral support in the Challenger seats, therefore, for some time after buying this car you will have to keep yourself in balance and not roll over on bends.

Dodge Challenger 1969

But all this is irrelevant moments compared to the unique sound of the engine, which you can only present to the present Dodge 69 years.

And now we will see how the Dodge Challenger 1969 (video) works: