Germans start selling vw golf gti clubsport

Немцы начали продавать VW Golf GTI Clubsport In honor of its fortieth anniversary, Volkswagen automaker produces a special version of high-speed Golf. The model is called VW Golf GTI Clubsport. The front-wheel drive jubilee sports car has a 265-powerful turbo heart under the hood, which, among other things, can increase up to 290 horsepower within ten seconds. Any anniversary version, dedicated to the memorable date, is a modification of any model that has already received recognition from the buyer. Golf GTI Clubsport is no exception. Compared with the "prototype" it has a more aggressive bumper shape and other rear diffuser and spoiler, which will help the car at high speeds "cling to the ground" and deftly fit into turns. Немцы начали продавать VW Golf GTI Clubsport Until the first hundred VW Golf GTI Clubsportwith so many horses under the hood, accelerates in just over six seconds. To be exact - 6.3 seconds. Equipped with a turbocharged two-liter gasoline engine with 265 horsepower paired with a robotic transmission DSG. Other variants of the box for the anniversary version is not provided. "Prototype" of the novelty, Golf GTI has a 230-horsepower engine, and it is two-tenths slower than Klub sports. The jubilee model with such capacities is quite economical, eats VW Golf GTI Clubsport on average, about seven liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers of a mixed track. Немцы начали продавать VW Golf GTI Clubsport In equipping the hot hatch, an interesting option is available that allows the engine to keep the afterburner for ten seconds, during which time the engine will give out 290 horses to the max.

Anniversary Clubsport in Germany itself costs about 36,450 euros (which, in terms of our wooden ones, is more than 3,220 thousand rubles). The basic model costs 7225 euros less - about 2,580 thousand wooden ones).

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Russian brand car dealers Three-door Golf GTI with the same pre-selective DSG robot for some reason today is cheaper than in the Teutonic homeland. For him, we are asked from 2025 kilo rubles. The engine of the "prototype" VW Golf GTI Clubsport, in addition to the robot, mates with a manual transmission, this version is available for 1940 thousand wooden. Немцы начали продавать VW Golf GTI Clubsport Jubilee VW Golf Clubsport at the moment can be considered the fastest and most powerful among the front-wheel golf. There is, however, a model  Golf Р, having under a cowl the three-hundred engine, but this car all-wheel drive. There is such a "beast" with a manual from 2 415 thousand rubles. In the case of the "robot" the price will be 112 thousand wooden more expensive. Russians can buy and "pyatidverku" Golf Р at a price of 2,452,000 rubles.

Volkswagen GolfBy the way, according to the results of sales in 2015, it became the most popular car in Europe. For the umpteenth time.