How to choose a used volvo xc90


Volvo is a car that is produced for the thirteenth year in a row. And finally, his successor appears, but in this article I would like to dwell in detail on the operational capabilities of the old car, purchased in large quantities in Russia and around the world. A used Volvo XC90 will be the test car of our review.

Volvo XC90 car

Volvo XC90 car

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Minion of fortune

Volvo XC90 has a rather rich and successful market history. Immediately after the debut, the crossover becomes a bestseller, resting on the laurels of the winner almost until sunset. What are the reasons for such popularity and how did the seemingly not too expensive crossover manage to hold out on the conveyor for so many years?

Volvo XC90 car: rear view

Volvo XC90 car: rear view

To begin with, the answer to the question suggests itself. If the car did not go off the assembly line for so many years, it means there was a demand for it. That is the reason why manufacturers did not release a successor. The Volvo XC90 did an excellent job with its functions despite constant updates and upgrades to its competitors. Today, when a replacement has been prepared for the old champion, a massive release to the market of these very darlings of fate is expected. Volvo XC90 - a crossover, which recalls only the best.

Swedes have shown that they can make cars, aiming initially at quality. Although this was the first time they had created a crossover, the Volvo XC90 turned out to be an extremely balanced vehicle. It is interesting that, unlike most modern SUVs, including the eminent SUVs of the German “trio”, the Swede has a peculiar and different image. Positioned crossover while in the segment of luxury cars. To achieve this, big forces were needed. If you add to all this great design, excellent interior trim and obvious reliability, we see a real bestseller.

Modifications and motor series

Volvo XC90 was always produced in the five-door version with 5/7 seats. Initially, the crossover was aimed at the American market, where only cars capable of holding seven (a kind of family option) and endowed with a large eight-cylinder engine are respected. But this model found a place not only on the other side of the ocean. And here in Russia it has come to taste to many.

Volvo XC90 car: side view

Volvo XC90 car: side view

Вначале на Вольво XC90 устанавливали пятицилиндровые агрегаты. В частности, пользовался неплохим успехом такой двигатель на бензине объемом 2,5 л и мощностью в 210 л. с. Неплох был и 153-мощный дизельный вариант с 2,4 л. В нем функционировал турбонаддув, который отменно взаимодействовал с 5 MKPP и АGearbox. Что касается 6-ступенчатой коробки-автомат, то появилась она только в 2004 году.

Fans of the in-line six-cylinder engine of 2.9 liters with dual turbocharging received only 4 automatic transmissions produced by GM.

Already at the end of 2004, a 4.4-liter eight-cylinder unit appeared - quite powerful and interacting in a pair with 6 automatic transmissions.

Wide selection of used Volvo XC90 on the Russian market

Our so-called used car market today is able to present a wide selection of Volvo XC90 with various engine modifications. You can find specimens shipped directly from America or Europe. You can give preference to options that were previously sold to Russia and well preserved. The most preferable are the dealer versions, in which the previous level of interior performance and compliance with the brand's luxury image has been preserved. The ergonomics of the car can be called perfect in such dealer versions.

It is very strange that on the used Volvo XC90, imported from America, leather trim and seats look a bit frayed. For our experts, this is the undoubted fact that the speedometer in such instances is twisted without any constraint, and the actual mileage is just numbers, indicating nothing.

Saloon car Volvo XC90

Saloon car Volvo XC90

On the other hand, used Volvo XC90, regardless of the "place of residence", always perfectly equipped. Initially, in the basic version, this crossover was equipped with an anti-lock system and a dynamic stabilization system. In addition, 6 airbags were included. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, full power, climate control and much more.

Parse the used versions on the shelves

Now, about the motor series. Under the hood of a used Volvo XC90, you can most often see five- and six-cylinder engines. Although the 5V engines are the most common, but they do not tolerate heat very well, and because of this, the ignition coils fail at a cost of 2500 rubles. The thermostat (6 thousand rubles) sticks in such versions with time. Intercooler pipes may also crack over time, and in winter, due to oil separator deposits, camshaft cuffs may fail. Such engines do not have a hydraulic compensator in the valve drive, but it still needs to be adjusted periodically for every 150 thousand km, which costs approximately from 4,500 rubles. On the old Volvo XC90, the mesh of the fuel pump, which is located in the fuel tank, will also be hammered. It is not necessary to change it, but you can clean it yourself. But it also happens that the car was in use by a driver who is not familiar with the technique, and who himself did not follow anything. In this case, the build-up of deposits on the grid of the fuel pump will turn into real cement over time and you will have to buy not only a grid, but a new pump worth 8,500 rubles and above.

Technical data Volvo X C90
Year of issue20022010
Body typewagonwagon
Length / width / height, mm4800/1900/17404800/1900/1740
Wheelbase, mm28602860
type of drivefullfull
Trunk volume, l480-1560480-1560
Volume of fuel tank, l7272
Weight, kg1900/22561980/2330
Gearbox6 МGearbox/5АGearbox5 MKPP
engine's typepetrol, R5, turboтурбодизель
Working volume, cm325212401
Maximum power, l. with.210163
Maximum speed, km / h210185
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, s9,512,3
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km8,9/14,67,5/11,9

Looks better and safer six-cylinder version. A generator may fail here (the price of a new one is 14.5 thousand rubles).

As for the Volvo XC90 with an eight-cylinder unit, the bearings of the balance shaft wear out to the 100-thousandth mileage. At the same time, the guide pulley of the drive belt of a hinged equipment fails.

Looks more reliable and diesel 5-cylinder engine. But he is too picky about the quality of the fuel. In addition, he imposes strict requirements on the driver regarding cleanliness. The owner of this version will have to flush the valves and crankcase ventilation system every 40 thousand kilometers. And that is not all. Every 100 thousand mileage will need to still clean the gas recirculation system EGR. The electric motor also fails on such versions with time, as a result of which the turbocharger may also fail.

Теперь про коробки. Надежными можно назвать 6-ступенчатые МGearbox, но почему-то на подержанных Вольво XC90 они редкость. Или их все раскупили, или непонятно что, но встретить такие не всегда удается.

Here are automatic machines, for example, the AW55 series are very capricious. They were modernized in 2003, becoming a bit more reliable, but the hydraulic unit still “flies” over time. It is recommended on such a box regularly every 60 thousand kilometers to change the oil, at the cost of the entire amount of work from 8500 rubles, if done in the technical service. In addition, you will need to clean the radiator once every 2 years.

GM's four-speed automatic is even more capricious. The hydraulic unit fails after 100 thousand kilometers. The clutches and the torque converter withstand a little longer. On the other hand, such a box is inexpensive to repair and its full bulkhead will cost from 50 thousand rubles.

Overview of a used car Volvo XC90:

From automata, the most reliable can only be called the 6-speed version. In it, to 100 thousand km of run, the splines of the connecting sleeve fail and the XC90 a priori turns into a front wheel drive car.

As for the suspension, we will give it a separate paragraph. It is made in this Swedish crossover completely independent and is durable. Stabilizer racks and those rarely require replacement up to 80 thousand kilometers. Even at the first modifications of the Volvo XC90, the bushings of the silent blocks of the front levers were broken, but after the modernization more powerful bolts of fastening of these elements were used, thereby successfully solving the problem. As for rubber bands silent blocks, then they keep too long.


Volvo XC90, of course, the car is good and even used causes admiration. By purchasing it, you get high reliability, excellent quality, a large trunk and a rich complete set. On the other hand, remember that this crossover is somewhat expensive parts, and the car itself requires a high-quality car service. In addition, his patency, oddly enough, is rather mediocre.