What to choose: kia rio sedan or hatchback


Since that time, the famous designer of the Audi company Peter Schreier became the chief designer of Kia Motors, and subsequently the Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai-Kia), to determine which is better than the Kia Rio sedan or hatchback the buyer is very hard. According to the results of sales in 2014 Kia ​​Rio was one of the three best-selling cars. Kia Rio looks unusual in both body types, a prominent feature is the forward-looking silhouette, somewhat aggressively made front part and the decorative curves of the front wings. Each version of the body has both pros and cons, respectively, the buyer should initially decide for what needs the car is purchased.

Kia Rio: sedan and hatchback

The popularity of the Kia Rio is undeniable, but what body type is better: a sedan or a hatchback?

Distinctive features of body types

Sedan is the most popular model of the body, under the sedan understand the passenger car with a closed body. The car has two or three rows of seats that are separated from the luggage compartment. The car type sedan looks more representative and respectable. The main feature of the sedan is the presence of the body, which consists of two volumes, that is, the cabin and the luggage compartment are separated. The sedan body comes with two or four doors.

Читать далее о том, в каком кузове Киа Рио лучше-->Под хэтчбеком подразумевают тип кузова легкового авто, который характеризуется наличием одного или двух рядов сидений, немного более короткой задней частью, по сравнению с тем же седаном, и дверью в тыльной части кузова. Хэтчбек — это кузов одного объёма, то есть багажник и салон автомобиля представляют собой одну полость. Открытие крышки багажного отделения открывает доступ прямо в салон машины. Кузова такого рода бывают трёхдверными и пятидверными.

Respectability or sport

In 2011, with the release of the new Kia Rio version on the Russian market, the car grew compared with its predecessors not only in terms of size, but also reliability, nevertheless remaining in the same loyal price category.

Kia Rio in a coupé sedan

Externally, the front of the car will seem absolutely identical to you, but if you turn the car in profile and the differences will be noticeable. Sedan - respectable and aspiring, hatchback more compact and maneuverable. Both the sedan and hatchback are different from competing cars of the same class. Kia Rio is a small class car for small people.

It should be noted that even in the basic configuration model Kia Rio sedan is pretty well "packed", as evidenced by the presence of:

  • power steering;
  • electric window lifter;
  • air conditioning;
  • central locking;
  • airbags for the driver.

Hatchback lovers can purchase a car immediately in the Comfort configuration, which includes in addition a second passenger airbag, heated mirrors and the ability to adjust the seat height. Rio manufacturers offer drivers a hatchback, focusing more on those buyers who do not recognize the sedan in principle.

Kia Rio in the back of a hatchback

Difference in numbers

If we consider the differences between the sedan and hatchback Kia Rio in absolute terms, they do not seem so striking. The length of the sedan body is 4 meters and 37 cm, and the model with the body door has a length of 4 meters 12 cm. The remaining dimensions are the height and width of both cars are the same as the clearance of 16 cm. This gives an advantage to the shortened model in urban areas since the smaller the car, the less difficulty there will be when parking. The volume of the luggage compartment exceeds almost a good hundred liters of hatchback, we have 500 liters against 389. For the rest of the indicators, the proposed engine volumes and transmission of these models are the same. According to drivers, it can be argued that a car with a skewed auto body will behave more briskly under road conditions far from ideal than its counterpart in the classic body.

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Among the shortcomings inherent in models of Kia Rio, note the thin coating of the hood of the car, which sags literally when pressed with your fingers and the insufficient heating of the windshield.

Hatchback trunk

Flour of choice

The problem of choosing a car body becomes especially relevant when it comes to budget options. A car with a shortened rear part has an advantage over a classic sedan, and even more so before a wagon, in terms of greater freedom of maneuver in the city. It is more convenient to transport cargo in a hatchback than in a sedan, since the presence of a door in the rear of the car makes it easier to load or unload luggage. Among the drawbacks of combining the cabin and luggage part of the car is the penetration of cold air into the cabin when the tailgate is opened, the longer time required for heating the car in winter. Most often, a hatchback is positioned as a family-type car with the possibility of transporting oversized cargo only occasionally, it is not suitable for regular freight traffic. The model with a shortened rear part is preferable when parking in reverse, the dimensions are perfectly felt, and the curb does not engage. Also to the positive features include increased dynamism on the road and the ability to transform the inside of the car, folding passenger seats. An additional bonus is the presence of a rear wiper.

Test drive the Kia Rio sedan:

Тест-драйв Kia Rio in the back of a hatchback:

Choose but carefully

The problem of choosing the type of car body will be solved easily and simply, as soon as you clearly imagine what you need a car for, what functions it will have to perform. If you have a big family, a small child and you have to carry bulky cargo, such as a children's bicycle or your favorite aunt's washing machine, your choice is a hatchback. If you do not want the smell from the trunk to chase you all the way or you are accustomed to the classic profile of the car - your choice sedan.