Test drive the new hyundai creta (hyundai creta-greta)

Test drive the new Hyundai Creta (Hyundai Creta-Greta)

Today we are testing a new Korean crossover - Hyundai Creta. The success of the Hyundai Kreta on the domestic market could be guessed from the way the Russians willingly bought the budget version of the Solaris sedan. But, in fact, everything turned out to be much better for the Korean group and buyers, and much worse for the Hyundai direct competitors.

The new Kreta is a typical car, crouching on the seat of which does not have that exciting feeling of the first purchase of a new car. There is no enthusiasm for the presentable look or the modern “filling”. But on the subconscious it is felt that already hundreds of thousands of motorists have firmly decided for themselves: “I take!”.

new korean crossover - Hyundai Creta

What do we know about the new Hyundai Creta?

At first, the journalists claimed that the Hyundai Creta was created on the basis of the Hyundai Solaris. But it is not. If you start searching for related models with the new Hyundai, then the Elantra model comes to mind, whose body was made by 53% of special strength alloys.

Creta has a considerable resemblance with its sought-after fellow Tucson - in this situation, the rear body part, as well as parts of the suspension and transmission. To emphasize the difference between the new Creta and Solaris, engineers note that on Solaris behind the rear shock absorbers are mounted at an angle of 45 °, and in Crete they were installed strictly vertically, which allows to increase energy intensity.

New Hyundai Creta

The new Kreta Hyundai is equipped with an engine of 123 hp, which has some differences in the construction plan from the Solaris engine, which also has a power of 123 hp. The difference, for example, lies in the phase shifter, which in Solaris is installed exclusively on the inlet, whereas on Crete, it is provided on the inlet / outlet.

Hyundai Creta engine

Настраивая мотор, производитель делал ставку на динамичность и расход топлива – чтобы сделать машину экономичной, инженеры снизили уровень крутящего момента. Несмотря на такие меры, эффективной данную меру не назовешь – New Hyundai Creta весит на 250 кг больше Соляриса, до 100 км/ч разгоняется на 2 секунды дольше и потребляет топлива на 1 л больше.

To adapt the new car to the domestic market, the Creta engines adapted to the AI-92 fuel. This development is not the only one that will delight Russian motorists. Among the huge list, you can also highlight the correct setting of the steering wheel, which gave the car excellent handling.

New Hyundai Greta 2017

Dynamics and expense

Conducting test drive new Hyundai Creta we could not fully explore the issue of dynamics, since we had less powerful front wheel drive representatives and more powerful all-wheel drive cars with automatic transmission as test subjects. In dynamics, there are no problems for both: when overtaking, the car behaves “obediently” and it is not necessary to “commemorate all the saints”. In maneuverability on the roads with heavy traffic, Creta has shown that she is able to maneuver and accurately rearranged. The 6-speed automatic transmission switches smoothly and quickly: during fast driving there are no problems with the lack of a sport mode and there is no desire to switch gears manually on mechanics.

test drive new Hyundai Creta

Testing the Hyundai Creta on the mountain slopes, we spent only 7.5 liters per 100 km of the road, not hurrying. In the mode of intensive driving at high speed, the flow rate can increase to 11 liters per 100 km.

Aerodynamics and noise

To buy Hyundai Kreta means to forget that on good roads during fast driving the car will rock the oncoming air flow - experts could not identify the moment of “squeezing” from Kreta at any speed threshold. As for the noise, they also should not be afraid - picking up speed, the noise level rises, but only the hum is heard, with the complete absence of whistles. Additional noise at high speed (if it appears) arises when the tires come in contact with asphalt. In this case, it all depends on the quality of the road surface and not on the aerodynamic qualities of the car.

Buy Hyundai Creta

Suspension Energy Capacity

Buy Hyundai Creta - means to choose a car with a stiffer suspension. This feature becomes noticeable almost immediately, driving through the seams on asphalt. Driving them at high speed is not very comfortable. It is attractive that in the protracted turns and during sharp maneuvers, it is no longer necessary to release the gas - the car will not turn and jump to the side.

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Hyundai Creta Suspension


I was pleasantly surprised by the electric power steering, which is included in almost every Kreta configuration (a classic hydraulics is installed on the “budget” version) - in combination, a weightless steering wheel + a stiff suspension, you can hardly find a similar car. This addition raises new questions - why add an option that only increases the price of the car? Using the example of Kreta, one can see that Koreans do not stint on technical improvements.

Office Hyundai Creta

According to many journalists, the steering wheel in a car lacks information content, but this option hardly worries an ordinary buyer who needs a good, high-quality car.

Off-road crossover - car behavior

To put it simply and concisely - off-road driving on Hyundai Creta is not recommended. According to such parameters as the angle of exit and entry, the clearance level above the road (according to official data - 190 mm, in fact - about 180 mm), in the course of both suspensions - the car is seriously inferior to the already traditional Duster and brand new “brutal” on the market - Renault Kaptur. On the new Korean crossover, you can ride across the field or overcome a stretch of loosened soil, rubble or sand. The only condition is that the surface should be relatively flat. A slippery or loose surface, even on a short descent or ascent, can be a real trap for the driver of Creta.

Hyundai Creta Crossover 2017

But, there is a way out of this situation. It is necessary to simply disable the function of the traction control and with stops, slip and other torments, you can wade through snowy wastelands and forgotten country roads, which are famous for mud and puddles.

A little about the ergonomics of the cabin

It would be naive to believe that the Hyundai Crete, whose price is below 1 million rubles, will have a luxury design. That is why you should not expect wooden inserts from mahogany and crocodile leather on the front panel. Plastic is everywhere. It will be a lot even if the buyer ticks the option “leather interior”. In the "leather" version of the skin will be covered with armrests on the front panels, steering wheel and all the seats. The plastic panel will be left in place. But despite the “cheapness” of the design in Crete, the Koreans did their best - the attractive textures and the feeling of Asian style wouldn’t turn out to be called “budget” and “cheap”.

Ergonomics Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta package includes the following devices:

  • Owners of all Kreta will be able to enjoy the buttons on the steering wheel, but only those who pay 50,000 rubles extra will be able to control the car’s functionality through the phone. for a package of additional options;
  • Regardless of the configuration, all side windows are equipped with electric windows;
  • The functional panel will also get only to those who will pay 50 thousand rubles. This panel has a rich functionality, attractive appearance and high-quality graphics.

Options Hyundai Creta

The multimedia system looks relatively smaller than it might have seemed on the presented pictures - there is no desire in it to tune something and to poke fingers into it. The screen is too small for a car sensor. As for the rear view camera, it will be installed only if the buyer decides to buy Hyundai Creta with an additional package of options (paying an additional 50,000 rubles).

Hyundai Creta Multimedia

If the electronic clock on the dashboard irritates almost everyone, then the Koreans managed the impossible - this device managed to fit in so well that they do not cause negative emotions. Perhaps the whole thing in design and size.

Prices for Hyundai Kreta are due to budget - the low cost of materials and fillings made the crossover affordable. If we take into account the appearance of the car, along with the front panel and the climate control unit, the “tidy” and steering wheel on their background will look cheap and unattractive.

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Options Hyundai Creta

Despite this shortcoming, car owners Kreta will only benefit from this - functional large buttons do not have to look for. They can be pressed and simultaneously look at the road, without being distracted by extraneous actions.

Spaciousness of the salon

Relatively small dimensions of the car did not affect how much roominess. The back sofa is located at a comfortable angle, it is comfortable to sit on. If you go on a trip to Hyundai Creta by a company of 4 people, there will definitely not be a crush behind. The gap between the edge of the sofa and the front seat is too small, which is fraught with constant friction of the pants on the back of the chair, but this is not terrible.

Salon Hyundai Creta

The front is also okay - Kreta is equipped with comfortable seating, which groups the landing in such a way that even after a long trip, the body does not get tired and does not swell. Pleasantly pleased with the extra space with a reserve for the elbows and head. In addition - an excellent review. Even a specialist will find it difficult to find fault with the comfort in the car.

Salon Hendaye Creta

Luggage compartment

If we talk about the luggage compartment, then it can be described in one simple formulation - everything fits. High floor - a distinctive feature of the crossover, which hid under the spare tire. In the trunk there are small grooves on the sides, which is ideal for placing oversized cargo.

Luggage compartment Хендай Креты

In general, studying Kretu, it seems that engineers paid special attention to ergonomics, designing it for urban "harsh" conditions. In this regard, it becomes clear why the manufacturer relied on a stiffer suspension, luggage compartment compactness, indifferent off-road, etc. This aspect resembles the option with an option: when the issue is sales, Koreans look for key points, work on the cars for the needs of consumers and create new, attractive car. Judging by the Solaris, the Koreans seem to create a new “people's car, which will be of interest to many domestic motorists.

The capacity of Kreta’s trunk is 402, which is 73 liters less than the Duster and 15 liters more than the Kaptur.

Configuration and prices of Hyundai Creta

The main and additional “bells and whistles” in Hyundai Creta trim levels are available to ordinary users:

  • The minimum cost of a car equipped with air conditioning is 859 thousand rubles;
  • With the climate control system, the car will cost 959.9 thousand rubles;
  • In the list of additional accessories there are two 12 V sockets, USB-connector, AUX-port;
  • A car complete with automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, with an engine of 123 hp, will cost the buyer 909.9 thousand rubles.

Climate control in Hyundai Crete

АКПП Hyundai Creta

The optional part of Hyundai Creta in the form of a "hatch" raises a huge number of questions. In the car, there is no “cruise control” function, even in the most expensive configuration of the Comfort type, the cost of which reaches 1.2 million rubles. In response to accusations of greed, Koreans respond that the modern consumer market pays attention to current options and allows manufacturers to refuse not quite necessary additions - this allows reducing the price of a car and making it really popular.

For example, polls conducted by specialists showed that it is most important for families with children to have all the seats (front and rear) heated, rather than having a cruise control. In addition to the seats, the Hyundai Crete is heated steering wheel and rearview camera. In this situation, we can conclude that the manufacturer did not “squeeze” the money, but really chose the optimal functionality for the car.

Configuration and prices of Hyundai Creta

According to Koreans, modern successful car series should be restyled not once every 5 years, but every year - according to them, in the near future, the body of Hyundai Kreta, options, interior and other indicators and elements may change.

It turns out that the “flaws” identified now are only a temporary phenomenon. Soon, manufacturers are planning (apparently) to fill in the gaps in order to continue the successful release of the series' successors. It remains to wait in the next 1-3 years of good news.

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Despite this factor, the option of Crete still does not cause admiration from "experienced" car owners:

  • There is no climate control;
  • No xenon;
  • No rain sensor installed;
  • There is no head unit with a large monitor;
  • No navigation devices.

Apparently, these options will not appear soon, which seriously upsets many modern fans of the Korean car industry.

To install heated rear seats, you will have to order an option worth 50 thousand rubles. It includes the indicated heating. If you want to buy a fully “stuffed” car, then the dealer will have to pay out 1,274 million rubles.

Technical characteristics of Hyundai Kreta:

Technical characteristics of Hyundai KretaTechnical characteristics of Hyundai Creta

What to buy - Tucson or Cretu?

In order not to compete with the new Hyundai Hrete, the Korean representatives stopped supplying the affordable and “budget” Tucson models with a 132 hp engine to the Russian Federation. As a result, such manipulations led to the fact that the difference between Kreta and Tukson increased significantly, from 70 thousand rubles to 250 thousand rubles.

Interestingly, Tucson, unlike Kreta, does not have such a rich “filling” - there is no rear view camera and no parking sensors. According to these indicators, Tucson loses to Crete.

But, if we talk about the full "stuffing" Tucson, the manufacturer has installed the function of cruise control, rain sensors and many other useful options. At the same time, Tucson in the complete set of all for 20 thousand rubles more expensive. But, in comparison with the top-grade Kreta, the difference increases significantly - by 300 thousand rubles.

What's better? New Creta or ix 35 used type

If we talk about a used and new car, the conclusion is obvious - it is easier to buy a new car, which is also larger in terms of dimensions. If we talk about pricing, then you can easily find a used ix35 on the market of used cars, the mileage of which does not exceed 50 thousand km and many options that are not available (for now!) On Kreta. Here and xenon, and cruise control, on-board computer with a 7 "display.

You will not have to suffer from the Russian frost either - in the updated versions of the ix35, the steering wheel and the rear seat are heated. It should be noted that before buying a new ix35 car, it is necessary to take into account all the shortcomings of this car.

Unlike its "competitor", the new Creta has an attractive and presentable appearance.

Competition and is it worth buying a new Cretu?

The price of the new Hyundai Creta distinguishes it from direct competitors, but still. The main competitors in the domestic market are multi-format crossovers from Japan and France. Duster, Terrano, Kaptur, etc. Kreta is attractive because of having approximately the same equipment and a great appearance, it significantly benefits in value. But, in the opinion of many journalists, car enthusiasts, it will be more interesting to watch the indirect type competitors who, in terms of functionality, can compete with Crete. Manufacturers do not exclude such an option that the new Kreta will become an anti-crisis version of the car for those who dreamed of a crossover, but could not afford it for a number of reasons. Perhaps we will sometime talk about the new Crete as a familiar Qashqai crossover that has taken root in the domestic market.

Competitors of the new Hyundai Kreta

In general, the car will be an excellent innovation in the domestic market and will interest many potential buyers for its characteristics, options and other qualities. If you want to buy a modern crossover, but do not know which one - why not buy a brand new Hyundai Creta?

New Hyundai Creta