Bmw 3 series in the back of e46

БМВ – это немецкие и надежные автомобили, которые смогут прослужить очень долго, если хозяин бережно относится к автомобилю и правильно его обслуживает. But в основном, очень часто на рынке можно встретить БМВ 3-й серии в кузове Е46 с проблемами, связанными с подвеской, двигателем и кузовом.

BMW 3 Series in the back of E46 - the number of the devil on the number

How much these problems will cost the owners of these cars, we will now find out.

When you buy BMW 3 Series in the secondary market, then you can be sure that this car’s mileage is real, because it will not be possible to tweak the odometer, since the kilometers traveled are written simultaneously on several electronic units, even on the ignition key’s flash drive there is mileage data. Therefore, synchronously change all the data on the mileage in all places will not succeed.

There is a built-in battery in the key and it is recharged only when it is in the ignition lock. So, it is advisable to use both keys that come in the kit so that they are recharged. From the key, you can remove data such as the year of production, VIN-code, equipment, engine number, mileage, etc.

BMW 3 body E46 used car photos

The headlights are plastic glass, which eventually grow cloudy, but they are inexpensive (for 15 euros) and can be easily changed, because they are mounted on the snap. With xenon headlights no such problem. As for the headlight washer nozzles, they can wedge in the cold.

When buying this model, you must very carefully check the condition of the body. Although the corrosion protection is high, but after about 9 years there may be rust on the wheel arches near the license plate lamps. If there is bloated paint on the body, this means that not a very high-quality body repair was made, in the future there may be more serious problems with the suspension or steering. Therefore, before you buy, be sure to check alignmentif the suspension is not yet killed, and at the same time it is not possible to set the wheels correctly, then it means that it is better not to buy this instance.

If the car was in an accident, it can be identified using the battery, which is located in the trunk. On the positive wire there is a so-called black box, with a special cartridge that breaks during a bounce to disconnect the power supply, this is done for safety. To change this cartridge you need to spend 150 euros. By the way, if you decide disconnect the battery terminals in the trunkthen it is necessary to start with the negative wire so that the squib drive does not work.

BMW 3 E46 check camber entry

On the dorestayling versions, it can squeeze out the cups where the front shock absorbers are mounted, and the body can also crack in those places where the rear subframe is fixed thanks to driving on Russian roads. After restyling, these places have been strengthened, but for those who like quick starts at a traffic light, you must be ready to boil the body, even on post-styled cars.

Rust does not spare the electrician first ceilings failing to illuminate the room, and also the button of the electric drive on the trunk lock. To remedy the situation - you have to change the entire lid of the trunk lid. Moreover, it is not cheap - if you take unpainted, it will cost 100 euros, and painted in the right color costs 300 euros. And if there is a signal that the light bulb has burned out, you must first check the contacts on the wiring connectors, which may eventually turn green.

The same situation can deliver problems with climate control and engine cooling system. You can reanimate the terminals, but not for long, you still need to put new harnesses.

And sometimes it happens that the locks on the doors do not respond to the commands of the key-fob. A key can only open the driver's door. In this situation, you need to install a new electronic unit, which will be responsible for power windows and electric side mirrors.

BMW 3 E46 for sale

In addition, the cable mechanism, which raises the glass creaks, and the lubricant dries out over time, and if the windows are completely lowered, they will rattle inside the doors when the car gets into the pits.

Can also turn off the displays at the climate control, and if the control cascade of resistors or the climate control unit burns out, the fan on the stove will work spontaneously, change its speed on its own, or it will completely turn off. And if one of the 2 sensors fails, then the fuel level indicator on the instrument panel will fail. One of these sensors is part of the fuel pump, a new node will cost 420 euros.

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Inside the weak point are considered "wooden" insert, which can crack after a few years of operation. As for the skin on the seats, it is very durable, does not tear and does not wipe, even after 220,000 km it may just slightly change the color on the most frequently sited places.

In general, the quality of interior materials at the height of, and even after quite a long period of operation, the salon remains quite beautiful. And in some instances there are even 2-ply glass on the rear and side windows. Such glasses could be ordered as an option.

As for roominess in the rear seats, it is slightly cramped in the rear part of the cabin, when compared with other cars in this class.

BMW 3 body E46 diesel engine

BMW Motors

Yes, they are reliable, but require care. It is necessary to fill in only low-viscous synthetic oil 0W30 or 5W40 with factory tolerances LL-98, LL-01 and LL-04. Also, the motors do not like flushing the lubrication system, feeling the chemistry in the new oil. Sprockets, chains and their tensioners may even fail, all of which will pull 1,000 euros along with the work. Therefore, it is better not to flush the lubrication system, and the engine will not serve 250,000 km.

If it appeared a specific knock under the valve cover, it means that the end of the variable valve timing mechanism has come, in this case, the Double Vanos, which costs 800 euros. And on engines with 4 cylinders and the Valvetronic system, it is necessary not to save on oil, always add it when needed, because in the future there may be problems with ignition or misfire.

You should always monitor the oil level, it should be enough, the car consumes oil normally, a liter of oil can go away after 2 thousand kilometers. And it is better not to rely on the oil level sensors, because they can fail. Therefore, the oil should be checked with a dipstick. Especially greatly increased oil consumption if stuck valve crankcase ventilation system. Oil flows from everywhere. New such valve costs 50 euros.

The problem in the cabin of the BMW 3 Series in the back of E46

And on 6-cylinder engines oil begins to flow through the glands if the engine overheats. These 6-cylinder engines overheat no more often than other BMW engines, but the consequences of overheating are very serious - the shape of the aluminum cylinder head is deformed, even grinding it does not help, and if you change it completely, this procedure will pull 3000 euros .

The main causes of high temperature in the cooling system can be plastic impellers on the water pump, which turn on the axis. After restyling, these impellers became metal, and one reason for overheating became less. Also, viscous couplings of fans, which are installed on 4-cylinder engines and electric motors on 6-cylinder engines, do not differ in special reliability.

In order to better cool the radiator, it must be cleaned once a year; cleaning the radiator will cost about 70 euros. And the main reason for the increased temperature in the engine usually becomes expansion tank, if a valve is stuck in its cover or plastic fasteners that hold the elements of the thermostat inside the case have broken.

Engine used BMW 3 Series in the back of E46

It happens that the 6-cylinder engines do not develop their full capacity after 4000 revolutions per minute, and during idle running, the dampers of the system for changing the length of the DISA intake line chirp. This means that the time has come to change the actuator of this system. It costs 220 euros. As for the spark plugs, they serve no more than 40,000 km. They need to be changed, because faulty plugs will lead to the fact that you will have to change individual ignition coils, each of which costs 40 euros.

As for the BMW 3-series in the back of an E46 with a diesel engine, there are few such modifications on the Russian market, mostly cars brought from Europe, and half of all Europeans are station wagon. Diesel modifications are quite problematic. For example, in 3-liter diesel versions, high-pressure fuel pumps required replacement. And on 2-liter diesel engines, fuel pressure sensors and air flow meters often failed.

Even nozzles serve no more than 150,000 km, the replacement of each nozzle will cost about 300 euros.

BMW 3 Series in the back of E46 exhaust refinement


5-speed automatic boxes ZF Steptronic - different reliability, they have the ability to manually shift. In terms of reliability, these automatic boxes are not inferior to mechanical boxes. Until 2001, boxes from General Motors were installed on the 4-cylinder versions, but we cannot say about them that they are reliable, without even leaving 200 thousand km. These American automatic boxes may require major repairs with the replacement of torque converters, bearings and their seals. The price of such repairs may be 2,000 euros. There are complete sets with SMG robotic boxes. As a rule, they were installed on restyled models 325i and 330i. There are gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. On these boxes, the control electronics is sometimes buggy, and there are cases that after 100,000 km. run you have to change the clutch, which will pull on 350 euros.

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Что касается механических коробок передач, то в их приводе может разбалтываться втулка кулисы, после чего, задняя и первая передачи будут включаться тяжело. А бывают случаи, что после 120 тыс. км. начинают подтекать сальники штока переключения передач. Примерно 200000 км. сможет отслужить сцепление с гидроприводом, у которого есть автоматическая регулировка свободного хода. But если ездить агрессивно, то ресурс сцепления сократится примерно в 2 раза. Если заметите проблемы со сцеплением, то не надо медлить с заменой. Потому что, изношенный ведомый диск поможет выйти из строя двухмассовому маховику – появятся стуки в момент замыкания. Замена маховика обойдется в 850 евро.

If after 150,000 km. when starting off, there will be a hum or vibration at the driveshaft, then you must immediately take action and do not leave it to chance. It is enough to replace the intermediate support, which costs 80 euros, as well as the elastic coupling for 90 euros. If you delay, then you have to buy a new shaft assembly for 700 euros.

Butвый салон бу BMW 3 Е46

On the rear axle gear does not require attention, sometimes you can check the oil level in it. But the silent blocks mounting the gearbox to the subframe is that they are torn.

By the way, there are hatchbacks, they have a smaller rear overhang, so it is 280 mm shorter than the sedan. But the chassis and wheelbase length are exactly the same. The appearance of the E46 Compact hatchback differs headlights - there are 4 separate headlights. Also, the taillights are equipped with transparent glass.

But if you compare coupe and sedan, here the construction is completely different: they do not even have the same body parts. Kupeshki slightly longer than the sedans, and the clearance is 5 cm lower in 2-door cars. Because the coupe initially comes with a sports suspension.

there is sedans with the package “for Russia” which includes the motor control programs designed for winter operation, lower-temperature fluids in the power steering and shock absorbers are used, the suspension is also more enhanced, and there is a steel motor protection. Even the clearance is 22 mm more. due to the fact that springs of greater length are used and there are metal spacers. Themselves shock absorbers and anti-roll bars tighter.


There are weak spots in the suspension - front levers made of aluminum, two fixed ball joints and stabilizer struts are attached to these levers. On cars produced until 2001 these levers did not serve more than 50,000 km. After restyling, they began to use new levers, they became wider, but they are interchangeable with levers of dorestayling versions. New can serve more than 80,000 km., And the price for them remains the same as for the old - 250 euros.

BMW 3 Series in the back of the E46 car suspension scheme

About 100,000 km. serves as a rubber rear silent block, which can be changed separately from the lever, for 90 euros. Rack stabilizers are about the same, but they cost less - the front for 40 euros, and the rear for 20 euros.

На полноприводных версиях 3-х серий подвеска более крепкая, рычаги сделаны из стали, а не из алюминия, а внутреннюю шаровую опору можно поменять отдельно за 120 евро. Амортизаторы служат не менее 100000 км. Butвые передние амортизаторы обойдутся в 560 евро, а задние в 300 евро за комплект. В задней подвеске используется трехрычажка, ее суставы придется менять примерно после 160000 км. Вообще, чтобы перебрать заднюю подвеску надо потратить около 800 евро.

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But most unpleasant problem in the BMW 3 Series considered the steering mechanism, in which there is a backlash to 80,000 km, and after 130,000 km. he turns to a knock. This situation can be remedied only by replacing the mechanism completely. It will pull 1,000 euros. Even the lugs on the steering rods in the European versions last longer than the steering mechanism itself, while on the eastern versions the lugs will last about 50,000 km.

The braking system is strong enough, you need to change only consumables. Sometimes ABS sensors may fail due to winter slush. But the replacement of each sensor will cost about 20 euros. But if these sensors do not change, then the system of stabilization of exchange rate stability will not work. And if it is the ABS sensor on the right wheel that failed, then the odometer and fuel consumption calculator will not work.

BMW 3 E46 for sale

But все вышеперечисленные проблемы не должны пугать, BMW E46 technically quite complicatedbut the ride quality of these cars is up to par. If you do not save and not be late with the service, then such cars will last a very long time.

Prices for the BMW of the third series in the secondary market do not fall as fast as on the BMW of the fifth or seventh series. For example, on a 5-ku or 7-ku with a large motor, the price drops by 16% per year, and by 3-ku by about 12% per year from the original cost of the car. So, BMW 3-series is in great demand in the Russian market of used cars. Today, for versions with a 2.2 and 2.5 liter engine, they are asked for about 700,000 rubles. Versions with a 4-cylinder engine cost 100,000 rubles less. But the 3-ki in the coupe or convertible, which are very few, cost 120,000 rubles more.

Generally, BMW 3 Series E46 in the body It is considered one of the most reliable models of the BMW brand, the main thing is to pay attention to the owner when buying, because the condition of the car depends on the previous owner.

Feelings of the BMW 325i

The motor behaves just fine, it seems that a car with such a motor can do everything at a traffic light. 5-speed automatic Steptronic also switches as it should. The car reacts to the gas pedal quickly, but smoothly, without a sharp reaction.

Brakes also cause pleasant sensations from pressing the elastic pedal. Thanks to the eastern package, which is designed for Russian roads, it was possible to achieve excellent smoothness, the suspension smoothes out bumps, and the car travels very gently.

BMW 3 E46 with mileage photo

Even the basic equipment of the BMW 325i includes an ASC + T anti-slip system, which performs its role perfectly. And if you turn off the electronics, then on the ice you can podtrifit perfectly without harm to the car. BMW does not immediately go into a skid, but when the slip has already begun, it fades by itself if the driver does everything right.

It is impossible not to recall the charged version of the BMW 3-series MOH with a motor, the volume of which is equal to 3.2 liters with a capacity of 343 liters. with. This version appeared in 2000, the appearance has a large front bumper, wider wheel arches and rear-view mirrors in the form of an oval. Initially, even before 2001, an SMG-I robot box or a manual gearbox with 6 stages was installed in the M3. Then came the second generation SMG robot. In terms of reliability, M-ki are as reliable as conventional BMW 3-series.

But with M-Coy there are some features in operation, for example, you need to fill in a special oil: Castrol TWS Motorsport or Castrol Formula RS. Lovers of aggressive driving rear gear can fail after 150,000 km. As for the replacement of spare parts, the original parts on the M3 are 1.5 times more expensive than the usual 3-ku, and in most cases, the parts must be ordered, and this is a fairly long process.

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