Fifth air esca audi coupe drove to the russian car dealers

Пятая Эр-Эска Audi Coupe доехала до российских автодилеров The new all-wheel drive car has long been predicted to enter the Russian market arena. Now he has arrived, and the ruble prices for him have already become public. Fifth Air ESG Audi Coupe not for nothing called the most formidable Ingolshtadskim sports car. He was officially introduced by German managers at the last Geneva Motor Show. It is based on the latest version of the modular MLB “trolley”. Under the hood of the oil car there is a weak “armament” in the form of a nearly three-liter bicompressor six (2.9 l), migrated there from another nimble German - the second-generation Porsche Panamera. This is a full-weight four hundred and fifty horses and a six hundred-meter-long torque at speeds of two to five thousand per minute.

Cost of such a toy for street racing will be from five million fifty thousand rubles. Someone says that it is very expensive, someone appeals to the fact that, against the background of the rest of the family, the Es-Esok is not the highest price.

If, for example, look at the price list of the hyper-universal RS6 AvantPerformance with six hundred and fifty horses under the hood, or at the price tag of the megachatch RS7 Performance, with the same “herd” hiding under the hood, then they generally start the first - from seven million six hundred and sixty thousand rubles and the second from eight million. Пятая Эр-Эска Audi Coupe доехала до российских автодилеров But if we evaluate the basic assemblies of the main models competing with the fifth era of Audi, they are still smaller. So, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe (the motor produces 476 horsepower) starts with a “modest” four million eight hundred twenty thousand rubles, and the basic assembly of the BMW M4 (431 horses on board) will cost four million five hundred forty thousand rubles.

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True, both of these competitors are rear wheel drive, and man-robot Audi with its all-wheel drive up to a hundred flies in 3.9 seconds. The limit mark on its speedometer is 280 km per hour.

In the base brave-old Audi There is a start-stop system, a three-zone climate system, a leather interior, a multimedia unit with a seven-inch diagonal touchscreen, nineteen-inch alloy wheels.

Дополнительных опций немало. За дополнительную денежку покупатель сможет дооснастить свой суперкар крутой аудисистемой Bang&Olufsen, амортами, которые автоматически меняют жесткость в зависимости от грунта под колесами. Ну и, конечно, два пакета ассистентов - "Город" и "Путешествие".

Recently, the Germans also announced the price list for the newest 354-strong Audi SQ5 sport cross. It starts at four million one hundred thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, the Russian representative office of the Ingolstadt brand in the meantime recalls fourteen thousand Audi cars, since they found faults in the cooling system.