We start the car with a pusher

All motorists were faced with a problem associated with a battery that was not running out of power in time. And unfortunately, it happens at that moment, when it is simply unreal to do without a car. But, probably, everyone knows that you can start a car engine with a pusher. And how to do it correctly, we now consider.


  • 1 Successful launch conditions
  • 2 Checking basic systems before launch
  • 3 Mechanics
  • 4 Machine
  • 5 Conclusion

Successful launch conditions

how to start a car with a pusher

To start a car with a pusher you need to invite assistants

First of all it should be noted that it is not always possible to start the car immediately. It is necessary to make sure that all the systems of the car are in good condition. In particular: the fuel system, ignition, brakes - all this must fully function. You also need to find one car that will perform the role of a tug in this situation. If this is not possible and the car is on a completely flat surface, then you will have to ask passersby or other motorists to help you. Before the car starts to push it will be necessary to specify the signals responsible for stopping the car. You can signal a horn, a hand gesture from the window or "blinking" headlights.

Those who have a carburetor car should remember that before starting it is necessary to pump up the fuel using the “gas” pedal (accelerator). To do this, quite enough 2-3 times to push the pedal to the floor. Owners of injection cars do not need to do this.

Checking basic systems before launch

If the car does not start from the starter during the cold season, then first of all try to warm the battery. To do this, remove the battery from the car and put it in a room with room temperature. At least 2-3 hours will have to wait until the battery warms up. This will help to restore the battery charge a little, even if you do not have a charger at hand. After heating, we put the battery in the car and try to start it.

If the start-up from the battery failed, then it is necessary to visually inspect the exhaust pipe and check its condition, this is especially important if the car stalled in winter. Under no circumstances should it contain snow, ice, dirt, etc. The ice signals frozen condensate, so starting the engine in this case will be very difficult. Of course, if you want, then you can try and do it, in principle, the important details of the car will not fail. If there is only snow in the exhaust pipe, just clean it and do not need to heat anything.

Frozen car exhaust system

It is not recommended to start the car if its exhaust pipe is iced up

Also open the hood and inspect the engine compartment. Check that all wires are in place and connected. First of all it concerns high-voltage wires, otherwise it will not work to start the car either from the pusher or the starter, in any way.

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Итак, how to start a car with a pusher, если вы владелец авто с механической КПП. При соблюдении всех вышеперечисленных требований, можно приступать к запуску. Для начала, нужно вставить в замок зажигания ключ и провернуть его. Следующим шагом будет включение «нейтралки» и подача команды буксирующему авто или толкающим людям о том, что можно начинать. В тот момент, когда ваша машина начала движение, выжимайте сцепление и включайте вторую передачу и резко отпускайте педаль сцепления.

If there are no problems with electrical equipment and fuel system, the engine should start. After that, again squeeze the clutch and if necessary slow down. At the same time, move the gearshift lever to the neutral position. To avoid trouble, perform all the above steps clearly and quickly. When your car’s engine starts, signal it to a pushing or towing car. Let's work the engine for another 15 minutes, this is necessary in order for it to warm up well and not stall again, as well as to charge the battery.

how to start a car with a pusher

You can try to start the car with a tug

And what should I do if the car starts up badly with a pusher? Quite often it happens that the first time from the pusher to start the car does not work. In this case, perform all the above steps again. This will have to do as long as the car still does not start. When the machine starts, do not forget to charge the battery, if you do not want to push it again. If the engine does not start - tow it to the place of repair and check all the units responsible for the operation and start of the engine.


Well, now let's discuss how to start a car with a pusher if you own a car with an automatic transmission? Almost all motorists say that for cars with automatic transmission, this type of engine start is strictly prohibited. There are objective reasons for such statements. All because the automatic transmission has a different principle of operation than the mechanical one.

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Starting the engine is reduced to the fact that it is necessary to create conditions for the transfer of torque to the car engine from the wheels using a transmission. The trouble is that the automatic transmission does not work when the engine is off, as only when the engine is running, the oil is pumped by the oil. In simple terms, when the car engine is not running, there is no connection between it and the wheels through the gearbox. Thus, when the vehicle is towed, the torque will not be transmitted to the car engine and the piston group inside the engine will remain motionless.

To start the engine run the following algorithm:

  1. When towing, you need to accelerate the car to 50 kilometers per hour. Without the help of another car is not enough.
  2. We drive at this speed for some time (just a few minutes) and switch the gear lever from neutral to “drive” (it is indicated by the D symbol on the gearshift knob).
we start the machine with a pusher

In theory, the automatic transmission can be started by driving a car in tow to 50 km / h and switching on the “D” position.

There is no guarantee of starting the internal combustion engine after this, and basically the crazy experimenters end up with a failure of the transmission. In other words, it’s almost impossible to start a car with an automatic transmission from a pusher. And if you want to avoid costly repairs do not risk better, but call a taxi.

Even for cars with manual transmission, it is dangerous to start the engine from the pusher, first of all, for some units of the vehicle. There is a possibility of a broken timing belt. This can result in costly engine repairs. For cars with “mechanics”, it is recommended to use this type of engine start only in the most hopeless situation, and not to use it at all for “automata”.


Now you know all the pros and cons of this method of starting an auto engine. Of course, few motorists are delighted with this method, but there are situations where it is impossible to do without it. Pay special attention to the electrical equipment of your car, as the "undercharging" of the battery can lead to trouble after a long parking lot. Well, if possible, keep your battery in a warm place.