Nuances of the design of the dsbas in 2018


The operation of the car is allowed by Federal Law only subject to the availability of insurance. The compulsory insurance OSAGO operating in Russia provides a financial payment to motorists who have had an accident. The maximum amount established by the legislation for the issuance of insurance does not always cover the cost of repair and restoration work of the vehicle and the health amendment, and in an accident involving expensive foreign cars, it does seem ridiculous. Fortunately, in addition to compulsory insurance, there is an additional extension of DSAGO, which allows to extend the limit of CTP to the amount determined by the motorist. Insurance companies offer to draw up a policy together with the main autocitizen, as it has a number of advantages and is able to increase the payment for the damage several times.

Where it is better to arrange DSAGO in 2018

How to choose an insurance company в 2018 году.

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DSAGO: what is it

Insurance policy is made on a voluntary basis and does not replace any CTP or hull insurance. Interpretation of the abbreviation DSAGO sounds like voluntary insurance of civil liability. The contract is referred to as an extended OSAGO, so if the amount paid under the terms of compulsory insurance is not enough, then you can receive an additional payment of the additional policy.

Since this type of insurance is not compulsory, many have not heard what DSAGO is and why it is needed. The contract provides insurance of motor third party liability of the driver and assumes compensation for damages to the injured party. Material compensation does not cover the costs associated with the restoration of the car of the insured, such payments are provided for by the CASCO policy.

What is DSAGO

DSAGO directly depends on the basic compulsory insurance and cannot be made out in the absence of such insurance. The features of this agreement are the following conditions:

  1. Voluntary insurance is carried out in the presence of valid mandatory insurance OSAGO, and the term of the policy is exactly the same period.
  2. Tariffing is set by each company independently.
  3. The amount of material compensation varies from 300 thousand to 30 million rubles, a motorist can choose the required payment limit, the amount of the service cost will also depend on it.
  4. Payment is made if the CTP does not cover the amount of damage incurred to the extent that is not enough to full compensation for losses, but not more than the established limit.
  5. DSAGO involves only compensation to the injured party for the damage caused through the fault of the insured. Cash payments are not made if third parties are responsible for the incident.
  6. As a rule, the contract prescribes the deductible, the amount not paid by insurance, equal to the limit provided by CTP.

When making an addition to the autocitizen in 2018, the driver must remember that the cost of the service is not fixed by the Central Bank as opposed to the CTP, therefore it may differ in different insurance companies. When buying a policy with a payment limit of 1 million rubles, a vehicle inspection will be required.

Registration of the insurance policy

How to calculate the cost

The disbursement of DSAGOs is the difference between compensation for compulsory insurance and the amount to which the damage was caused. The type of payment for the service is established by the insurance company, and the cost is calculated:

  • based on the maximum limit of payment;
  • according to the formula by multiplying the coefficients.

So, approximately calculate yourself how much an extended OSAGO insurance costs, taking into account the following indicators:

  • TB - the basic rate, the cost of insurance;
  • PIC - coefficient calculated on the basis of data on the age and driving experience of a vehicle;
  • KTR is a parameter depending on the region of registration of the car;
  • KCC - the coefficient, which is calculated by the number of insurance claims due to the fault of the driver who draws up the contract. In the absence of those, it is equal to 1;
  • КМЩ - this parameter depends on the car's power;
  • KTKS - is used when miscalculation of auto insurance used as a taxi
  • KBN is a bonus that reduces the cost of the policy offered to regular customers.

The base rate for each insurance organization is its own, and it is not regulated by law, so the same car owner can be given drastically different prices in different agencies.

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What does it depend on

By purchasing an extended CTP policy, you can independently calculate the cost only approximately. The final price will be individual and depends on many factors, such as:

  • car make, year of manufacture;
  • vehicle engine power;
  • age and driving experience of the insured;
  • region of operation;
  • insurance limit;
  • the number of drivers recorded by the insurance;
  • availability of franchise;
  • contract time;
  • availability of additional services prescribed in the contract.

The average cost of the policy will be about 0.5 - 2% of the amount of the payment, the proposed contract. Having traced the dependence of payment on numerous factors, it is possible to significantly save money on insurance design. It is important to immediately find out exactly how the payment will be made, all these conditions are detailed in the contract.

How to save money

Having calculated the approximate cost of extended insurance OSAGO, orienting by what parameters the policy is charged, you can significantly reduce your own costs:

  • it is better to use the services of a company that was engaged in compulsory insurance, then, besides cash, you will also save time, and taking into account the fact that payments on DSAGOs are made after compensation under the main policy, damage compensation will occur much faster
  • the price of insurance will be lower if the car is registered in the region with the minimum indicator of KTR;
  • motor power up to 100 horsepower will also provide a reduction in one of the parameters of the calculation formula;
  • savings on the registration of the contract will largely determine attentiveness on the road: if you were not seen as the cause of accidents, and insurance payments were not made before, this fact will significantly reduce the price of the policy;
  • Having checked the tariffs of different companies, you can choose the most profitable for you, since the cost in different organizations can differ dramatically, up to 100%.

How to save on registration

How much is the policy of DSAGO and tariffs

The price list of voluntary insurance directly depends on the chosen payment limit, meanwhile different companies form tariffs in their own way. Consider the average cost of the policy in organizations that are trusted by motorists for many years.

Cost of DSAGO in RESO

An obligatory condition for obtaining additional insurance is the presence of a valid autocitizen registered here. The cost of the policy with a liability limit of 300 thousand will be 1,200 rubles, with a limit of 1 million - 2,400 rubles. The maximum payment provided by the company is 3 million, this option costs 5,400 rubles.

Cost of DSAGO in RESO

Price policy DSAGO Ingosstrakh

Enhanced OSAGO in the organization Ingosstrakh assumes compulsory insurance or CASCO previously issued by the company For a limit of 500 thousand, the amount varies from 1,450 to 2,150; a policy with a limit of 1 million costs 1950 - 2,800 rubles. Tariffs for DSAGO differ depending on availability of CASCO insurance and degree of wear of vehicles.

The cost of the policy in Concord

The policy is issued in the presence of a valid autocitizen. With a minimum limit of 500 thousand, the insurance price will be 1,800 rubles, the limit of 1 million rubles implies payment of 3,000 rubles, and the cost of the policy with a limit of 3 million rubles - 3,800 rubles. For large cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, the provision of services will cost much more, regardless of the organization chosen.

Features of the insurance policy

How to choose an insurance company

In order not to face the problems of insurance payments, choosing where to buy DSAGO, it is better to pay attention to large companies that have proven to be reliable service providers. You can issue additional liability insurance in the same place where the CTP insurance policy was purchased, which will allow you to avoid unnecessary red tape with documents and save money. Some auto insurers calculate the cost of insurance, taking into account the degree of wear of the car, so if the vehicle is used, the service will cost more, then it makes sense to pay attention to organizations that do not take into account when calculating annual fees this parameter.

Whichever company you choose to make a DSCPL, before you enter into a contract, you should make sure you have the appropriate license and check the insurance contract.