Koreans published the first teasers restyled hyundai sonata

Корейцы опубликовали первые тизеры рестайлингового седана Hyundai Sonata

Modified in the process of restyling model Хёндэ Sonata a mass car enthusiast has not yet seen - a minus in karma to photo spies, which usually delight us before the officers, but using teasers published by Hyundai managers you can imagine a novelty quite accurately. As for this model, the manufacturer had its own plans, more precisely, with its replacement on the European, including the Russian car market, global model Hyundai i40. It is for this reason that the new Sonatas for Russians have stopped producing and selling. The clever men from Hyundai thought that Europe and us, sinful, would be more suited to a car with a different engine range and the presence of a five-door modification. Well, at least the Koreans did not cease in parallel with the new global model of the i40 family to sell and the unfairly "abolished" Hyundai Sonata, which in 2015 was bought over four hundred and fifty thousand-odd times around the world. In the newly-minted global model, indicators were eleven times smaller. And these numbers forced the leadership of the South Korean auto brand to change plans exactly the opposite. Now, no Hyundai i40 is a global brand model, and just Hyundai Sonata. You can’t argue with the buyer, you can’t impose what he doesn’t like, especially in exchange for something that has been bought up steadily and has not caused any complaints.

Корейцы опубликовали первые тизеры рестайлингового седана Hyundai Sonata

Donate the Sonata

The restyling has already passed the seventh generation of Sonata, and this upgraded version will arrive in European markets already this fall. The official presentation is scheduled for next March: either as part of the Geneva Motor Show, it will be shown, or left to the Atlanta Motor Show, which will take place in the mid-to-end of the month.

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Если судить по тизерам новинки, которые опубликованы на портале hyundai-blog.com, обновлённая "Sonata" внешне не будет выпадать из дизайнерского стиля других корейских новинок, в том числе  новопоколеного Соляриса.

Корейцы опубликовали первые тизеры рестайлингового седана Hyundai Sonata

Salon pre-reform Sonata

The car will be produced immediately in two versions - "standard" Sonata and "charged", with a turbo engine, referred to as "Turbo" and having more aggressive external data - another bumper, grille and optics. The result of the modernization of the Sonata are a new grille, modified both bumpers, a new frontal optics, LED DRLs and rear brake lights. In the charged version of the sedan - Turbo - the grille is borrowed from the expensive Genesis G80 Sport (if someone forgot, this is Hyundai's premium brand). How are things with the motor line, the Koreans did not mention. But here, probably, there is no need to wait for any major changes - this is just a restyling, not a change of generations. BUT дореформенная Sonata the Korean market has a 168-horsepower two-liter aspirated under the hood, two turbocharged engines: one 1.6-liter for 168 horses, the second two-liter for 245. There is also a 1.7-liter turbo-diesel, delivering a peak load of 141 hp. In addition, the South Korean sedan is available and a hybrid powertrain.

Корейцы опубликовали первые тизеры рестайлингового седана Hyundai Sonata

After changing the global model, Sonata it will once again be on our car market, there is information that dealers will start accepting orders already in September. Hyundai i40 will not sell more from us, but restyled Sonata will be collected at the Kaliningrad Avtotor.