Compare skoda rapid and kia rio


As is commonly believed - to each his own, including in the decision to purchase a car. However, given the market for the supply of this product, many are faced with a dilemma - what to choose? Let's compare the two models - Skoda Rapid vs Kia Rio. Let the main selection criterion be 1.6 liter engine capacity and the presence of air conditioning.

Skoda Rapid and Kia Rio - these cars are certainly worth each other

Skoda Rapid and Kia Rio - these cars are certainly worth each other

Несомненно, оба автомобиля имеют свой «козырь в багажнике». Тем не менее, чтобы не быть голословными, разберём оба автомобиля, указав на их плюсы и минусы.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Skoda Rapid and Kia Rio-->

Comparative external characteristics

Assembly. Both cars are assembled in Russia. Skoda Rapid in Kaluga, and Kia Rio - in St. Petersburg.

Body type Тут точно есть из чего выбирать! Если у Киа Рио есть седан и хэтчбек, то посмотрев на Шкоду Рапид можно заметить, что кузов этого автомобиля напоминает одновременно и седан, и хэтчбек. Этот тип кузова называется liftback и, несомненно, это находка у производителей Шкоды.

The Skoda Rapid car in the back of the liftback will appeal to everyone

The Skoda Rapid car in the back of the liftback will appeal to everyone

Trunk and total capacity. It is difficult to choose between Rapid or Rio simply because the difference is visible to the naked eye. The Czech car has a huge luggage compartment - 550 liters with the backs of the second row of seats raised. Moreover, if you drop these backs when there are no passengers in the back seat, the net volume of the trunk will increase to 1,500 liters. At the same time, the Korean competitor’s trunk provides only 389 liters of usable volume, while the manufacturer doesn’t specify the values ​​when the backs are lowered, but the difference in favor of the Skoda is easily noticeable. Nevertheless, the Rio also has its advantage - the surface of the trunk is easy to clean. Under the floor in both trunks easily fit the spare tire, while Kia while wearing a cast disk.

In terms of internal dimensions, both models are about the same, but it's worth noting that if the driver is tall, then he will be more comfortable in the Skoda Rapid. The fact is that in Kia Rio the driver will have to look for a compromise option - either on the steering wheel or on the pedals. Of course, this problem can be solved by selecting the necessary combination. In Skoda, everything is easier - the steering column is adjustable in height and on the flight.

Car kia rio доступен в кузове седан и хэтчбек

Car kia rio доступен в кузове седан и хэтчбек

In the rear seats in the Skoda it is somewhat more comfortable due to a little bit more space (which is especially important for tall passengers - the legs do not rest so much on the front seat), although for fairness it should be noted that the backs of the front seats are soft and do not interfere with the passenger legs in both cars . The angle of the back of the back of the sofa is more than in the Kia, which also contributes to the convenience of the passenger. There are lamps, two cup holders, handles on the ceiling and door pockets, while Kia has no door pockets, but there is one cup holder and a lamp. The glass in the back seat of the Kia does not completely fall. However, there is a plus - upholstery in the Kia is made of a material capable of self-cleaning.

If a third passenger appears in the backseat, he will be more comfortable in the Kia due to the lack of a central tunnel.

Equipment. Here the palm, no doubt, belongs to Kia Rio. Here you and alloy wheels, and six airbags, climate control, audio unit with good sound. Present and fog lights and electric glass. The same list is present in the Skoda Rapid, however, in a more expensive configuration. In the standard, there are only two airbags, and the wheel is put on a pressed disc.

Clearance. Externally, cars in this respect look the same, but it is worth saying that Skoda has it at 143 mm, and at Kia - 160 mm.


Specifications Kia Rio
Car model:Kia Rio
Producing country:South Korea (build Russia, St. Petersburg)
Body Type:sedan, hetčbék
Number of places:5
Number of doors:5
Engine capacity, cubic cm:1591
Power, l. c./about min .:123/6300
Maximum speed, km / h:170-190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.3 (manual transmission), 11.2 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:front
CAT:5 manual transmission, manual transmission 6 - sedan, 4 manual transmission, automatic transmission 6 - for hatchback
Fuel type:gasoline AI-92
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​8.5; highway 5.2
Width, mm:1700
Height, mm:1470
Clearance, mm:160
Tire size:185/65R15
Curb weight, kg:1100
Full weight, kg:1565
Fuel tank capacity:43

Acceleration to 100 km / h and maximum speed. In this regard, it is not possible to estimate the difference between these two cars, the values ​​are too close. For a manual transmission, these values ​​are 10.6 and 10.3 (Skoda Rapid vs Kia Rio), and for an automatic machine - 11.9 versus 11.2, respectively. The maximum speed is also close in value - about 190 km / h for both cars. So both cars are quite dynamic and feel confident on city roads.

Fuel consumption. In relation to the Kia Rio, these figures look like this: with a manual transmission of 8.5 liters when driving through the city and 5.2 liters on country roads, and 8.6 liters and 5.2 liters on an automatic transmission, respectively. For Skoda, these figures are 8.9 liters in the city and 4.9 liters on the highway with manual transmission, and 10.2 liters in the urban cycle and 6 liters outside the city with automatic transmission.

The volume of the fuel tank. Here the difference is quite significant. In the Skoda tank will enter 55 liters of gasoline, while in the tank Kia fit only 43 liters of fuel.

Specifications Skoda Rapid
Car model:Skoda Rapid
Producing country:Czech Republic (assembly Russia, Kaluga)
Body Type:liftback
Number of places:5
Number of doors:4
Engine capacity, cubic cm:1598
Power, l. c./about min .:105/5600
Maximum speed, km / h:193
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.5 (manual transmission), 12.2 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:front
CAT:5 Manual, 6 Automatic
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​8.9; highway 4.9 - for manual transmission, 10.2 - city, 6 - highway
Length, mm:4483
Width, mm:1706
Height, mm:1461
Clearance, mm:143
Tire size:185/65R15
Curb weight, kg:1155
Full weight, kg:1700
Fuel tank capacity:55

CAT. There is also plenty to choose from. Kia Rio is a model in different versions: there are five-and six-speed MKKP, automatic transmissions are presented in the form of four-and six-speed versions. For the Skoda Rapid, the transmission is available in two forms: a five-speed manual gearbox and a six-speed automatic.

Power. In this respect, the difference is noticeable - Skoda has only 105 horsepower under the hood, Kia boasts 123 "horses."

All other specifications you can find out just sitting behind the wheel of a car.

So what to choose?

This is what the test drive of both cars showed.

In the cabin of the Skoda Rapid

In the cabin of the Skoda Rapid

Noise insulation Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% The of both models is about the same and quite bearable, although you still have to raise your voice when talking with the passenger.

Despite the difference in horsepower, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h is about the same, but it is easier to drive a Korean car. This car has a lighter gas pedal, and if it is equipped with automatic transmission, then this very “automatic” will quickly select the right gear. In order to get the maximum acceleration on the Skoda Rapid, you will have to push harder on the accelerator pedal. There are hitch points on the Skoda's automatic transmission, because when switching down, the “automatic” is slightly delayed, but they will disappear in the S sports mode. However, the lack of a clear zero on the steering wheel of the Kia Rio creates some difficulties to hold the desired trajectory. Therefore, to feel complete unity with the machine and get a certain amount of drive from the drivers of the Korean car will not work. Nevertheless, on a flat road, Kia behaves quite reliably and generally makes fewer complaints about the quality of the roadway.

Video on the comparison of the Skoda Rapid and Kia Rio:

On country roads, the Skoda suspension behaves perceptibly tougher, which is quite unpleasant when there are large bumps in the road or, for example, at the junctions of overpasses. However, the presence of a clear zero on the steering wheel and better handling allows you to more smoothly and smoothly enter the turns and generally keep the trajectory of movement.

Issue price

Not the last role when choosing a car is played by its price, especially in the Russian realities.

In the car Kia Rio

In the car Kia Rio

If you want to have the same equipment in the Skoda Rapid, as in the Kia Rio, you will have to pay extra, starting with alloy wheels to fog lamps. But if there is a certain amount of money from Rapid, you can make a very decent car, which will actually be the same thing as in Golf, for example. In Kia Rio it is impossible to install parktronics, but there is a heated steering wheel.

In general, of course, Kia equipment is much richer than Skoda, but you should pay attention to the fact that the Skoda is a more family car. In the trunk you can put a lot more things, there will easily fit a stroller.

In favor of Kia says its cheapness. In terms of sanctions and economic crisis, this is significant. Yes, the sedan looks more impressive or something.

So, Rapid or Rio? So the choice is yours.