Uaz will produce a new modification of the patriot

УАЗ будет выпускать новую модификацию Патриота

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is going to add one more modification to the line of the Patriot UAZ: UAZ 3170. The new Russian SUV will have a frame structure, four-wheel drive, but with the equipment and design, the designers promise to play a lot. It would be extremely ambitious to rely on a completely new model: the UAZ is developing rather slowly. It seems that something is hindering developers, finally, to pile a normal body, which goes in agreement with modern off-road design, even from the latest versions of the Patriot, which seem to be "reclaimed", no-no and a post-perestroika "chord" will pop up As the developers promise,  UAZ Patriot 3170 finally get rid of the artifacts of post-Soviet design, will get quite aggressive, in the spirit of the times and automotive class appearance. It remains to hope that this promise in fact will not be limited to cosmetic facelift of the front part and the stern, which have been issued as a restyling more than once in the history of the Patriot. But something is hard to believe in it. According to the designers, even the simplest equipment of the new UAZ Patriot will be richer than its predecessor by adding new functionality and software, such as driver assistants and a road sign scanner. It is impossible to speak about this unequivocally, since there are no concrete facts, but most likely the designers will opt for system Vision Adasequipped with a video controller and a camera. This system is able to scan and identify traffic signs, pedestrians, and markings, and constantly informs the driver about this, and if he does not pay enough attention to this, she can take control in her hands.

UAZ 3170 will get a smaller engine under the hood, but a bit more powerful due to the modernization. This new model will be released in a parallel thread with the latest version of the Patriot, who recently survived restyling. Manufacturers assume that the new audience will not be interested in the same audience that is interested in the latest Patriot. Today, at UAZ, work is being done to organize this parallel production.

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