Audi q7 2016 with a new exterior design and beautiful

The long-awaited premiere, starting in mid-2014, in the category of premium SUVs is the presentation of a huge second-generation Audi Q7 SUV. The new Q7 was declassified back in December 2014, and the official presentation of the new Audi SUV was scheduled for January 2015 in the United States, at an exhibition in Detroit. After the show in America, Audi Q7 will be presented in Europe, at the Geneva Motor Show, but in the spring, then sales of this model will go full speed in European countries.

updated audi q7

The new Audi Q7 is built on a modern MLB modular platform, which Audi engineers have seriously worked on. This platform will form the basis of a new generation of Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg, even on the Bentley SUV this platform will be used.


The creators of Audi believe that the changes in the appearance of the Audi Q7 - evolutionary, that is, they are not so radical. If you look at photo Audi Q7 2016, it is clear that the appearance of the car has changed significantly, but at the same time, the Audi Q7 remained recognizable. That is, global changes in design and construction did not happen, so every motorist will not confuse this Audi model with any other.

Audi Q7 2016

In the appearance of this SUV there are clear lines and sharp edges that allow such a large car to look slim and sporty. Now in the exterior design there is no heavy weight and obesity, which were clearly present in the previous generation of Audi Q 7.

In addition, it is believed that the style of the new Q7 has become very similar to the style of modern Volkswagen cars, and this is understandable, Audi and Volkswagen have always closely intersected.

Immediately out of habit, some skepticism may appear with respect to the new model, but after a while you get used to the new design, after which the predecessor seems really huge compared to the Audi Q7 2016 model year. It is impossible not to notice the large grille that adorns the front of the car, it not only became larger, but also changed its shape. In addition, the lattice ribs are now horizontal, the machine as a whole seems more compact.

The front has been significantly modified optics, now the headlights, depending on the configuration, can be xenon, LED or matrix. Also in the design of the exterior, among other changes Audi Q7 2016 visible new bumper, raised sides with not very convex wheel arches.

new audi q7

Rear-view mirrors have become more, they provide excellent visibility, and they are also equipped with electric and heated. Thanks to the electric drive, it is very convenient to drive in the city through narrow streets, to park where there is little space. And the heating helps out great in the winter, when the mirrors are covered with ice, if you leave the car to spend the night in the parking lot.

Behind updated Audi Q7 2016 also looks harmonious thanks to clear lines, sharp edges and contours. Rear LED lights look stylish and elegant. The roof is collapsing, it smoothly passes into the rear spoiler, while the space above the head has increased by 2 cm. Also in the new Q7 there is an antenna in the form of a shark's tail, as well as nozzles for dual exhaust pipes, they are chromed attractive.

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Dimensions and weight of the car

If we compare the new Q7 with its predecessor, we can say that the new product is about 325 kg lighter. The basic equipment of an SUV with a gasoline engine weighs 1970 kg, and the diesel version is slightly heavier - 1995 kg. The mass of the car was reduced due to the relief of the body - the frame is made of super-strong steel, the technology of hot molding is used, and the wings and hood are made of aluminum.

Audi Q7 2016 kpp

The dimensions of the Audi Q7 2016 model year have slightly decreased compared to its predecessor, the length has become 37 mm less and is 5050 mm., The length of the wheelbase is 2990 mm, the width has decreased by 15 mm and is 1970 mm. The height of the SUV is 1740 mm. As an option, you can install an air suspension on the Q7, with which you can adjust the clearance of the car within 10 cm. With regards to the maximum clearance of the Audi Q7, it does not exceed 235 mm.

Design интерьера

The car's interior also received major changes, now there are a lot of improvements. Immediately noticeable new steering wheel, center console and instrument panel. Even the gearshift lever began to look more original and modern. The display of the multimedia system with a sliding mechanism is located in the center of the front panel. Its diagonal can be 7 or 8.3-inch, depending on the configuration.

audi q7 photo salon

As an additional option, you can install a fully digital instrument panel, the size of which is equal to 12.3 inches. This instrument panel was first installed on the latest version of the Audi TT.

Аудиосистема здесь установлена очень качественная и достаточно мощная - Bang & Olufsen на 1900 Ватт с 23-мя динамиками и 3D-звуком. Пассажирам, сидящим сзади скучать не придется, потому что для них открыт доступ к развлекательной системе, а также вмонтированные в передние сиденья 10-ти дюймовые планшеты.

Audi Q7 2016 salon

Of course, this premium SUV uses the highest quality materials for interior trim. Even the plastic that stands here looks beautiful and comfortable to hold. The salon was very ergonomic, the quality of its assembly does not cause any complaints.

In the Audi Q7 2016 model year, 7 people can fit, the seats in the third row are as full as in the second row, even tall and dense passengers can easily fit on these seats.

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Despite the reduction in the dimensions of this car, the free space in the cabin did not become less, but on the contrary, it became more, now in the new Q7 over the head of the front passengers was added 41 mm of free space, above the heads of the second row passengers it became 23 mm. more space, and between the first and second row of space in the legs was increased by 21 mm.

Audi Q7 salon

The volume of the trunk Q7 corresponds to the premium and practical SUV. Even if you use the third row of seats, then in the trunk you can put cargo, the volume of which is equal to 295 liters. And if you add the 3rd row of seats, then the trunk volume will increase to 890 liters, if you add up the second row of seats, then the luggage compartment volume will reach 2075 liters. It turns out the car, which will be as roomy as a van with a luxurious interior of white leather, wood and modern plastic.


For the European market Audi Q7 2016 model year will be equipped with 2 turbo 3-liter engines - diesel and gasoline. The diesel engine has a capacity of 272 liters. with., the torque of this engine is 600 Nm. Up to a hundred, a diesel engine accelerates the car in 6.3 seconds. Gasoline engine more powerful - 333 l. with., and its torque is 440 Nm. Audi Q7 c petrol engine can accelerate to 100 km / h in 6.1 seconds. These turned out great характеристики Audi Q7.

Despite the fact that the cars turned out quite powerful and fast, their fuel consumption is not high: the petrol version consumes 7.7 liters per 100 km of run in the combined cycle, the diesel version is more economical, its consumption is 5.7 liters of diesel per 100 km run But these data are declared by the manufacturer, in fact, the numbers may be slightly higher, especially since Audi Q7 (photo further) - this is a big and powerful machine.

характеристики audi q7

The creators of the Audi Q-7 promise that a version with a modest 2-liter TFSI engine with 4 cylinders will be released a bit later, the power of this engine is 250 liters. with., and torque is 370 Nm. It is also planned to equip the Audi Q7 with a particularly economical diesel engine TDI ultra with a capacity of 218 liters. with. and a torque of 500 Nm.

But for maximum fuel economy, the developers also promise to equip the Q7 SUV with a hybrid e-tron quattro, which will run a 3-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 258 liters. with. together with an electromotor with a power of 94 kW, with modern lithium-ion batteries. The total power from such a tandem will be 373 liters. with., and torque - 700 Nm.

Hybrid modification of the SUV will be very frisky, the first hundred of the car will dial in 6 seconds. In order not to spend money on diesel fuel, you can turn off the diesel engine and drive only on electric, the battery will last for 55 km. The developers say that the Audi Q7 e-tron quattro is the first hybrid SUV with 6-cylinder and all-wheel drive, which can be recharged using a simple outlet.

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audi q7 фото

Fuel consumption, according to the creators of this car, will not exceed 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers. But such attractive figures can be considered a marketing ploy to attract potential buyers, in reality, fuel consumption will be higher.

Among other technical innovations, this SUV will use an optional adaptive chassis. This means that when turning the rear wheels can rotate at a small angle so that the car is better included in the rotation. These wheels are used on BMW and Porsche, if the speed is more than 60 km / h, then the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction from the front wheels, and if the speed is less than 60 km / h, then the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front ones.

The all-wheel drive system has also undergone significant modernization - the inter-axle self-locking differential is installed in the gearbox itself, this made it possible to make this unit more compact. In standard mode, the traction is distributed as follows: the rear axle accounts for 60% of the traction, the front axle accounts for 40%, but with a special need the differential can transfer 70% of the torque to the front axle, or 85% to the rear axle. This is a very handy thing, especially when driving on this off-road.

Audi Q7

Advantages and disadvantages of an Audi SUV

There is some controversy over the design, but if you don’t go into them, there are no flaws in this car. The improved appearance of the Q7 makes the car easier, so we can say that we have the perfect car, at least as close to the ideal as possible. The main advantages are powerful and heavy-duty engines, which allow you to feel confident in the flow on urban roads, as well as on the roads, the car behaves very confidently.

The salon is another advantage, this car has more than enough free space, the ergonomics of the driver’s seat are superbly made. Also, the volume of the trunk is large, it allows you to carry a lot of things, it is more than ever by the way when traveling with the whole family.

Special minuses were not found, except for any personal preferences, so this car deserves the maximum rating, if you seriously evaluate this car.