Nissan murano 1st generation bitter experience from owning

I want to talk about my personal experience from owning a Nissan Murano 1st generation, Z50 3.5 liter engine capacity, 247 hp. It all started with the fact that I decided to change seats from sedans to an SUV or crossover. Successfully selling my Mazda 6 - 1 generation of 2007, I was offered a little-known salon of used Nissan Murano cars at a fairly low price (400 tr.), The car was 2006, seemingly not a bit beautiful)).

For some reason, I didn’t do diagnostics (apparently the seller sang “correctly” in the ears. The car starts, goes, everything blinks, glows, etc. Blinded by the price and power, I decided to take the car.

The problem began in the first week. Racks shock absorbers pounded like a cart, while driving on a gravel road, a knock stood so much like under a hood with a hammer. Well, need to be fixed. Issue price 25 tr. with work and it's 2013! Parts waited a week, plus work a couple of days.

Having ridden for another 3-4 days I decided that my “crocodile” was madly eating fuel (22-24 liters per hundred), decided to supply gas, installing HBO on the V 6 engine of the 4th generation cost me 44 tr. (2014). We go further. Consumption is the same, but the price of gas certainly pleased. Having reeled off a couple of thousand kilometers, I saw a bump on the back of the tank, it is necessary to change 100%. Again, I ordered the Yokohama Parada Spec-X 235/55 R18 100V bus on the Internet at a cost of 8,000 tr.

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Waiting for the balloon, we put on the tire and I think that, "well, everything seems to be!", But it was not there! Literacy service decided to me to correct the gathering - the collapse. How much time he did not do there, I do not know. As a result, I completely ripped off eccentric bolts! Order again! Wait again! Employees of the service station have already ordered, since I made them pay for them. I waited for the bolts for another week. Parts came, set, and go again). Two weeks without a break, and now the air conditioner has failed! Food for service, verdict - the coolant sensor is broken. Issue price of 3700 tr. Spat on this thing, I go with the windows open).

Another week and the car is not without reason stalled. Started up again, everything seems fine. Every day began to stall 2-3 times stable. Especially dangerous when at intersections during the turn of the glohla. For a small KAMAZ did not drive me. Drove back to the service, they said that cranked liners. I decided to repair and get rid of the car, it will get rid of. Motor repair cost me 49 tr. When he took this Japanese monster of the American assembly, without regret put it on sale. Two weeks later there was a buyer, since the price tag was 400 tr. With a smile on the soul sold).

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As for owning a car with a new owner, I heard only that on the second day he got into a small accident. Bumper hood for replacement. A month later, he changed the variator, which, according to my calculations, cost him no less than 80 tr.

Here is such an ugly car. Friends, Before you buy used cars, be sure to pass the diagnosis. At least you will not buy a "cat in a bag."

Good luck on the roads!